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  1. What Roy W said..........RS 52 is my powder of choice with 80 grain bullets. Pete
  2. Just reply to your ad with a "now sold" message...... Pete
  3. Is that £27.50 a kilo. or is it a 500g pot? Pete
  4. Walther s/steel.....it'll last forever. Pete
  5. Might be worth trying Jackson Rifles...........they had a couple of CG Universal 2-stage triggers to fit T3's left a while back. I have a couple of these on my M595's, and they're brilliant. Pete
  6. Yes, it took me a long while to work up a decent load.....I started with 136 grain Scenars and RS 60, (8 twist 750mm Lothar barrel). My current load is 37 grains of RS52 with 123 grain Scenars at 2.80" COL at around 2890 fps. Pete
  7. And unless you bolt the thing down to a block of concrete on the firing point, how can you be absolutely certain you're not having a bad day yourself? There are so many variables in this game it's impossible to cater for all of them all the time...... just shoot, and then shoot some more. Pete
  8. Teslong +1......easy to keep a photo record with it, too. My 223 after a clean. Pete
  9. The only thing a clean patch tells you is that the patch is clean............you need a borescope to tell you the truth about the barrel. Pete
  10. In the interests of maintaining "balance"......... https://countrysquire.co.uk/2021/06/01/statement-questions-for-packham/ Always pays to hear both sides of the story before forming an opinion........not that you can trust anything you read these days....... Pete
  11. Here's one I did a few years back.....I shoehorned an old Musgrave barrelled action in 6BR into an Anschutz Match 54 stock, one of the proper walnut type from the 70's. I just made two sawcuts and fitted the centre threaded adjustment screw together with a couple of bits of stainless rod for the guides. All very Heath-Robinson, but it does the job......and achieved with just a Workmate, tenon saw, and a pillar drill. Pete
  12. In our case, they just set the chrony up next to us, and asked what calibre/bullet weights we were shooting. Pete
  13. There's very little published data for some calibres. Among others, I shoot 6x47, which I'm told is a "wildcat" calibre, and data is hard to find. Fortunately, I have a good load using an easily obtainable bullet/powder/primer/brass combination, and with a sensible MV. (I wouldn't even contemplate reloading without access to a decent chrony..... ) We had an impromptu check of our MV's carried out by staff at Bisley a couple of years ago (using a Labradar), and it was suggested at the time that this might become a random unannounced procedure, but I've not seen it since. It could red
  14. Well having tried both standard TR and 300m briefly with a 308, I'd have said that 300m shooting definitely trumps standard TR when it comes to required skill level...... Pete
  15. Same thing Friday morning......my partner and I had the 300yd firing line to ourselves, and conditions were near perfect.....warm sun towards lunchtime, and little or no wind. The NRASC had a session running at 600 yds, about 10-15 bods, and there were a few at 200, and that was it. Even the Lord Roberts cafe was empty at lunchtime. Doesn't bode well... Pete
  16. RobinC, are the 300yd electronic targets at the other end of Century not suitable? Two of us had the whole 300yd firing line to ourselves yesterday morning......... We normally go roughly once a fortnight, weather permitting. Pete
  17. Amen to that...but then again, I'm still having fun........😁 Pete
  18. There's absolutely nothing "nice" about this bit of anti-shooting propaganda..........have the mods ever considered the effect that posting shite like this could have on casual site visitors? Pete
  19. Open Office does it for me, and it's free...........I have the "Range Attendance" log, which has dates, venues, distances, rifles used, rounds fired, who was there, weather, and any general comments about the session, plus, the reloading log, which is exactly that And in 15 years, no-one has ever asked to see them.. 😥 However, at renewal time, my firearms office does ask for a copy of the NRA Bisley rifle useage log, which covers dates and rifle serial numbers. AFAIK, they just want proof of use. They know we reload all the stuff we shoot. I explained that way back to pre-empt
  20. Consider carefully Gun Pimps' comment about the trigger...........I have a Musgrave in 6BR which came with an RPA 2-stage trigger that's well past it's sell-by date, similar to this: https://rpadefence.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/41-0001-rev-1-quadlite-trigger-assy-setting-1.pdf I spent an age trying to find a suitable alternative and there's nothing out there, so I bit the bullet and took an Arkansas stone to it. I managed to grind the badly chipped sear and bent edges to the point where it regained full 2 stage operation and worked safely once more, breaking around 400gms.
  21. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/elite-essentials-tactical-53inch-sniper-drag-bag I have one that looks identical, branded Ridgeline, New Zealand, but possibly made in the PRC........whatever, it's a good cheap alternative to Aim, very well put together with a removable rucksack, but a tad heavy. Pete ps, just found mine: https://www.mmsporting.co.uk/shop/rifle-accessories-bags/ridgeline-tactical-rifle-bag/
  22. Me neither........but I did get a 5 shot group of 0.37 moa at 300yds a couple of weeks ago when the flags were stationary, so I must be doing something right.......(with my 6BR, RS 52, 105 Scenar)) Pete
  23. https://soldersandfluxes.co.uk/p584/A8-Flux-for-Stainless-Steel.html Worth a shot for £6........? (plus p/p...) Pete
  24. There's a lot of us about......... Pete
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