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  1. 20series

    .22 Rimfire military clone wish list?

    Lol not club guns but members... I had a go with one and it was great fun
  2. 20series

    .22 Rimfire military clone wish list?

    Imbel made a few hundred .22lr FN style rifles, we have two at our club.. Alan
  3. 20series

    Borden Alpine 6.5x47 Lapua

    Is a thing of beauty 👍
  4. 20series

    Powder id??

    I totally understand, it was more idle curiosity as I said I didn't recognise the powder.
  5. Just did a search and found a Video from 2017 Shooting show where the guys says they are internet based.. Alan
  6. 20series

    Ftr Rifle Stock Suppliers

    Form laminate stocks are also very nice, £622 fully adjustable. Alan
  7. 20series

    Fig 14 (Huns Head) Targets

    Something like this?? Alan Huns Head.doc
  8. 20series

    Powder id??

    possibly mate I'll have a scan through👍
  9. 20series

    Powder id??

    Banus, good point it was more curiosity, I don't recognise the style of kernels. All the powders I use are stick, looking at helping someone load hunting rounds for their 30-06. Alan
  10. 20series

    Powder id??

    Pic of powder
  11. 20series

    Powder id??

    Hi all Can anyone shed light on what powder this is likely to be. Pulled from factory Remington Core lokt 180gn 30-06.. the powder weight was 51.9gn. I don't recognise the shape of kernels.. Cheers Alan
  12. 20series

    Factory ammo .284

    I think Hornady do a range of .284, sorry my internet connection is rubbish so cant get any links up.. Alan
  13. 20series

    Bradders’ Funeral

    Yep that's the one..
  14. 20series

    Spares for lee progressive press.

    I might be wrong but I think Hannams are the main UK agent. Alan
  15. 20series

    Smk options

    You missed a great trip mate, we're going to be organising some more trips in the new year

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