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  1. You'll not go far wrong with one of Dolphins Bipods or if David is making any the Shooting Shed bipods are very good also. Alan
  2. My understanding (I might be wrong ...but ) The origins of the Shooters Safety card and HME zeroing etc for MoD ranges dates back to the introduction of the L115 .338 AI rifle to the army when some muppet put a round over the bank into Lightwater.. like I said possibly just jungle telegraph Alan
  3. Jealousy, just jealousy🤣🤣🤣 Alan
  4. I use the basic free Strelok which works well enough for known distances, I believe the more advanced pay for versions have many more options and work well from what I've read.
  5. RPA Quadlock action with 32 inch 1/9 twist Bartlein barrel, chambered in straight .284Win which has has exactly 400 rounds down it, it also has a 20MOA rail fitted. Throated for 180gn Berger Hybrids which using the now un-obtainable 4831SC it shot groups of sub 1/2 MOA.Sits in a blue System Gemini bench rest stock (which I don't think can be bought now) with Shooting Shed front and rear bag riders .I have 180 cases which are necked up Lapua 6.5x284, these have been neck turned and are good to go complete with Redding Type S bushing neck die set with correct bushing (.312).I had bought the acti
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