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  1. Sir I realize as a commercial operation you will aim at the largest market and that in the UK is the Fun/leisure shooters, but don't ignore that there is a serious need from serious match target shooters. My wife and I, shoot ISSF 300 metre at Bisley, in the "shed" on the electronic targets. The NRA is limiting use each year and it is now so little its not worth the trips to Bisley, this year we have been offered 5 half days! We also used to shoot abroad regularly, Boris ended that by negotiating out European Firearms Passes (EFP's) from the deal, and now Covid is almost ending that
  2. The easy way? Just buy some GGG 69gn (Sierra bullet) from the NRA, its cheap, and shoots well in a decent 1 in 8 barrel/action combo, GGG also make a 77gn (also Sierra bullet), similar price, (but not available from the NRA), if they shoot well, to your satisfaction you have a route, as they can be easily mirrored in a load. If not, its almost certainly the rifle quality, which to be honest sounds like its not exactly a silk purse. Or you could play for ever with opinions on loads and intense technicalities, and still never get further than you are now! Have Fun Robin
  3. 1 in 8 needs a heavier bullet up to 80 gn, easy route as a test, go and buy some GGG 69gn match (which uses the Sierra MK 69 gn bullet) from the NRA to try, they do it in boxes of 20, that is an excellent budget (about £18 per 20) factory ammo in the right load ball park, if it works satisfactorily I can give you a guide towards a load that will work even better, or you can stick with that, if it doesn't work, I suspect then its maybe the rifle is not the ideal choice for precision shooting. My criteria is tight accuracy not just speed for the sake of it, I shoot a precision match cours
  4. RobinC

    New Rifle.

    Very few serious match target shooters would not run in a new barrel, the NRA run in their rental barrels, most barrel manufacturers recommend running in a new barrel, and most serious match target rifle manufacturers also. Its a simple process, my process is fairly standard, in your case but a box of factory ammo, I do it on the zero at Bisley. Let the range office now that you will be doing it, you can also zero at the same time Process, shoot one round, clean, shoot 3 rounds, clean, shoot 5 rounds clean, shoot 10 rounds clean. Job done! I have done it with dozens of barrels,
  5. I'm shooting .223 at ISSF 300 metre, my load is Lapua cases, BR4 primers, 80 gn Sierra Matchkings seated at 2.525, using 25 grains of Viht 540. Have not Chrono'ed, as not really interested in speed as they knock the middle out at 300 mts, and spit in the eye of wind! Shot from my Barnard P action, with 30 gm Bix'n Andy trigger, Bartlein 1 in 8 twist 25 ins barrel, in a special Dolphin stock. The result below is a 30 shot match shot prone at 300 metres, in a gale at Bisley, by my wife, she only stopped at 30 because the wind tore the target down, and shooting was stopped for safety!
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