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  1. RobinC

    Bullet Jump

    I have used the 107 SMK in our 6 mmBR's for ISSF 300 mt for five years now, with superb results, and the new pointy ones are even better. Have Fun Robin
  2. RobinC

    .223 brass

    I'm an experienced reloader primarily with Match quality 6 mmBR, so I know how to case prep, but I'm now going to load .223 for the first time, again for match target, out of a match action, purely for accuracy, so a question for you guys with .223 experience, I'm going to start with new brass, is there any significant difference in the quality of the various makes of new brass? There is significant difference in the price of new brass, make to make, say PPU to Lapua which would have been my choice, is there any significant difference in the performance? Thanks Robin
  3. Its going to be a challenge to get it rolling if it goes ahead, and the will is certainly there from the NRA. I have not done the Imperial for almost 40 years, but was tempted this year as generally nothing else is working yet, the 300 mt range has yet to open, and locally we have one date at Thetford this year in September that's not been cancelled (yet!), so an almost "only" chance to shoot full bore this year, but so many "against's" make it unlikely. 1. I don't do cold and wet, why I like 300 mt, and even Mercer can't guarantee the weather, even though its believed he has direct links to "other" worlds! 2. No guaranteed markers, just got my back OK, I'm not risking it hauling targets again! 3. Biggest problem, being in the risk age group, any hotel or dining will be a very significant risk. I think it will be well supported, but sadly primarily by those who live in travelling distance, or have private accommodation (caravans, etc) at Bisley, and by the younger generation. I wish it well. Have Fun Robin
  4. RobinC

    Dry firing

    Agree, why deal with the idiot when you can impose a restriction on all! Its even more stupid when you consider that one should only dry fire in a situation and direction where its safe to shoot! Our event, 300 m, an international event, for which there is an NRA championship, under ISSF rules has a 15 min set up and dry fire period in which you can aim and dry fire, our discipline rep has argued, but no, that's now the NRA rule! You can dry fire, just no snap caps! Genuine snap caps are brightly coloured and obvious, and home made ones I've seen with a seated bullet, have holes drilled across the case, so obvious. Well publicised (not!) as this decision was end of last year! Perhaps they should have an IQ test for the SCC with a requirement for IQ to exceed your shoe size. Have Fun Robin
  5. RobinC

    Dry firing

    Guys, Please note, that snap caps are PROHIBITED at Bisley, this following an incident when an idiot loaded a live round thinking it was a snap cap!! The decision was taken at an NRA shooting committee meeting. Have Fun Robin
  6. Maybe things have changed now, BUT, When the original survey went out on the possibility of a September Imperial, it did say NO paid markers, shooters would have to mark. Maybe its changed, but that was the original statement at the end of May. Have Fun Robin
  7. RobinC

    300m Electronic @ Bisley

    Martin Electronic targets are used at 300 metres for International matches, European, World Cups, and World Championships, and have been for the last 20 years, on well maintained units they are no problems. The UK NRA 300 mt championships is held on the Kongsbergs units in the 300 mt shed on range 10 at Bisley, and used by the gb300m club through out every year with no problems. Eectronics are valid for British, European and world records. Announcement this after noon from the NRA, looks like everything is planned to open up at Bisley on the expectation of a further government relaxation on July the 4th.
  8. The full proposed dates, and the events were all defined, I did not make a note of them, other than being in September, and when I went back to the NRA survey it would not let me access it again to find the dates, as I'd a completed the survey! My survey request was for TR , I note there is a CSR one, and I suspect there would be an F class one. I replied in the survey as "unlikely" as my concern was accommodation and dining, I think those may still be a risk in September? Have Fun Robin
  9. The NRA are running a Survey through Survey Monkey on the likely interest in a limited Imperial TR meeting to be run in September this year, if the government restrictions allow them to. Have Fun Robin
  10. We'll have to wait until next Monday (18th) for the "procedures", its initially only the "outdoor" ranges on Century and Stickledown, and we shoot 300 metre ISSF which is an indoor point, so I doubt that will not open for a while, I have different sights this year so would have needed to visit the Zero, and I suspect that may be a risk and not open as well, but we'll have to see on Monday. But its a start, and good news, just not for the wife and I! I think the next two or three weeks will be crucial, the relaxations is a toe in the water, and will show where we stand with this, and it will either continue to diminish, or may even surge up again. Stay safe everyone, and lets hope you can have Fun. PS. More details now on the NRA site, and the Zero is going to be open. Robin
  11. An email from the NRA a short while ago, Bisley will have limited opening on week ends only and electronics only from 23/24 May. Details on the NRA website, Bookings taken from Tuesday the 19th, and the procedures will be published on Mon the 18th. Not for us, we would not risk a Hotel yet, and a 400 mile around trip is a bit too far for a day trip, but those of you who are local I suspect will be "breaking the fast"! Have Fun
  12. RobinC

    Why we do this

    I'm with Brown Dog and Gandy, I (we, as the wife also shoots, and helps), because we shoot ISSF 300 metre prone, we shoot two 60 shot matches plus sighters, each, over a shooting week end, so that's pushing 300 rounds of 6 mmBR match ammo in that week end, and factory is £2 a pop! I'd have our years supply loaded now, but I've run out of primers! But probably going to be a thin year any way! Our sport is shooting, not reloading, and in an average season that's £4K if we bought factory, which as retired folks on fixed pensions we simply could not afford to do. By reloading and developing our load, we have got it as good as the factory ammo, which is world record level, at about 70p a pop. OK its satisfying knowing our ammo is capable of world level scores, but I'd rather not have the hassle, we also shoot TR 7.62 and I really can't be bothered to reload that, to work, to try and equal, what is first class match ammo (GGG, when they got it right!, not 2019!) at a reasonable price, and I've also dabbled with .223, and at short range (300 mt) the factory GGG 77gn is in the same class, so I won't be reloading either of those! Take care every one, and have fun. Robin
  13. RobinC

    Dry firing

    We always use snap caps on Centre fires, and they are so easy to obtain mail order, so you can dry fire during this isolation. Small bores if doing home training we either use a snap cap or an empty, it also helps to practice process, but I have to admit to not bothering for the few pre shoot dry's we do on the range. Just for info, are you all aware the NRA has now banned snap caps at Bisley, after some moron could not tell the difference and accidentally discharged a live round! I believe it was a home made snap cap that looked much like a live round! Our club is currently contesting this ruling, we only allow red or other coloured snap caps. Have Fun Robin
  14. I'm looking to replace my 50 year old Kowa TS-1, its a 20 X eyepiece, Its a bit heavy, and I would like something with more magnification, and lighter. I'm thinking of trying the new model from Kowa, the TSN 501, it is very compact, light, and priced at £270, if it has any of the Kowa quality it should be reasonable optics, and on paper looks a good buy. I want it for small bore at 50 mt and 100 yds, and able to see shot holes in average light, and for full bore up to 600 yrds TR which I'm sure it will serve well, but I'm interested if any one has one or used one, I'm interested in its optical qualities, and ability to see mirage at 300 to 600? Thanks Robin
  15. RobinC


    For any foreign folk coming here nothing will change, but with no deal It will be very difficult for us travelling to the EU. And travelling through several countries by car is exactly what we do! It was difficult pre EU and pre EFP's, I remember several instances of being held at a border for hours, the problem was it was so infrequent a situation for the border officer that they did not even understand their own countries documents, so you wait while they check everything, but now with more terrorism risk, many of the EU countries are now much more restrictive. Some already require security in the car, i.e. a system such that the gun case must be secure, and can not just be lifted out. Its not just business's who export who can't plan, we are in the same boat, we did one event in Holland this year, but cancelled one in Austria as the time we would have been in the EU crossed an "exit" date, and we did not know if it would be with or with out a deal, or with or with out an EFP! And now, here we go again! What do we plan for next year? I'm also hearing that some forces are reluctant to issue new EFP's.

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