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  1. shoppe

    Barnes 130 grain TTSX

    Hi. The rifle is a tikka continental with a 600mm barrel. I have never put a chrono to this rifle but I will soon. I am expecting it to be about 2670 fps. I did recover one bullet from a hind once. It had stopped just under the skin at the "exit "side of the beast. It could be seen like small lump before I cut it out. It had mushroomed very good . I did not weight it but it seemed to be pretty much still there. To me they are far better than "conventional" bullets. The targets just seem to drop on the spot. I have been stalking with a few game keepers and the beasts go down so quickly, one commented that I had missed and the hind must have slipped and fell over! But this was not the case. I could clearly hear the smack of the hit. He said he had never seen a beast just "topple " over like that. Yes, the bullets are not cheap but I hate it when a beast runs off and I have to go searching. ( hornady sst ) Cheers Shoppe I
  2. shoppe

    Barnes 130 grain TTSX

    Hi. I have been using Barnes bullets for a lot if years now in my 308. They have all been loading to be 20 thou away from the rifling and never had any problems. I use TTSX 150 grain. with 42.5 grains of VT140 I changed to Hornady sst bullets but I had a few beasts run about 30 yards. This does not happen with the Barnes so quickly reverted back . Using the Barnes bullets they practically drop on the spot , at the most maybe go a few yards . It is worth persevering with the Barnes bullets. Cheers Shoppe
  3. shoppe

    Xm22 or xm30 thermal?

    Hi. I have the XM38 and is is really really good. My foxing is done mainly at very early morning just now. Out at 4.00am for about 3 hours . I hate to use this quote but if really is a game changer . Unfortunately it is discontinued. I do not know why. I would not be without one now.
  4. shoppe

    What tumbler

    I use the lyman set up and it works very good, I just use a squirt of washing up liquid in with the water , Primer pockets cleaned very nice too. I would never go back to a dry tumbler. Cheers Shoppe

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