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  1. I know absolutely nothing about stonework but that looks a grand job to me. 👍👍
  2. Take them off the rifle and stand them side by side on a flat surface - if they still don't match up then yes, Tier One should put it right, they are not cheap mounts. I could be that the "teeth" that bite on the dovetail are a poor match for the angle dovetail cut. The dovetail on the Annie was never made to fit standard scope rings, it's designed for the very fine fitting on the aperture sights.
  3. I can't quite see from the photo but is one higher than the other? If so - not a bad thing, just use the taller one at the back - this will give you some extra elevation for free - just like having a 20moa rail fitted.
  4. The graduations on this scope are a rather unusual 1/10th moa - Wind it right down and come up about 20moa, should get you near enough optically centred - then you would need around another 6-7moa to get you to 100yds. If way different from that you have a problem somewhere else.
  5. Hmm... I would remove the scope and try the mounts butted up together on the same bit of rail, just to reassure yourself they are a matched pair. Any discrepancy, the higher one need to go at the rear.
  6. I would think the question is - why are you running out of elevation at 100yds? Your scope has about 40moa of adjustment and you are still 3moa short. I really don't think you would have a problem with the Tier One mounts and the Sightron scope should be trouble free which doesn't leave much. Have you shot the rifle with it's aperture sights at 100 yards? - if you have enough elevation there it rules out a droopy barrel . That really only leaves how the rings are mounted to the receiver. Although the Annie has an 11mm dovetail, does it have a rounded top? If so, is the top of t
  7. Show us a photo of a misfired case - The collective mind might deduce a light strike or mis-shaped firing pin. I've no experience with the Quad but do have a P94S Finnfire, the bolts look the same and I had the same problem a couple of years ago. I looked in to getting a new spring, they are available and come complete with a firing pin, however I machined a short spacer to preload the existing spring and been working perfectly since. I also made a tool to aid the bolt disassembly and de-cocking/re-cocking.
  8. Ahh yes, the "cake pan" machine is a well tried and tested home annealer now. As far as I know the originator of this idea, 7 years ago, although seldom given credit, was "MrLongrange" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msgcZyYeTqM This idea was quickly taken up by a chap from Australia "Skippy" who greatly improved the machine, adding a second motor and feed hopper. After several stages of improvement, Skippy's machine came to be known as Black Betty. Skippy published the plans and a material list, consequently many Black Betty's were produced in home workshops round the
  9. Just my opinion, but they look a little over cooked to me. How did you arrive at that result? Just guess, Tempilaq liquid or stick, soap, case colour, flame colour? How about a picture of your machine? Propane or MAP?
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