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  1. If you haven’t heard anything in the next few days then get in touch Johann.
  2. Good info, but I have removed the link regarding sales!
  3. In my case Andy it was to sell my Labradar before the resale value crashed, which it surely will when the Garmin arrives in the UK. second hand Labradars were selling for £400 - £450, the cheapest I have seen for sale is recently was £250, that's a big hit when you paid £600 plus for one. The Garmin is 100% worth getting if you use a chronograph frequently.
  4. https://www.kmwlrs.com/sentinel Unique chance of getting a very hard to get hold of stock. There’s only a handful in the UK. Short action, marbled OD green, tan and black, with bottom metal. I'm happy to email photos to any genuinely interested parties. £1100 advertised elsewhere
  5. With mini scope ( no more guessing ) recoil trigger, external battery and base. Original box. £400 including post
  6. Both powders will work, but I would go with RS62 first. No reason the ELDX wouldn’t work.
  7. Get several bottles of the PMA neck turning lube, it's good.
  8. Carbon build up that you can't see easily or remove without taking the tuner off.
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