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  1. It would work but you would more than likely hit pressure before you got to a reasonable and competitive speed. A few years ago I tested it in a .284 Win and while accuracy was fantastic I couldn't get to a sensible velocity for serious competition, 2770 fps. Another problem to take into account is that IMR powders aren't known for being particularly temperature stable.
  2. All the Hawke scopes work well with the 007
  3. I'm keen to find out more about the C50. I believe the release date was supposed to be early Nov, but nothing as of yet. Im particularly interested in how it compares to the Wulf 4K.
  4. Yes very happy, and very easy to do online. Thinking about it I might even do one for myself.
  5. Forster make one for the Co Axe. I have used this company to make me carry bags for the Seb Joypod and Seb mini. You design it and they make it. https://www.bagsandcoversdirect.co.uk
  6. Believe it or not I managed to have a look through a Wulf a few nights ago! It seemed to be quite good for the money. Unfortunately The only other digital night vision that I have looked through to judge it by was a Drone Pro, not surprisingly the DP eclipsed it by some margin. The owner of both the DP and the Wulf did a test in daylight where the results were reversed. Im sitting tight and will await the opinions on both the Pulsar C50 and Wulf 4K.
  7. 0000.1p per wasp I think you will find it's done on the size of the job, difficulty levels, hazards, level of infestation etc
  8. Very informative, thanks. I will be keeping a look out for the Webster hardness tool.
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