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  1. Elwood

    7 saum powder choice

    Looking at the velocities you have given am I right in thinking you will be using a magazine? Your N165 data is slow if it's single feed, you can certainly get to 3000 fps and beyond with N165 with a long and correctly chambered barrel, normal for F class. Powders that work in the SAUM H4831sc H4350 H1000 IMR 7828ssc All of the above are REACH compliant so probably not of much use to you, N165 N160 RS 62 RS 70 I have no experience of using RS 70 or N160 but I'm informed they both work well. My first choice would always be H4831sc after that it would be N165.
  2. I shot Century twice this morning and Stickledown in the afternoon, 7-10 1/2 minutes of wind at 900 yards was in at the deep end after 2 months away. The day was well organised, the electronic targets worked, enjoy.
  3. By limiting the numbers to one per firing point they know exactly what to expect and have obviously got a management plan in place for something that they have never done before. Now if I book a target and three of my friends join me they don't know what to expect unless I tell them when I book the target, they then have to manage the social distancing between people that haven't see each other for a few months.Personally I will mange my own space, but the NRA have to be seen to be doing the right thing. I also suspect they have limited the numbers in case something does go wrong! Im there on Saturday, fingers crossed the electronics will work, and then work accurately 😳 I believe Borris said the next step on relaxing lockdown was in 10 days time? We might perhaps see some normality for individual shooters by the first or second week in June?
  4. Elwood

    Has anyone seen any fox cubs yet?

    Cubs are out and about and have been for a few weeks, about the size of a medium cat. The first litter I found had seven cubs, Im not to sure on the second litter, but judging from the amount of carcasses on the floor and the ground disturbance I would say it's small.
  5. We don't know they haven't moved the electronics about keeping one lane free between each monitor. I think they are being sensible about it, they have never done anything like this before and are treading lightly. Imagine if they opened it up to hundred plus shooters and their plans didn't quite work first time around, we're a miserable bunch (me) at the best of times Im going to try and book a target for Saturday or Sunday and see how it goes. My only concern is set up time getting on and off the firing point with only 1 hour slots.
  6. I believe the people in the USA who make them have authorised a company in Germany to make and distribute them. The company in the US wouldn't at the time send outside of the USA. Mine is sitting with a friend here in GB, hopefully I will be able to test soon. my feeling is that it needs a quick release system so it can be quickly moved from one rifle to another, easily done if it works when mounted on a scope.
  7. Elwood

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    Trust me the NRA know my feelings. I use them because when they do work they are fantastic and it's cheaper than a pulled target. I may only need the target for two hours doing some final load development and the price of a target and marker is to expensive as it can only be hired for AM and or PM sessions. Given a disposable income I would have a pulled target and private marker such as yourself every single time. Anyway lets keep the thread on topic and not move into the mire of electronic targets.
  8. Elwood

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    trust me I hate the electronics with a passion, and I doubt it will take long for me to be moaning about them and cursing them , but I will take it at the moment.
  9. Elwood

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    I can't see any competitions being run, but I can see electronic targets being open for individual shooters and with Bisleys new range safety it's pretty easy to police. I would like to think the NRA are asking a lot of questions. fingers crossed.
  10. Elwood

    I don't even know what to say...

    Out of the royals he's the one I would most like to have a chat with over a Guinness, and although I would have a thousand questions for him my guess he would have as many for me, without judgement.
  11. Elwood

    Custom Rifle Value

    I'm told the early Surgeon actions are or were held in high regard £750 - £800 The McMillan HTG/A is a very desirable stock, I have one £500 -£600 Jewell trigger £150 if it was mine I wouldn't let it go for anything less than £1500, given that it's all in a good condition.
  12. Elwood

    22 lr scope

    I've had nothing to compare it against so I can't really answer, but logically a bigger objective lens would be better. Most of what I'm doing is shooting rats at between 20-40 yards with just the onboard illumination on the Pard. I think without any added illumination 80 yards would be about max. If you're concerned about the 44 objective then put a laser illuminator on it, which you will probably end up doing anyway.
  13. Elwood

    22 lr scope

    I'm using a Hawke Vantage SF 3-12x44 which I bought second hand for £110. Its absolutely fine for my 22LR needs and works very well with the Pard 007. Mine has a mildot ret which works well but that .22LR ret looks nice, it gives you what you need without being cluttered and fussy.
  14. Bore pastes and brushes, especially nylon should be avoided. There was a big discussion on one of the Aussie shooting forums titled The death of a barrel. The thread seems to have been taken down which is a pity. Anyway the gist of it was that the gentleman was using JB or losso with a nylon brush and add to that a cleaning rod that wasn't turning or turning properly he totally destroyed his barrel. https://www.ozfclass.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=5898&start=105

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