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  1. Sorry to but in, but I have the same rifle, barrel length & twist, so I also have issues getting them to work at the lengths in a standard mg. What is the magazine you are using - WR? and where did you get one? How much was it, if you don't mind me asking. Cheers. Paul
  2. Looking at the pictures on the email, I can't see how it attaches to the stock. Do you have any other pictures, please?
  3. Hi Chaps. I have a Tikka T3X Supervarmint in .223 with 1:8 twist and a 20" barrel, that I want to use on the land for general varmint shooting: Fox, Rabbit, Crow etc. The problem I've encountered is the best OAL using standard mag length is miles out of the lands and I don't want to single feed, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good accurate bullet and load data using Vhit 140, please, that fits in the magazine? Obviously any comments will be treated as advice only and I'll work within normal parameters of the data, but my main thing is the bullet brand, weight, typ
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