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  1. Nick 53

    Sizing 243 necks 20thou tighter

    How about a shooter using a wooden mallet to open his bolt on a 338,i asked do you resize your brass? He replied quite honestly No what's resizing. Thanks nick
  2. Nick 53

    Sizing 243 necks 20thou tighter

    All though slightly different my question to a so called reloading expert how much powder to use! The reply was fill the case up. Thankfully I declined and asked my club Diggle for assistance. Never looked back and happily produce quality reload ammunition. Thanks nick
  3. Nick 53


    Nice rifle
  4. Nick 53

    Reasonable price bullets

    Hi, I've bought a considerable amount of bullets from this forum for sale section. Another bulk order from Fox Firearms. Sadly a member had passed and Brian had quite a stock of bullet to clear. Other option post wanted in wanted section of the forum again this worked out well for me. Shooting 6br. Thanks nick
  5. Nick 53

    Long range scope

    Have you looked at sightron, I've 2 sightron for fclass and benchrest shooting 8-32x56 and 10-50x60. Both cracking scopes. Thanks nick
  6. Nick 53

    Old brass.

    Hi, I've looked into melt down the brass, YouTube it and I have most components. Just finding time to get it done. Thanks nick
  7. Nick 53

    .243 PRL Tikka

    Nice rifle.
  8. Have you any more 90gn scenar left to sell? Thanks nick
  9. Nick 53

    FAC renewal

    Will have a look at sainsbury and using the phone. Thanks for your help. Thanks nick
  10. Nick 53

    FAC renewal

    Thanks. Now another problem its says on the FAC form you need a photo, can I get any photos nope all photos booths in shops are closed. What do I do now. Thanks nick
  11. Thanks for the Bullets. All received safe and sound. Thanks nick
  12. Nick 53

    FAC renewal

    How much is the renewal fee for FAC. Thanks nick
  13. Nick 53


    Up date. My Longines pocket watch had been identified by Longines in Switzerland, and identified as 1930 model. Next step is to speak to sotherbys of London to check if its should be sold as it is or fully repaired depending on the market value of today. Thanks
  14. You check wanted section to see if any one is looking for your type of kit. Thanks nick

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