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  1. No it’s not you got materials fuel and labour and a bit of insight on the going rate
  2. Ok everyone rat shooting by ways of Air Rifle humane dispatch.177 or .22 thanks for your opinion much appreciated
  3. What about killing rats within suitable range is the a suitable close quarter range ? Thanks
  4. Hi I do have a Air Rifle weirauch 97 in 22 but in need of a pistol. I was offered a .177 cp1-m but not sure if .177 is suitable? Thanks
  5. My 2 air pistol I’m looking at are Crossman 2400 or SMK Cp1-m Co2 thanks
  6. Hi all thanks for all the response I appreciate your help now I shall enquire for a suitable pistol. Thanks Nick
  7. Hi looking for a suitable Non FAC Air Pistol for the use as humane dispatch, it’s for mainly Rats caught in cage traps or Squirrels caught in cage traps. does anyone know what is suitable and in what calibre. thanks Nick
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