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  1. Spoken to Paul Bradley who a ballistic manager in America he’s say as long you are vaccinated and do test then you shouldn’t have a problem I’m following the shot show on LinkedIn .
  2. Seb mini joy stick rest for sale excellent condition not offered anywhere else. failsworth ,Manchester . £500. 00 ono including postage
  3. I’ve cleared out my inbox but now you can’t receive emails 

    thanks again 

  4. Hi shooting 284 win 30” barrel 1-9 scenar 180 viht 165 @ 53.2 gn MV 2865. Currently load development with RS 62 and 70 thanks
  5. Money sent including postage will text you my address and post code thanks
  6. Hi seb mini rest for sale in excellent condition. Includes spikes for grass use. Doesn’t have a bag for it but will be posted out by secure courier’s £550.00. Postage will go half with buyer . not offered anywhere else, Failsworth,Manchester. Thanks nick
  7. I don’t know what’s happening with the signing in last week both my email addresses and password were rejected by this website. Unfortunately I’m not to geared up on computer and self taught. So I’m assuming it’s my fault. Thanks
  8. Hi Its nick 53 I’m back on Elmo thud has retired. Thanks
  9. Hi all, looking for a Bolt tool for AI my mate can’t seem to locate one . any pointers thanks
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