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  1. Nick 53

    Looking to buy preowned RCBS equipment

    Should you be looking in for sale section or post in wanted section for the relevant kit. Thanks nick
  2. Hi Nick, do you have any pics please or a link to what they look link please?

  3. Nick 53

    Dies & Brass For A 6mm BR

    Not quiet sure but I think 6br are shallow in depth. The 243 and 308 might be different also in depth. But again not quite sure. Thanks nick
  4. Nick 53


    The inland revenue scam prity annoying. Starts with it seems a genuine phone number then launches into a warrant for your arrest or please log onto to pay. HMRC are aware but if you received a call to inform them of the number. Thanks nick
  5. Nick 53

    Dies & Brass For A 6mm BR

    Hi got couple of 6br mtm boxes for sale including postage for £12.00. If you interested. Thanks nick
  6. Nick 53

    Variation on ticket

    Hi all, What would the correct procedure to use your 6br rifle for occasional stalking? Is it apply to GMP for variation or provide proof of deer stalking access then apply for variation. Any advice Thanks nick
  7. Nick 53

    British take on Hog Saddle

    Looks like a decent piece of kit If I go back deer stalking then I seriously consider buying. Thanks nick
  8. For sale. 1 x Magnum mtm Qty 50 box for sale sold. Remaing 2 x 6br mtm boxes for sale for £12.00 including postage, excellent condition. Failsworth Manchester Not advertised any where else.
  9. For sale Fox Scope 8-32x50 SF. 1st Focal Plane Ret side Focus. 30 mm tube. With flip up cover and mounts in excellent condition, 12 months old. Selling due to up grade in scope and mounts. Includes postage £140.00. Not advertised any where else. Failsworth Manchester.
  10. Nick 53


  11. I purchased 10 - 50x60 S111 from Optics warehouse fantastic scope. It all depends on how much money you have to spend. Thanks nick
  12. Hi, I've got a specific type of binoculars high magnification and weight a ton. Does anyone know of a specific company that deals with binoculars. Forget ebay this site useless. I want to move them on. Thanks nick
  13. Since no reply on this scope I purchased the same spec of scope from optics warehouse Ltd.
  14. Hi its nick, Do you have any 30mm high mounts left? Thanks nick

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