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  1. Large Gator back bag for sale filled with sand, £100 buyer collects. Advertised elsewhere
  2. For sale Sinclair Competition front Rest, very good condition with front bag. £450. Buyer pays postage/carriage, advertised elsewhere.
  3. Very nice, I am at the other end of the scale 😀😀
  4. Well done, enjoy the hobby, been a ham since 1990. Dont be put off by HF, most rigs just have plenty of bells and whistles on them, just remember to read the band plans and you will be fine. The hobby is so vast you will never get bored with it, not been on two meters for years. Just use 160, 80 and 40mtrs SSB and CW.
  5. If you are close to Halifax try John Winters (foundry sand suppliers) , sells chromite in 20 kg bags.
  6. A sound decision by the GBFCA see you in 2021😺
  7. They have opened fine, Microsoft Word.
  8. For sale as above 2 sealed bags (100 cases in each bag) of Norma 6 PPC brass, £90 per 100 plus postage. Advertised elsewhere.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3313181858696713&id=928310743850515&__tn__=*s*s-R Please see link
  10. For sale 1000 G&C custom 6mm flat base 68 grain £250 1000 Berger Column 6mm target (one box opened for inspection none used) £250 Postage is not included, would prefer pickup at Diggle. Bump price drop
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