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  2. Norfolk Viper


    Mr D no txt as yet
  3. One on top of two

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Cheers mark , I will give a report on the head count 👍
  4. Brummy Mark

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Cheers fella, Good luck on the rooks!
  5. bri2506


    Once you have blue dot flashing on Bluetooth page of StrelokPro then switch use phone compass then point phone in direction of fire press calibrate then switch phone compass off and you should have new direction saved. If you change dof again repeat process.
  6. Evening you have a txt re Berger 155
  7. One on top of two

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Very nice rifle there mark 👍 tomorrow I have a few hours rolling Drilling’s and a couple of jobs but should be done for around 12 and then the rest of the day is mine which I intend to upset some rooks that are digging the beans that have been drilled this weekend . .
  8. Hi. I’ll take this please. PM on the way.
  9. Today
  10. Brummy Mark

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    My answer to your question, still here, just not posting about it. And just like a fair few of you, I'm also really enjoying .223rem fast twist rifle. This was my first semi custom, 6 years ago now, remmy 700 stainless action, with a Lilja 3 groove heavy barrel that was throated for the 90gr VLD, However, I have never got round to even trying the VLD as I had worked up loads for 75 Amax and 60gr Berger Match varmints. The 60grainers are running at 2990ish, but the Amax are at a very accurate but sedate 2608fps, and accurate is def' the requirement for me. I agree with Wyatt Earp ''fast is fine but accuracy is final'' I really enjoy settling down with my cheek on this rifle, wether that's prone for some long range thumpers/crows or resting on the top of a 5-bar for standard range with just the wind to think about. The weight is fine for a few hours of hiking around for foxes, just a lamp and fieldcraft. The vortex ffp viper pst scope is pretty light, dials spot-on and handles a lamp well, would highly recommend.
  11. But when you factor in the carriage cost, these might work out cheaper.
  12. Try looking on their website...... https://www.livens.co.uk/?s=atlas+bipod&post_type=product
  13. Ahhh yes I forgot about that !! 😕 so a bolt action rifled shotgun would therefore be legal? At least you would get free accommodation for a while !!
  14. lefthooker

    Wanted: Unwanted night vision scope

    I have a Photon xt 6.5 with doubler for sale if interested
  15. Hi Tom I have txt you ref the Bushnell, the Quad scope and the 155’s. Colabear
  16. Popsbengo

    Dry firing

    I made some .44Rem using high modulus silicon, seems to work
  17. Mattnall

    Dry firing

    How about a hot glue gun to fill a primer pocket on a sized case?
  18. Rammer223


    So downloaded weatherflow app and calibrated compass , so am I right in now thinking once calibrated StrelokPro to target one , it’s just a matter of only pointing phone at target two and pressing calibrate again job done?
  19. saddler

    Dry firing

    Some of the firing pins can contact the chamber rim if dry fired. This may lead to a crease or groove forming, which may result in poor extraction or chambering issues. Seems to be a common cause of failures on some older .22 rimfires Found a cure for it if anyone is ever in that situation - a special tool that swages the rimfire chamber and polishes the rim area to remove any burrs or damage from firing pin contact. Used it a couple of times at the local club to fix a couple of older guns
  20. saddler

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    Re. the broken lugs I've seen some VERY strong repairs done to several types of broken plastic using superglue mixed with baking soda...wonder if that fix could be used to get your 10-rd magazines back into use
  21. VarmLR

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Thanks chap but really I don't claim any expertise and am always humbled by the depth and spread of knowledge on here and what a valuable resource it has become for many. You're always learning something new and I find to keep an open mind and listen to the experience of others has prevented me making errors of choice in the past and no doubt will do in the future. It's good to hear what other folks use on a day to day basis and what they might like or dislike about it. The mistake I made from the off (before being hampered with injuries) was building up platforms that were too heavy really for lugging about all day in the field and if I've learned one thing about field work where plodding the miles is involved, best to travel as light as possible. I still plod on with my two principle long range rifle set-ups and really it's the scopes which drag me down. The Nightforce on the 223 and a long barrel mean it weights in at 11 3/4 lbs but that's lightweight compared with the Tik-Tac A1 Creedmoor shod with a S&B PMII. That's a bit of a beast for lugging around so I tend to use it where I'm targeting specific quarry that I generally shoot from fixed points involving no more than a mile's walk. My stalking these days is generally focused on controlling the local growing Muntjac population and I do favour the 223 using 55gr SKGs or Sierra 69gr TMKs. For most of my sub 300yd work on corvid control I use 40grn Vmax flat base bullets (only because I bought 600 of the things and need to use them up!). I do still use the 308 for more woodland stalking and that's got a DMR sat atop which I may change for a 6x42 at some point. I stick with one bullet, the SGK 155 soft point. For up to 400yd crows and magpies plus the odd squirrel I use the Creedmoor and wind bucking high BC 140gr SSTs which also come in handy for the odd muntjac although they tend to make a right mess at close quarters and after having to lug a heavy rifle an 18 Kilo buck back last outing will think again about doing the same for any length of walk!
  22. saddler

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    I've seen this on one of Beeb's guns Very nice bit of kit
  23. Rammer223


    Down loaded weatherflow app will have another go see how we go
  24. Borisserge

    Kahles k624i

  25. VarmLR

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Thanks brown dog, and thanks to you for your hard work on this forum and very balanced moderation. I appreciate that you won't tolerate what some others might which helps make this place what it is.
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