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  2. sean c

    MME bullets

    Mistral T up to 190gn listed for 7mm.
  3. sean c

    MME bullets

    His website lists £20-£28/100 for up to 95gn 6mm hunting bullets. Postage is about £3 for up to 2kg.
  4. Jarred Shoeman, you have posed as 3 different people now to try and buy this scope. you have already had one account on UKV deleted by admin today. I have 1 landline number for you in London which is associated with a few phone scams, I have 3 email addresses and one mobile number. you are in South Africa and I have the WhatsApp Africa mobile number you gave me. I have no intention of selling this scope to you or any of your friends or associates. You are wasting my time having to remove adverts from Guntrader and then still emailing me directly. David James or David Maine or Jarred Shoeman, I don’t care. It is not difficult to spot the abnormal. Jees never had so much hassle trying to sell a scope. Unbelievable. and then have nerve to say I’m the scammer just because I won’t have anything to do with them!!
  5. Popgun

    Alarm mine 12g blanks

    it has been done believe, but less weather resistant
  6. Today
  7. Ronin

    MME bullets

    Tipped 7mm available in 180 range ,,,,?
  8. banus02

    MME bullets

    good afternoon ,any idea of the price for the 6mm 90gr hunting bullet per 100 posted?
  9. is this still available?
  10. Siphone72

    204 Ruger

    Cheers, that's helpful 👍
  11. Mark II

    Reasonable price bullets

    Very good point thank you. I have found a reasonable supplier for the bullets I wanted at a fairly good price.
  12. KABOOM

    300 WSM - Powder recomedation

    Each shot fired with whatever powder erodes barrels. Some do more than others possibly. I have 4400 shots through my CZ 22-250 having used 3 powders and it shoots fine. Not as fast as new for sure. i have read and not done that you may add powder to regain velocity lost via throat erosion. i mitigate the throat roughness with JB Compound seems to help. Your requirment's of accuracy will vary from mine, at this point the CZ will do sub half inch at 100 yds plenty good enough for my usage. Best wishes for good shooting
  13. No, they will supply a tablet, But if you want to save data and there is some potentially usefull stuff, ( i.e speed of bullet at impact, group sizeetc .) then all you need is a browser on you electronic device of choice. then you can save all the info on your own device ( it gives you the option when you clear the data) I got given a bit of A4 explaining what to do, but of course I cant find it now. but its something along the lines of open up network seetup and connect to the "shotmarker network" then open a browser and go to then a page will open you tell it what lane you're in and away you go. PS: I was on Stickledown today and i swear the wind flags on either side of me were pointing exactly 180degrees different at the same time!
  14. Thanks I will. Its the 1st club meet since lock down and I've not used a robot scorer before. Will I need any software to connect and save?
  15. thekeeper

    what`s the best all-round bushcraft knife

    Nice set of knifes
  16. thekeeper

    what`s the best all-round bushcraft knife

    Still looks a beauty’s after all the years you have owned it
  17. Paul Cat

    Alarm mine 12g blanks

    I can't find these locally. Buying online is an option but at £1-2 each plus a RFD to RFD fee not really attractive. Why shouldn't I cut down a shell, seal the top and just use that?
  18. Take a phone or a tablet with you if you can, its pretty simple to connect them to the Shotmarker system and then you can save all the data
  19. If they are Shotmarker Targets then no.
  20. Can anyone tell me if a 22lr will register on an electronic target on short siberia? Fairly sure the 7.62's will be OK.
  21. I’ll take this please! PM how you’d like to be paid. Cheers
  22. I encountered the same thing with 90grn sierra game king vs 90grn sierra tipped game king both fit the magazine.The tipped version version had to be seated rather deeper. What the distance to lands was i haven't a clue i don't worry about such things , my only concern is mag fit or not being jammed into the lands. Both loads shot accurately . Does the shorter cartridge shoot to your needs?
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