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  2. Unused standard height Arbor Press no force pack , left handed but easily used by right handed person Pds125 posted.
  3. Just had a look through the wulf , pard and Atn 4K all daytime , clear winner was the wulf , not a patch on glass obviously but clear , realistic couloirs and a good operating system, I would put the pard and Atn about level , ATN has a larger screen pard is light and compact . the Rfd is going to let me borrow then for a night time comparison.
  4. Use Eberlestock Phantom pack in desert tan. Selling as I have another pack and this is just hanging in the garage. All zips work fine, and all buckles are complete and work, original rain cover. One small tear about 1cm long on the side panel, picture shows. It does not have the top sleeve that clips in to the scabbard. £250 inc postage
  5. I sold my 008 once i saw a friends wraith 4k mainly because of how stunning the day use seemed which was in a different league to my Pard ..... I still feel that night use is better as well with the wraith but this maybe due to a better contrast , screen size or even just being able to increase the mag by 0.1x rather than having to jump from 6.5x to 13x I was interested in seeing what the wraith was like against the Drone 15x using the Dragonfly on both .... Out to 250 yards or so they both seemed similar in seeing clearly any target but stretching them out to a 440 yard hedgerow the wrai
  6. Last week
  7. I disagree I had a pard 008, and the SIGHTMARK WRAITH 4K, was much better at night, and day, hence sold the Pard and kept the wraith
  8. 4k day/night scopes are at their best in daylight because there is plenty of light and all the pixels in the sensor are able to produce a good signal At night they are no better than full HD scopes because the sensor pixels are so small and insensitive that they have to "bundle" groups of pixels together to act like a single larger pixel. It means that in NV mode, the effective number of pixels being used is no better than with full HD sensor such as found in the PARD or the Wraith HD (or upcoming Pulsar Digex C50) Cheers Bruce
  9. That would be really useful Jeffo. I'll sit tight. I did have a look through a wolf 4k and was impressed with the day image. I have no experience with any of the latest 4k models so any side by side comparisons would be great
  10. I have had mine for 4 days, but only been out twice so far I am very pleased with it, shot 1 fox 180 yards,I also have a sightmark wraith 4k, and when I get time I am going to have them side by side, same ir and same distance, but lacking time at the moment, to do it
  11. I have a wulf 4k and I'm very happy with it. If you want an nv scope for foxing out to 300yrd and beyond the wulf will do the job as long as you can range the target👍
  12. Tikka T3X TAC A1 chambered in 6.5 CreedmoorRound count is 86 - almost newExtras include:APW raptor muzzle brakeMDT ARCA railMDT vertical gripSTERK swept ball handleSTERK titanium bolt shroud (not pictured) HOPTIC-USA saddle blanketThe rifle is as new and comes with original TIKKA box, paperwork, TIKKA tool, original pistol grip, original bolt shroud, crown thread protector. Cost £2450 to put this together with extras so I’m asking £1900.*I have the scope for sale as an extra also (Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 mil xt) and TierOne short saddle monomount.Located South West of EnglandThanks for looking
  13. Hi Jeff, If these are still up for grabs then I am interested. PM me if they are, Cheers Jimbo22
  14. Can I buy the Tikka one please Terry, let me know how to pay.
  15. As per title, have a 10 pack of unissued Mk 4 303 (5 round) stripper clips - £25 delivered Also a standard AR 15 trigger group: It has not been 'played with' and was carried as a spare when I shot CSR so now surplus to needs - £40 delivered
  16. FOR Sale 0-70 MOA ERA TAC adjustable mount, 30mm scope, adjusts in 10 moa clicks, £225 inc postage SOLD
  17. GTAC - https://www.gtacltd.co.uk/ Alan is a good dude too!
  18. Could someone point me in the right direction of the person/company who makes the aftermarket AR style grip for AICS rifles.
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