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  2. Monster

    Wanted 6.5 creedmoor

    Has any one got some 6.5 creedmoor brass they want to sell
  3. bri2506


    What are you struggling with
  4. Re-Pete

    Dry firing

    If you don't have a snap cap, a fired case (with spent primer still in) will give a bit of protection.............better IMHO than an empty chamber. Pete
  5. Bought a weatherflow to use with StrelokPro which I run on my iPhone 7 struggling a bit and when watching videos on YouTube seem to have different layouts , is the iPad a different set up to iPhone hopefully I am making sense regards lee
  6. Villadave59


  7. Villadave59


    same attempt on wanted ad for BAR15 same bloke ,also response last week in wanted for tenabraex covers,user name Gary telling me to "reach out to Richard in Chicago! admin informed, but do not respond to email plus definitely dont paypal F+F or send money, sad but just wont respond now to anyone who is not an established member ,easy to drop your guard at this difficult time so be extra vigilant,Dave
  8. Panda

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    I actually discovered I still have about 150 of the 175 TOTMs in the bottom of my store box tucked away below the juggs. I may pull them out to compare them to the Nosler 175 RDFs during my enforced home period as I can't find any data on the Noslers other than length and bc.
  9. furrybean


    I’ve had an email from this user as I’m looking for a Spuhr mount. He knows someone selling one, and sent an email to buy it. I’m a trusting sort within reason but a quick google of the email he sent pulls up this thread. https://forum.stirton.com/index.php?/topic/9128-fraud-alert-please-read/&tab=comments#comment-65544 be warned of this user
  10. Popsbengo

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    Clint's made an appearance too it seems 😂 Breaker, breaker 10-4 good buddy
  11. Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF Thermal LRF XP50 weapon mounted ScopeBought Brand new with over 2 years Manufacturers Warranty remainingIt’s in as New condition with all its accessories included including original purchase receipt.The quick release rail isn’t included but the standard rail is and unused.Also on sale elsewhere.£3850 collected and can meet a reasonable distant or post at cost
  12. One on top of two

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    Who cares , I think my village has gone full Burt Reynolds ! right turn Clyde ...
  13. Pat Allen

    Redding 223 bushing die set

    Anyone have a Redding bushing die set for 223 they want to part with ??
  14. blueroll

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    Well done for doing that service to all SSG69 owners. Hopefully the chap from Surrey will be able to help us.
  15. Popsbengo

    Dry firing

    Rim fire - never Centre fire - I prefer to use a snap cap for practice to prevent the 'hard landing' of the firing pin at the end of the stroke but the occasional dry fire should be no problem.
  16. Dr. Strangelove

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    This is the photo of Blueroll’s magazine housing that fell apart:
  17. i would have to be very close as ive sold one for 200 so this one was on here as a price drop ..
  18. Popsbengo

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    You are half correct, AM was illegal (but fun) however legislation changed in 2014 to allow amplitude modulation on 27MHz (as well as FM/PM)
  19. saddler

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    AM is the pre-1981 illegal version, isn't it? The government brought in 27Mhz on FM
  20. Davy

    AICS Metal mags

    I have loads of the things, I will PM you
  21. richard griffith

    Last-minute BRNO

    Bought a BRNO back in the 60’s and what a fantastic little gun it was.Used to group within 1/2 inch at 100 yards when calm.Bought a 22-250 and sold it on to my cousin with 4x40 Nikko Sterling scope (all you could get then).It has ,through circumstances come back to my ownership and I was astounded that on shooting it again 35 years later with the Nikko scope Still untouched that it retained its astounding accuracy with no loss of zero.It probably says as much for the gun as the scope!!!!In the intervening period I did purchase a CZ with hogs back stock which was vastly inferior and sold on in short order.Richard.
  22. Scrumbag

    Last-minute BRNO

    Well, that's what I thought it was buying but the thread wasn't quite true so the pellet clipped the front end of the mod. It came back from the RFD really short...
  23. Dr. Strangelove

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    Gotcha! Will keep everyone updated as and when.
  24. brown dog

    Last-minute BRNO

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