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  2. SOLD x2 Accuracy international branded 10 round aics steel box magazines (used with minimal paint wear on edges and body, mechanically sound) SOLD
  3. Thank you so much for all your informative input
  4. RCBS Comp powder measure, comes with finger adjustable and micrometer metering screws, for pistol/small rifle and large rifle and powder drums and powder baffle. Doesn’t come with drop tubes or the little knob on the handle. Both readily available. £85 posted
  5. Not a worry - easy done! It's a pity we don't have better access to some of the Birchwood Casey options, as all I see in the UK are the tiny bottles. In the US they sell the same formalas/mixes in much bigger bottles, so more cost effective. I'll update the thread to let folk know how I get on & if my eyebrows survive the mixing process - if they don't I'll be the surprised looking one, for several weeks
  6. For sale my Digex N450. Bought this to use on my 204 whilst my Drone Pro was off the rifle being serviced. It’s in as new condition and comes with 3 batteries, charger and 850nm illuminator. £850 posted to mainland uk.
  7. ds1

    224 Valkyrie

    Let’s just call it “fugly”
  8. Catch, I would certainly say that you are not the only person who doesn’t feel much love for the AW thumb hole stocks. Personally I‘ve never had a problem with mine - but then I have little girly hands. I did find it more comfortable to change the AXMC grip over to to one of Alan’s ( GTac) adapters to use AR 15 grips though. The AW I keep as it was the first rifle that I lusted after when they were the latest thing on the block many years ago. Nowadays they look bare bones basic which has a strong appeal to me - not refined cnc but welded box section chassis with no thills or stupid
  9. Kalahari

    224 Valkyrie

    Pedant alert! It is a brake. Sorry one of my "nails down a blackboard" things/Is ugly though. David.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. The thumb hole stock on my AWM sucks ass - even with spacers it’s crap. Definitely agree the thumb hole is too small. A former rifle that had a Manners GAT thumb hole stock was much better. And my MPA chassis, with vertical grip, is simply 1000x times better than the AI.
  11. The AT has to be one of the best bang for buck options for a precision rifle on the UK market, especially now that it is available off the shelf with a 26” 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. The price probably compares very favourably will a full custom option and it’s simplicity itself to replace the barrel when the time comes. Plus, the thing really is built to take the harshest of use, which isn’t something that can be said for many custom actions.
  12. Both will shoot as well as each other. However there will be a premium attached to the AW. The AT most importantly has the quick switch barrel feature so you can screw on another .308 bolt face cartridge such as 6.5 Creedmoor etc whenever you like. The AT will allow you to wear both pistol grip or or thumbhole stocks. Unless you’re particularly nostalgic the AT has more features, will cost you less and shoot just as well. I’m assuming your looking at .308 rather than .338 or 300 win mag.... the AT isn’t comparable To try and answer you question mor
  13. UTAS XTR 12 semi auto Adjustable stock One 5 round magazine Three 10 round magazine Excellent condition Owners manual Original box Low round count, less than 200 Do not use anymore and need room £400
  14. Solaris SRX with the rotary tail switch dimmer, boxed, with rat tail, paperwork and warranty. As new condition with no marks and fully working. RRP £160. Grab a Bargain for £120 (P&P included)
  15. Andrew

    224 Valkyrie

    I'm sorry, but that break is ugly; Looks like it belongs on a piece of field artillery. I'm not suggesting that it doesnt function well but to my eyes it looked decidely too "low-tech" for a rifle that is probably hi tech. ~Andrew
  16. Viper Flex Styx Elite £120 + Delivery As always - First to PM me. Don't only reply to the advert as I may not pick it up and you may lose out. Paypal only. Mainland GB delivery only. Advertised on SD and UKV forums. Cheers. Tremo
  17. EXCELLENT ADVICE. Many thanks. EXACTLY the information I was hoping to turn up! 1066. Get to Specsavers 😏😁😆 Been a fan of the product you mentioned for years, but as per my post, if I stick with them as the only option I'll need a case month!!
  18. Thank you Alan, i agree this issue with grip to trigger length is so important, and every shooter is different and every rifle has different grip to trigger length, just what suits you. What i am trying to establish is what are the differences between the discontinued AW and the replacement model -the AT
  19. Trying to rationalise my 6.5 creedmoor brass collection. I'm not sure if these are all once fired but no more than 2.30 heads Hornady 140gr SST £8.00100 AMP Annealed Hornady cases £35.00100 Hornady cases £25.0050 Nosler cases £15.00do the lot for£75.00 plus pp
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