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  2. Andrew

    Tac a1 stock replacement

    I wasn't serious.~Andrew
  3. treetop

    Looking for Love----X

    I just got some to try in mine .. on paper it looks good http://www.westlander.co.uk/stockists/ look on here & call first to see if they are holding any of what you want
  4. Yesterday
  5. johnnyb0_1

    Deviant Elite

    Looks like a Hoptic USA quiver. They make several models and calibers. They will send to the UK. Cheers, JP.
  6. one of the finest scopes i've ever used
  7. Ronin

    Tac a1 stock replacement

    PSE E Tac or E Lite perfect replacements that work for the T3
  8. The Kahles is really good Left ajust too - this has the MSR2 ret Not quite as robust as S&B but very close Glass is perfect
  9. One on top of two

    An Alternative Mousetrap

    Looks and sounds great 👍 I’m loving that beast of a scope too ! ! i have just ordered a new Kahles K525i with SKMR ret
  10. I have more barrel extensions and will machine a lighter profile tube for day long stalking / culling ventures or just use the coyote which is slightly lighter I could always spin up a 7 twist 6xc barrel to compliment the 260 Ackley Not entirely sure Dave, yes it is unique here in the UK, but commonly used in this guise in Skandinavia (maybe not in 260 ) Ive really just followed a rested route that’s been followed over there that works Been fun making it though 😃
  11. 100 hundred still available.
  12. Woodlander

    Tac a1 stock replacement

    I’ve already offered....
  13. Thats come out fantastic Andy, and something unique. Lovely job mucker.
  14. When you spin up the lighter barrel will you use another barrel extension or thread the barrel into one common extension? I look forward to being beaten by such a fine looking stick 😂
  15. Andrew

    Looking for Love----X

    I use S0-65 in my Creedmoor. Works very well.~Andrew
  16. PJS Precision

    Jewel Triggers

    Jackson’s have no parts in stock, have emailed Jewel in Texas got a reply asking the parts required then all went silent.
  17. pigsy

    Looking for Love----X

    MBR sporting stocks it. The owner, Myles, is also an Instructor at Bisley and can deliver there for you. Cheers
  18. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Thanks. I hope to get up there on Sunday afternoon.
  19. Gungrinner

    Looking for Love----X

    Dose anybody know where I can get some Lovex SO65. I want to try some in my 6.5cm as the last time I shot it at 8c I had lost 100fps. Looking for something a bit more stable. Dorset, Hampshire or Bisley. Thanks
  20. Savage Steve

    Remington piccattiny rail

    All sorted now Thanks Steve.
  21. furrybean

    Spuhr scp-3000

    Has anyone got one of these?
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