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  2. I find my Parker Hale likes cast boolits and it takes half the powder.
  3. Strange...!! My s type dies have a smaller size expander ball type thing just to hold the decapping pin in place
  4. Look to have finally found a nice matching Karabiner which I should be collecting this week. Have a box each of the .323s Sierra make, 150SP/175SP/200MK. Anyone experience of reloading these (or any other bullet you can actually buy at the mo) for a '40s Mauser? Powder recommendations? Have N140/150 and RL15 on the shelf which seem to be good matches. Mostly plinking but will take the odd Roe and Fallow. Cheers R.
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  6. Ruger American Predator rifle purchased new in May 2020 Wildcat Evolution Moderator MDT Oryx chassis professionally fitted by Wildcat team, comes with AI magazines - 1 x 5 rnd & 1 x 10 rnd. Bipod included. Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32 Day/Night Vision scope fitted with the extended mount (with rechargeable batteries & charger). PBiR-L ir Torch with battery. This rifle is in great condition and super accurate, 300 rounds have been fired through this and all factory ammunition. Viewing available in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Willing to RFD at buys cost.
  7. This is designed to mount the Schmidt and Bender MKii/PMii 5-25x56 so will take any similar 34mm tubed scope. This is the QD version in AI DE with zero MOA cant. Condition is good lightly used with only light surface marks/scratches/rail rash. £200 including Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  8. I don’t use an expander ball, just seems odd that it’s only 4 cases, could have been there from new and I’ve just not noticed it.
  9. Maybe the the expander ball thingy that screws on that holds the pin in has came undone a little which makes it longer and that's pushing the pocket forward.. I have a Lee lr decapping die but I've never looked up inside.. a neck of fl die could also do the same dent I guess 🤔
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  11. Yep that’s the website . Not cheap but very well made . They fit perfectly and allow a longer coal . I’ve got both the 6 and 10 sizes and they are what they claim and work perfect. The standard tikka five rounds mag work best with 4 rounds . T hi e WR MAGS work great with the specified 10 or 6 rounds. Spot on
  12. I have for sale a new Dip Products metal magazine well/holder to replace the plastic one that is prone to warping and splitting on the CZ 452 17HMR and WMR. I bought this from the US, they are not available in the UK. I sold the rifle before fitting it (the buyer was aware of the issue with the plastic magwell). Also have 2 brand new 10 round polymer magazines for the same rifle. Price is £60 for all posted.
  13. Here you go buddy https://riflemags.co.uk/wr-tikka-t3-t3x-fit-10-round-aluminium-223-magazine-extra-col/
  14. Sorry to but in, but I have the same rifle, barrel length & twist, so I also have issues getting them to work at the lengths in a standard mg. What is the magazine you are using - WR? and where did you get one? How much was it, if you don't mind me asking. Cheers. Paul
  15. Excellent in your safety mate . I’ve often nearly loaded another round on one already in the breech - hate to think what might ignite. I usually remove the round in the chamber after taking the mag out then test fire into a safe place . Stay safe and shoot straight. Cheers
  16. Offas' club members need to be aware that if the club doesn't have a range available to use their FAC conditions maybe compromised. Home Office regs require a club to identify their regular ranges, be it owned, rented or booked on a regular basis. I do hope this is all a storm in a teacup and all will be sorted out amicably.
  17. Strange stuff. Lapua might be interested, you never know. Yes. Slicing a case would be very interesting. I hope you do. Andrew
  18. If we can get the RCO's and there is the demand we will book IR2, however we do not wish to poach members from local clubs that use IR2 or occupy the limited available bookings. Salisbury Plain is a big loss, it was our most popular shoot, targets as far as the eye could see, all put out by a worryingly keen team, reasonable distance for a lot of our club members and great fun. FCSA (UK) is and allways be national, we are booking Hythe on a monthly basis whilst the sea wall at Lydd is being rebuilt, when that is rebuilt we shall book Serial 45 as usual, we will also still book Hythe now
  19. Looking good 👍 I don’t have that problem. All my rifles hunting/foxing are single shot or have single shot converters in the magazine. If I’m shooting at night I will only single load anyway , or on the rare occasion I have a lamp man don’t like using a mag . Just an old habit really , I just don’t like fumbling around with a magazine in the dark. Plus I know that when I take the round out I know the rifle 100% safe . I have seen and heard of to many people going home and still have a round in the mag or go to stick it there case and suddenly realise there was one in the chamber … doh 🙄
  20. Good job I’ve got some WR mags . Standard tikka on the left .
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