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  2. The SK flat nose match works well in my rifle, unfortunately I think they’ve stopped making it 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. I have got 2 full tubs of each powder.
  4. Are there any owners on here of ATN NVG7 night vision goggles with the headgear? Have a question regarding the mount. second quesiton, would ITAR prevent a cosnumer getting product support from a US company? Was told by ATN in US they cannot provide support becuase of ITAR (a first for me). I thought ITAR only covered sales of goods, not support questions of such.
  5. Xlr element chassis folding chassis. £600 posted. Please note monopod and bullet quiver not included. Thanks
  6. After speaking to John at optics warehouse, he confirmed the Elite Essentials is far superior to the one that I posted, he claimed that if you lay it next to an AIM you'd struggle to tell the difference, could be sales spiel but I went for the Elite, if its not upto scratch then it'll go back.
  7. This night vision scope and rail was 680 new, and would take a very near offer, seems good value to me.
  8. Can vouch for the Ridgeline ‘drag bag’ plenty of pockets and can accommodate a 26inch barrel with mod on. Mine have taken a lot of abuse so far. Ben
  9. Maybe. I think I've exhausted my interest in this now, people do what they do and courts decide, I know what I'll do and what I'll advise anyone in my club that should ask (unlikely). As Richiew wrote above, sound advice.
  10. Only in regard to buying or attempting to buy.
  11. Wouldn’t it be easier not to push the boundaries and only make complete rounds when we need to then lock them away . Only make what’s on your licence. K I S S ????
  12. The VCR Act 2006 has redefined the law I believe.
  13. Yes, within the same batch/brand. I don't mix headstamps ever and keep batches of cases together. I spent alot of time measuring the internal volume of about 120 S&B 6.5CM cases that I bought as factory ammo. I found about 0.6gn variation in internal volume within the batch, and grouped them into 20's to minimise the effect. The Quickload model predicts that the 0.6gn change would give about 15fps variation in muzzle velocity. Not sure if it had a significant effect, but it was an interesting exercise. Triffid
  14. As mentioned above the best way to get involved with CSR is to enter the next match. Feb's is a good one to enter, the CQB/Urban Contact match is always fun and most never shoot below 100yds, this match will take you down to 25yds. The Skills Course is also worth it and it will give you an heads-up on what to expect at a match. It'll also give you some practice at a sample of a few stages in a typical match. These are NRA run by staffed by CSR shooters so any questions you may have can be answered from an experienced view point. We'd love to see on the next course, 12th March is the next
  15. I think this is the case I was referring to in the previous post. As I understand it the offence is a primed case in a public place with no lawful excuse is to be considered as ammunition. The result was primed cases were fine as long as you had the lawful excuse or were at home etc. I cannot find the exact precedent despite looking in all the books I have here, no doubt it'll turn up and I'll be corrected.
  16. N140 I use with 55gn Sierra's and N135 with lighter bullets (45 and 50gn). These bullets are/this cal is more suited to fox which I don't mind blowing holes in, I found a .22-250 caused a lot of damage to Roe. As a foxing rifle/cal it's superb, point and shoot out to 250M
  17. Here we have a lockable metal storage box which has been used for transporting firearms in the flatbed of a Hilux. However, will fit other pickups but please check dimensions. Comes with 2 keys and meets all police requirements. Collection from Llanidloes in Mid Wales. Will not post and you'll have to bring some fit and able bodies to move it. dimensions are: Length = 57" Width = 43" Height = 10" £150 ono. Any question please ask or call 07449 327006. Thanks.
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