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  1. would you take £250 posted to Newcastle upon tyne?
  2. DM308

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    ok great, giving me something to go on - thanks - hope your wife is on the mend !!
  3. DM308

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    cheers for that. I'll work up some loads looking at the book 96 is max load? should be able to get something to work. Catch - 22 - i like your style !!!!!
  4. DM308

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    hmmm i have used rs powder in the past - with 308 and 223 but i must admit i wasnt that impressed. I may give rs80 a go though . . providing i can source some cheap enough. I'm using 250 lapua scenars (at the minute) Standard ax 27" barrel
  5. Anyone use Reload Swiss powders for 338 Lap mag? Looking at load data on their website (even the customer supplied data) speeds don't look that impressive Got Viht i can use - i'm just curious . . .
  6. scope rings still for sale as are hornady dies and also a set of lyman 338 full length resizing and seating die - also for 338 hornady dies - £40 rings - £45 lyman dies (brand new ) £50
  7. only scope rings and dies left !!
  8. I have the following for sale - all prices include postage - or you can collect from Gateshead if you would prefer Hornady 338 Lapua Magnum dies - bullet seater and full length resizer like new - £40 Spud concentricity gauge (digital and analogue indicator) £50 Sako TRG muzzle brake = 308 - £50 34mm scope rings (fox firearms) £45
  9. will the arca rail fit on an AT? Would you sell it seperately?
  10. catch 22 that is a sweet looking unit !! I'm mainly looking to use it at eskdalemuir / roundhouse / valhalla for the prl (long range ) stuff - i have an AI in 308 / 6.5x47 which works well but i'm itching to get that 1 mile stuff - plus - who doesn't love a new gun!! My RPA will outshoot my longer barrelled AI all day in 308 form - hence why i was looking at the 338 version - plus compared to the AI you can pick a rangemaster fairly cheap (ish) I may wait until the AI AXMC is within my budget - but youre talking 10 grand for the full set up including scope / mounts etc etc still . . . . it's only money
  11. So . . . i have a 308 RPA - 16" barrel and i have to say - it's a tack driver, never let me down once and despite the lack of size - it still holds 1 moa at 1000yds !! Now, i'm thinking of getting a 338 - but, undecided what to go for - i was all set for an RPA but . . . i've heard the 338's have issues with snapped firing pins - the 5 round mag puts me off and apparently they are just bloody uncomfortable to shoot! The TRG doesn't appeal as i know they have had some issues in the past - triggers etc Can anyone comment on the above? apparently 3 RPA's had to be pulled off the line at Bisley recently as they all had firing pin issues Any info greatly received!!

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