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  1. Shot this from 200yds last Sunday.. Posted it on anther thread by accident. Really enjoyed shooting it longer ranges.. Shot strait into the wind the best I could.. Used 25 moa reticle to shoot it with no adjusting. CZ452 eley match.. You may have seen the photos
  2. Where from and how much did it cost.. You can pm me if you'd rather not say..
  3. Optics warehouse have some.. I can't recall what there called but there good apparently and half the weight and cost of a AIM dragbag and waterproof
  4. The primer pockets get shallower in firing.. I'm not sure it is a good ideal doing it because taking a tiny bit of brass out the pockets each time as it could be weakening the cases at the Web. After so many firingscand uniforming it's cleans mainly
  5. I uniform my primer pockets again for consistency.. So they seat or crush the same everytime.. I've recently watched a video of an f class shooter who ran a test on seating primers and it did make a difference too ES's over the chrony from how much crush he put on them.. That's a bit anal but some like carrying out these tests.. I won't be trying it but since watching this video and chatting too a mate I've found my murom primers seat deeper than the fed gold magnums as the cups are shallower... Too keep all things equal I'd need 2 pocket uniformers one for each calibr
  6. I load all my ammo within 1 thousandth base to ogive for hunting or target.. All powder charges are loaded within 0.02grs. I don't weigh cases.. I do random checks on bullet weights and bearing surfaces. Primer pockets get uniformed every firing
  7. I thought the monopod was a great idea but when I bought one it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.. used it folded for a while then sold it.. In all fairness it does look good
  8. The monopod in its folded position will act like a bag rider.. Used it like that on a krg whiskey 3 stock until I converted it too a f open gun with a custom made bag rider.
  9. Shot off the roof of my pickup with a bipod and a bean bag thing.. Well pleased with the results... I just realised this is on the wrong thread 🙄
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