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  1. At 100yds.... There's a few less than original post as I've tried a few more. Approximately 70 in the opened box
  2. for sale or swap for a .308 or .309 bushing of the same type.. £20 Inc postage for mine
  3. Bushing neck die,body die only used on 20 or 30 cases. Seater die.. £105 Inc postage. I'll do some photos when I get 5 mins
  4. I've got nearly 5 boxes of these bullets I'm not getting on with.. £90 per box including postage. I have 4 unopened boxes and one with 78 in. I have about 17 still loaded and could be pulled carefully if somebody wants them all.. I'd swap them for 900 x 180gr hybrids. Atb NID
  5. Paper tears my friend.. Probaly used my finger nail to break through the seal. Bullets are in pristine conditions and at a bargain price. I'm gonna need some barrel fowlers so if they don't sell at this price that's what I will use them for 😉
  6. I bought these bullets.opened the box and took some measurements and decided not to try them. £45 collected or plus the postage
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