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  1. No i deer

    300 norma mag brass,

    Try March scopes. Dolphin precission Reloading solutions Norman Clarke Fox firearms to name a few
  2. Looking at them I'd say smooth as they have the locking wheels on them
  3. As above bushing neck die set for sell consists of fl bushing neck die. A body die and the standard seater.. Only the body die has been used for 30 cases. No bushing or shell holder included.. £105 plus P&P Photos will be added tomorrow. Atb NID
  4. There you go down to the last penny 😁
  5. No i deer

    Has sizing wax increased my ES?

    I guess the only thing to do is make sure you have some brass that is free of sizing wax and try again. The donuts would/could of gave you more neck tension but inconsistent neck tension. Personally I wouldn't of used any lube to ream out donuts. Atb NID
  6. A 6.5x55 would also be a good choice.. A great selection of factory ammo like the 308 but slightly less recoil
  7. No i deer

    Selling an F-Class rifle

    It certainly is.. There is alot of the GB f class league shooters on here.. Probaly most of them..!!
  8. No i deer

    Selling an F-Class rifle

    Thanks Mark 👍 I checked again this morning and it says no listings available or words to that effect..
  9. No i deer

    Selling an F-Class rifle

    I am a member Vince but never came across it 👍
  10. No i deer

    Selling an F-Class rifle

    Unless I've missed something I've never seen a classifieds on the GB f class association.
  11. No i deer


  12. No i deer


    My 7mm saum barrel throat that's done 1700 shots on mainly H1000.. still shot well at 1000yds back in july

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