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  1. I never take my bolts out only for cleaning lubing etc unless I go in home and not put rifles away strait away.. I take the bolt/bolts out and put them in my pocket or holster and when I put them away I decock them.. People have a tendency to forget the bolts when they go out shooting not being kept in the rifle.. Triggersqueezer did that very thing this morning ðŸĪŠ
  2. Nice style but I'd have to spray it green.. I'm not into wooden stocks 😁. I do want one of the CZ457 long range 22's I need one 😁
  3. Very Gucci ðŸĪĐ I shoot f class with Mik.. The CZ 457 LR on them videos sounded very appealing with the 20 inch barrel.. I don't want a long barrelled 22lr. How much would that 22 Mik built cost.... Shame your testing was interrupted 🙄
  4. I just watched some videos on the CZ 457 lr 22 rimfire and it sounds great.. Go on the sportsman guncentre website.. In to the gun and scroll down to see the 3 videos.. It looks to be the dogs dangleys
  5. The Annie's shoot really well..!! Probaly one of the most accurate
  6. I've used mini mags in the gallery at bisley with a 10/22 but it's all standing,sitting and kneeling type shooting so accuracy isn't great as you could imagine.. I think I used some yellow jackets years ago a mate gave me.. I can't really remember what they were like
  7. A good start.. I'd just use them if my rifle shot them that well.. What mag are you using.. Try a group at 100yds for me on 9 magnification and see if you can do better or worse thanks did..
  8. I've had many occasions were I tried to test some CF ammo at 100yds and the miraging was too bad.. Gave up as I should of known better ðŸĪĢ
  9. Looking forward to seeing the results.. I do a fair bit of range shooting these days and the excuses everybody comes out with can be very amusing and entertaining to say the least 😆ðŸĪĢ. There will be legitimate excuses like the picattiny rail has come loose or the scope has stopped dialing. In the main very poor excuses ðŸĪĐ
  10. Ammo selection,conditions technique and practice helps. I've tried and tried with hollow point subs for 20 odd years and use to have great results with eley hollows until eley change something. Basically match grade ammo just blows the hollow points out of the water. Testing from a bench would be ideal.. It's killing accuracy we need.. We don't wannabe wounding our quarry.. How far we want to shoot makes the difference.. Accuracy out to 100yds with subs would be perfect.. I'm not into HV hollow points.. Tried stingers years ago and they were a pile of poo.
  11. I was surprised how few people replied to this thread seeing the humble 22 rimfire is probaly the most popular calibre ðŸĪ”. Don't be shy 😉
  12. Yes the cartridge does come out of the mag too the chamber on a steepish angle. I'm definately going to try some single loading groups
  13. Thanks. It's not something that occurred to me.. Intrested to see if single loading them reduces the group size 😎. Ah bullets rubbing together being cycled so damage to the bullet can occur top and bottom in the mag.. The bullet being fired launched through the barrel being cut by the grooves damage the bullet but on the bearing surface not the tip to the ogive.. a scuff could affect it's ballistic coefficiency.
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