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  1. No i deer

    New Bench

    Me too 👍
  2. No i deer

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I'm considering RS60 as my new barrel will be sub 24 inches and I could gain 100fps
  3. No i deer

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I've only ever tried one group in my 47 with N150 with 139gr scenars and it was a tight cloverleaf.
  4. No i deer

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    Expect the accuracy to have changed switching primers..!!
  5. Thanks Dave . I didn't look at the date 😂
  6. Hi Ian. I know somebody who may want this.. I will find out monday 👍
  7. No i deer

    6.5CM RS62 next steps in load dev

    Dasherman bushed my remmy firing pin 👍
  8. No i deer

    300 WSM - Powder recomedation

    I will probaly go down this road at some point if I get a second f open gun.
  9. No i deer

    Murom primers required Derby

    As were on primers I loaded some ammo by mistake with BR2'S instead of muroms so I thought I'd just use them up rather than pull them.. Both loads were identical bar the primers... The BR2 load averaged about 25fps faster than the muroms.
  10. No i deer

    Murom primers required Derby

    I'm not familiar with the sr muroms but I have some to try from Brillo. I've used quite a few lr muroms and they are a fraction bigger and ideal when the cases have been well used.. seating the muroms in well used brass can be like seating primers in new brass 🤩. A shooting mate had his Barrett 98b bolt face gas cut with a federal gold magnum primer.. he had a new bolt fitted and I think it happened again 🙄 It was either not seated fully, a faulty primer pocket or faulty primers..
  11. No i deer

    Murom primers required Derby

    I'm sure there's plenty of dealers in Derby but of the illegal white powdery stuff mainly 😁
  12. No i deer

    7 saum in AW Mag

    Off the top of my head I'd say no.. AI mag is about 2.9 inches internal.. I think my saum loaded with a 184gr hybrid is 3.1 inches. Mine run in a 300wm magazine and I've put a spacer at the back so the cartridge sit more forward
  13. No i deer

    Bullet Jump

    I will checkout these MME bullets 👍
  14. No i deer

    Bullet Jump

    According to Hornady there eldm bullets are the best out there with there AMP jackets and new tip that doesn't deform with top bc doplar radar proven 😁. I've used the 180gr ELDM's in my saum and 284 there very accurate. Had 3 suspected blow ups with the 180s in my tiring saum barrel. I batch weigh and measure sort the 180s but only batch weigh the 162gr ELDX's for hunting. In all fairness there pretty consistant.. I've not used jlk's but the 7mm 184gr hybrids are about the most consistant bullet I've used too date, I've gotta box of 7mm 183gr smks the measure and weigh very consistant, not got around to trying them yet Recently got the 7mm 162gr ELDX's working in my 284 very nicely. The new A tip bullets are ment to be the best of the best with a bc to go with the new aluminium tip. I'm yet to try them as I've too many 184gr hybrids to use up first and these A tips are a quid each retail 😳. If these bullets start dominating the competitions we my have no choice but to use them to be competitive. I know some have been experimenting with them before the lockdown started.. No feed back as yet, I'm talking about the 30 cal 230gr A tips in the 300wsm.. Not sure if the 7mm 190s have made it across the pond yet.. From what I've read the 190s won't suit my freebore anyway as my saum is throated for 184gr hybrids. Not sure about the tip being added after is a bad thing as it does uniform the from end of the bullets, some of the meplats can be irregular as baldie describes.. I point mine so they are somewhat improved, they could be trimmed then pointed but something I've not got around to doing thus far. I would of thought the meplat/tip is really important as this part doesn't get scarred from the rifling grooves that steers the bullet.. I don't know what the perfect bullet is but there is a variety of good ones out there now.
  15. No i deer

    Bullet Jump

    I've wondered for a while now why Berger don't make bullets with ballistic tips.. I asked that question on accurate shooter and the only reply was checkout articles that Bryan litz has done but I've not come across that particular subject yet. I do point my 7mm hybrids I use for f class as do most. The tipped bullets do seem to have a higher BC than non tipped.

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