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    mainly foxing and occasional deer, collecting wood for my stove shooting in general and my dog ghyll.

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  1. ill take the trickler if its still for sale cheers dave
  2. just got the press atb gunnery top man dave
  3. yes plz matey ill take the press
  4. dave thorniley

    New Defender

    if i had the cash i would have a defender body stuck on a toyota hilux running gear and engine. dave. ps maybe ronin can lend us some 😃
  5. dave thorniley


    £25 for a tin of kroil thats a f*&(in joke
  6. well their you go simgre,s solved it i didnt no that cheers whatever it is its a nice scope dave
  7. thats wierd that has mk4 turrets on it vari x 111,s had the covered target turrets
  8. wow i apologise sean im wrong sorry
  9. hi sean your scope is a mk4 8.5x25 =50 not a var-x111
  10. dave thorniley

    Leupold scope

    dont put it on ebay send us some good pics i will show my mate he will be interested at that price dave
  11. dave thorniley

    Leupold scope

    from the pics you have of the scope if it was mint i would say £750 tops £800 a used but good condition with no marks on lenses £650 tops dave
  12. dave thorniley

    Leupold scope

    hi scf31 itlooks like you got yourself a nice scope ive used mk4,s for over 20 odd years i like the turrets yes they were made stiff to mil spec thats so you dont move zero i have some of the original m1 16x40,s they are still crisp clear glass i think they are a very under rated scope and leupold have a life time warranty as well cheers dave.
  13. dave thorniley

    Leupold scope

    i have had mk4 leupolds for a long time, check underside of scope for serial number, but that looks like a genuine 8.5x25=50 one to me from the pics, but email leupold to make sure, there a very under rated scope good luck dave
  14. dave thorniley

    Foxing Facebook Groups

    paul cat hi, do your self a favour matey dont broadcast anything on social media, the less people know what your doing the better, stay on here or other forums like sd , there are a lot of antis out there who would love to make your life a misery if they got hold of your personal data, the less people know what you do the better for you and your family, good luck dave.
  15. hi any pics of the z6i please

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