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  1. Re-Pete

    Unique alpine tpg1

    From an RFD or a private seller? It does sound a bit odd, unless of course there's an explanation that you're happy with......... Pete
  2. Re-Pete


    So shooting strings is better for the bore then?................that's a good thought when considering how much ammo I'm currently getting through on the electronics...............😊 Pete
  3. Re-Pete


    One more point......the exposure to the flow of hot high pressure gas is very brief, probably of the order of millisecs, so comparison with firecracking in applications where the heat is continuous rather than momentary, isn't really valid. Pete
  4. Re-Pete

    Barrel cleaning: how and why?

    Seems to me there's little point in frantically trying to get that last faint smear of copper out when the next round will simply replace it. It's been said many times that over enthusiastic cleaning can reduce barrel life more than normal wear and tear, particularly when using some of the expensive snake oil products currently in fashion. And a clean patch only tells you the patch is clean.............. Pete
  5. Re-Pete


    It's a cheapo Bergara barrel, so button rifled and honed a little. I'd like to know if s/steel barrels vary much in their reaction to high energy powders like RS60, which is what this one cut it's teeth on. I know about the metallurgy, and I certainly don't over clean........a little copper and a bit of glassy carbon is of no consequence, as long as the rifle shoots well. Pete
  6. Re-Pete


    How would you rate this.............excessive, not much? It's one of our 6.5x47's, a Savage mod 12 F/TR with an 8 twist 26" Bergara barrel. Round count is 2680, and it will still do 1/2 moa on a good day. Pete
  7. Re-Pete


    I jumped off the top with a tank once...............won the bet, but didn't do it again. Pete
  8. Re-Pete


    That's interesting, I belonged to a civvie SCUBA club that trained at Vernon for a while in the late 70's. (The club sec. had some useful contacts................) I remember the bottom of the eastern end of the channel had metal tables and other stuff for the clearance diver training with cutting/welding equipment, and there was a diving board for the helicopter rescue divers. Small world....... Pete
  9. Re-Pete

    Action deep clean

    The trigger is removed first, ultrasonic'd in a different container, rinsed with brake cleaner, then lubed. Different trigger makers have different opinions on lubing. RPA recommend graphite paste on the sears and pivots, and grease on the springs. For the CG Universal 2-stage triggers that I use, Jackson Rifles say: "lubricate sparingly with WD-40 or a similar light oil which will evaporate to leave a dry lubricating coat" They then go on to say: "When used in dusty conditions, the trigger will operate without lube provided the pull weight is set to 500grams or more" I put a spot of light oil on the pivot pins and give the rest a squirt of "Anti friction dry PTFE lubricant", which is also made by the WD-40 people. Pete
  10. It looks like the orange god emperor trump may soon be controlling a large quantity of the crap food a lot of Brits eat.................. Pete
  11. Re-Pete


    This is my bling: https://www.invictawatch.com/watches/detail/8926-invicta-pro-diver-men-40mm-stainless-steel-stainless-steel-black-dial-nh35a-automatic Paid £85 for it a few years ago, but I'm almost afraid to wear it in case someone mistakes it for a Rolex and mugs me................. Pete
  12. Re-Pete

    2k scope

    Nothing at all................it's all down to what works for you. My partner shoots 16x-20x at all distances. I use 24x at 1000yds......then again, I shoot off a home made bipod, and I'm very happy if I get a 1 MOA group. Gluv hit the nail on the head.......it's all about your twitch coefficient. Pete
  13. Re-Pete

    2k scope

    At 300yds, I use 16x............. Pete
  14. Bisley's open with a splendid new on-line booking system...............you book, they confirm and tell you your target number, you pay, you rock up, you shoot........simples Re-Pete
  15. Re-Pete


    I've got a slightly battered Seiko 7006-7080, a 19 jewel day/date self-winder bought in the 70's..................not a diver, but never serviced and still runs. Gains around five minutes a month, which I can live with.......... Pete

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