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  1. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/elite-essentials-tactical-53inch-sniper-drag-bag I have one that looks identical, branded Ridgeline, New Zealand, but possibly made in the PRC........whatever, it's a good cheap alternative to Aim, very well put together with a removable rucksack, but a tad heavy. Pete ps, just found mine: https://www.mmsporting.co.uk/shop/rifle-accessories-bags/ridgeline-tactical-rifle-bag/
  2. Me neither........but I did get a 5 shot group of 0.37 moa at 300yds a couple of weeks ago when the flags were stationary, so I must be doing something right.......(with my 6BR, RS 52, 105 Scenar)) Pete
  3. https://soldersandfluxes.co.uk/p584/A8-Flux-for-Stainless-Steel.html Worth a shot for £6........? (plus p/p...) Pete
  4. There's a lot of us about......... Pete
  5. Try RS 52 powder with a 155 grain bullet. Powder is available at Bisley, Hut 60. Pete
  6. I use factory coated 6mm 115grn DTAC's in my 6x47, and I've coated various other bullets myself........it does reduce fouling, and also reduces MV a bit, so there is some reduction in friction. As to whether or not it's worth it as far as achieving smaller groups are concerned, the jury's out........suck it and see, it won't do any harm. Pete
  7. +1..........but as well as the grass, don't forget the rain, snow and frost..........we sometimes suffer for our fun. Pete
  8. I pay £18.50 an hour at Bisley, low season electronic targets.......... Pete
  9. You really need to give RS 52 powder a go with the 155 Scenars........... Pete
  10. It's the long building next door to the green building 31 on the attached map. There's a one-way system, so I drive past the front of the lord Roberts centre, bear left and Hut 60 is on the right hand side. https://nra.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/campmap-2019.pdf Pete
  11. As a full NRA member with a SCC card, you can shoot at any of the distances offered, whenever there are lanes available......the electronic targets make it simple, just book/pay online, rock up and shoot. The NRA website has a page which gives range/distance availability, week on week. Pete
  12. Even worse if it includes a phone with a realtime link to a camera so you can actually watch your place being ransacked while you're 200mls away............ Pete
  13. You should have tried Crispin Eng, at Hut 60...........they keep RS powders, and possibly Murom primers. Pete
  14. The locking system looks a bit more substantial than the Blaser LRS I once owned..... Pete
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