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  1. Re-Pete

    Not Shooting is expensive..

    Yeah, I know what you mean...........I just spent strong money on a couple of new macro lenses to help maintain sanity. (I already have the book & QL, and the ammo safe's full.............) Pete
  2. Re-Pete

    Dry firing

    Doesn't firing a live primer fit the definition of "Discharging a firearm", with or without a bit of greased up plasticine stuffed in the case neck..............?😲 Pete
  3. Re-Pete

    Dry firing

    If you don't have a snap cap, a fired case (with spent primer still in) will give a bit of protection.............better IMHO than an empty chamber. Pete
  4. Re-Pete

    Load development

    If you type "primers" in the search box, you'll find more info than you can shake a stick at.............. Pete
  5. Re-Pete

    Load development

    I get the same MV with the same load, but using RS 50 powder in my 6.5x47. Around 2900-2950 fps seems comfortable for the 6.5x47 and it's certainly accurate. Pete
  6. Re-Pete

    CV-19 Lessons

    Better still, simply don't get that close to anyone............our local shops/supermarkets are making a 2 metre separation between customers mandatory. One out, and one in............takes time, but who's counting? And where are all the eggs and flour?? Pete
  7. Re-Pete

    Last-minute BRNO

    Cracking rifles............we had one for LSR a few years ago. That liked SK Std, too. Pete
  8. Re-Pete

    Covid 19 Virus

    Thanks Firedoc, that clears it up nicely. Pete
  9. Re-Pete

    Covid 19 Virus

    What Popsbengo said........I mistakenly posted a "troll-bite"..........please ignore it, and if possible, mods, take it down. DO NOT GARGLE WITH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.......... Pete
  10. Re-Pete

    Covid 19 Virus

    OK, sorry gents.......at times like this, I guess we all look for faint glimmers........... Pete
  11. Re-Pete

    Covid 19 Virus

    This was sent to me by a friend a few minutes ago.............. "At The Princess of Wales hospital. NHS staff have been sent this: This is the advice given to hospital staff. It explains the virus and hopefully, how to prevent getting it. Please share with family, friends and work colleagues. Virus Detection: The simplest way to distinguish Coronavirus from a Common Cold is that the COVID-19 infection does not cause a cold nose or cough with cold, but it does create a dry and rough cough. The virus is typically first installed in the throat causing inflammation and a feeling of dryness. This symptom can last between 3 and 4 days. The virus typically then travels through the moisture present in the airways, goes down to the trachea and installs in the lungs, causing pneumonia that lasts about 5 or 6 days. Pneumonia manifests with a high fever and difficulty breathing. The Common Cold is not accompanied, but there may be a choking sensation. In this case, the doctor should be called immediately. Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection. Prevention: The virus hates heat and dies if it is exposed to temperatures greater than 80°F (27°C). Therefore hot drinks such as infusions, broths or simply hot water should be consumed abundantly during the day. These hot liquids kill the virus and are easy to ingest. Avoid drinking ice water or drinks with ice cubes. Ensure that your mouth and throat are always wet, never DRY. You should drink a sip of water at least every 15 minutes. WHY? Even when the virus enters water or other liquids through the mouth, it will get flushed through the oesophagus directly into the stomach where gastric acids destroy the virus. If there is not enough water, the virus can pass into the trachea and from there to the lungs, where it is very dangerous. For those who can, sunbathe. The Sun's UV rays kill the virus and the vitamin D is good for you. The Coronavirus has a large size (diameter of 400-500 nanometers) so face masks can stop it, no special face masks are needed in daily life. If an infected person sneezes nearby, stay 10 feet (3.3 meters) away to allow the virus fall to the ground and prevent it from falling on you. When the virus is on hard surfaces, it survives about 12 hours, therefore when hard surfaces such as doors, appliances, railings, etc. are touched, hands should be washed thoroughly and/or disinfected with alcoholic gel The virus can live nested in clothes and tissues between 6 and 12 hours. Common detergents can kill it. Things that cannot be washed should be exposed to the Sun and the virus will die. The transmission of the virus usually occurs by direct infection, touching fabrics, tissues or materials on which the virus is present. Washing your hands is essential. The virus survives on our hands for only about 10 minutes. In that time many things can happen, rubbing the eyes, touching the nose or lips. This allows the virus to enter your throat. Therefore, for your good and the good of all, wash your hands very often and disinfect them. You can gargle with disinfectant solutions (i.e. Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide) that eliminate or minimize the amount of virus that can enter the throat. Doing so removes the virus before it goes down to the trachea and then to the lungs. Disinfect things touched often: mobile phone, keyboard, mouse, car steering wheel, door handles, etc .... Sent in to us just now and we wanted to share this knowledge & advice with you all. Please do the same and take care! Pete
  12. Re-Pete

    Covid 19 Virus

    NRA Bisley appears to be still up & running................ Pete
  13. Re-Pete

    Andrex or A max

    Buy the current Private Eye............."48 sheets of toilet paper free with this issue"...............plus a good perspective on the virus debacle by "MD". Pete
  14. Re-Pete

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    We've had similar dodgy results. I hear the F-class guys are very reluctant to use them now, as am I............... It's an expensive waste of time and money if you can't trust the feedback. Pete
  15. Re-Pete

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Was that the Kongsberg system? That's also good.......you can get a printout while u wait. We just got back from a nice morning at 300yds. I've been waiting for weeks for a decent weather window, and I booked this morning's session at 15.00 yesterday afternoon! No-one appeared to be using the Intarso's at 600yds............. Pete

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