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    Photography, natural history, cycling, target shooting, old hi-fi (especially Quad)

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  1. I sold my 308 after a side by side comparison with a newly acquired 6.5x47 at 1000yds.............the 6.5 is a Tikka M595 with a 30" barrel. I've also shot the 6.5 at 1200yds with 136 grain bullets on one occasion... Pete
  2. FWIW, I use this stuff https://tripeek.com/ I've also used Autosol, but I think the Peek paste is a bit less aggressive. Pete
  3. He can't even spell it.........😁 Pete
  4. Mine was plumsaucemerchant.pegging.douchnozzle.knockers, back in the '70's 😁 Relatively mild........... Pete
  5. Or in the case of blokes, that mass of subcutaneous lipids known as the "apron".............😁 Pete
  6. What he just said................RS 52 is the go-to powder for long range in both of these calibres, 80 grain bullets in 223, and 155 grainers in 308. Pete
  7. I think they were upside down because I hadn't checked properly after shaking 'em around and closing the lid....ðŸĪŠ Pete
  8. I've been using the bench mounted autoprime,(triangular holders) for quite a while now and apart from the odd one going in upside down (mea culpa?), it's brilliant......... Pete
  9. Cheap looking glass back, (the same as on my ÂĢ80 Invicta diver).............and you'd need wrists like King Kong in order to not look stupid. Pete
  10. Re-Pete


    Sorry, I was talking about quite a bit before your time ðŸ˜ģ Pete
  11. Re-Pete


    Mayfield? Who was the head at your time? Not Hicks......... Pete
  12. Re-Pete


    Hi, did you go to Triptons secondary at Becontree Heath by any chance? Pete
  13. How d'you know what my face looks like???
  14. Face like a slapped arse.
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