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  1. Hands up all those who think climate change has "nothing to do with us....." Pete
  2. Very good!.......my favourite word is "moderation".......if humankind did everything in moderation, especially eating and breeding, there would be enough of everything to go round without destroying the planet, and there wouldn't be anywhere near as many sick, hungry, or obese people. Pete
  3. I'm about to try RS 62 in my 6.5 x 47.........with 123 grain Scenars. Pete
  4. I never used anything heavier than 155 when I had the 308.......at 3000fps, they were very accurate. I tried SMK 2155's and 2156's, but found that Lapua Scenar's worked best in my rifle. (Swing mk4, 30" Bartlein barrel, set up for F/TR.) I also tried various primers, but found that Murom KVB-223 Magnums were as good as any, (and cheaper than most...) Pete
  5. It has to be RS52....no-brainer in 308 with 155grain bullets, especially for 1000yds. Also excellent for 8 twist 223 with 80grain bullets. Pete
  6. Good call......I found the Lapua Palma brass to be excellent, and yes, the Lee hand primer works fine. The hole in the primer shell holder is the same size for both primers. If you look carefully, you'll see that it's the plastic bit that the primers feed up through that fits it. I use this one now. It's far easier and quicker. https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/priming-tools/lee-auto-bench-prime.html Pete
  7. So whether or not it's exempt depends on your reason for wanting it??....................🤣🤣🤣 Or am I missing something...and what is "non-serious" violence?🤪 I'm shaking my head in disbelief......... Pete
  8. Wish my barrels looked as bad as yours...... Pete
  9. What weight of bullet were you using, and what MV were you getting for your sub-MOA results at 1000yds ? Pete
  10. OK, just found it, 1024pixels.......nice kit. Pete
  11. It's very impressive.........is there a resolution specification, lines per millimetre? Pete
  12. Were the inverted frames intentional? (by inverted I mean like negative instead of positive) Pete
  13. I have a Tikka M595 .223 with a 30" 8 twist barrel, and it's very comfortable at 1000yds on a calm day. It's been throated for SMK 80 grainers, and using RS 52 powder, MV is 3000fps. It's also accurate at 2800fps using Wild Boar. Pete
  14. For a hardcase competitive shooter, I get your point, but for us recreational plinky plonkers, the occasional 1 MOA 10 shot group or 1200yd "V" makes it all worth while........... Pete
  15. What Badger just said...........and it's far more likely me to "go off song" than a batch of powder I happen to be using. I use RS exclusively now, 50, 52, and 62, and I can't fault them, plus they're available at Bisley, which is where I shoot. Pete
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