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  1. I'm very much in the SMLE, Triffid camp. I shoot for fun not for OCD 🙂 That siad Im also a lazy so-and-so with a bit of space, so for my prime calibre 6.5CM, i got a couple of second hand Lee cast press's one with the re-sizeing die the other with the bullet seater and neither have moved in 18 months so I guess im pretty consistant. ( everything else goes in a lee 4 hole turret, Ive also got a forster co-ax that I'll use for a new 300prc thats being built)
  2. Thanks Roy, thats what i thought. Im reckon i'm a bit old for marking, so I'll stick to the clays.
  3. Gents, I'm thinking of retiring shortly, and was wondering if its possible to make any pocket money by qualifying as a shooting coach? I’ve got the option of refereeing for Trap and Skeet shooting but was wondering, as I'm 30mins from Bisley if a could make a few extra bob out of a bit of Rifle teaching/coaching, perhaps for the NRA?
  4. it might be cheaper to go to SS in Vegas than the NEC this year 🙂
  5. For anyone who fancies shooting 1100y or 1200yards the 2022 competition and practice dates are up here. (dont believe the date in the URL) https://nra.org.uk/nra-bisley/ranges/latest-range-information/long-range-dates-11-1200x-2018/
  6. Hi, this is just testing the water, but could any of the builders here give me a very aproximate cost of a semi custom 300prc rifle, maybe built on a used target/ftr rifle? Factory models seem unobtainable ATM, and I'd really like one by the spring.
  7. Im in a similar situation, I'd like to shoot out to 2KM at Eskdalemuir, but i also want to stay Bisley legal as its 30 mins down the road for me. I picked .300PRC, got it added to my FAC but now UK rifles seem unobtainable. So im thinking screw Bisley lets get a LM, Cheytec or Barrett!
  8. Never been to Hut 60, I'll have a look out for it tomorrow. thanks Martin
  9. A quick heads-up guys, I popped into Fultons this morning after a session of OT practice in the sleet, and they are out of both SRP and LRP and are not expecting any in for "several months". I did specifically enquire about magnums in both sizes, but i got the impression they were out of all varieties.
  10. Yes you did, next time Ill heed your advice!
  11. TBH I almost wish I never asked! I'll probably end up with some sort of hybrid method, dependent on the weather, what i had for breakfast, and the phase of the moon, whilst reminding myself Im doing this for enjoyment 🙂
  12. martin_b


    Not sure yet as the rifle hasnt arrived yet , but I have fired a 300WinMag with a moderator, and while it was much more noticable than my 6.5CM it was certainly managable, plus I'll add weight till Im happy, it only has to get from the car to the firing point, Im not a hunter 🙂
  13. New rifle is a Bergara 300PRC, which is to shoot from 900 yards out to 1 mile and maybe longer.
  14. Sorry, just trying to save a bit of money, 300PRC ammo isnt cheap produced by any manafacturing method. :-)
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