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  1. Now funny you should say that.. I didnt, but I did put the scope elevation values back into Srelok and got it to calculate the speeds S&B 2653 f/s Home made 2634f/s. So mine are slower but needed 9.5mils of evevation where as the S&B needed 11mils (plus or minus a bit!) The big difference is I'm using Nosler RDF which have a much better G7 drag coefficient. Not a very scientific experiment but interesting.. PS: Quickload gives a predicted velocity of 2725, Gordons, 2660. ( thats with a lot of default values but I plan to refine the data of the long weekend)
  2. Interesting comparison i think. The group on the right 5 concecutive handloaded 140g 6.5CM the string on the left 5 S&B factory 140g ammo Shot at 1000yards with about a 8mph breeze. Just put in scope values in from Strelok and used the same aim point for every shot.
  3. Surprisingly quiet at Bisley this morning but perfect conditions for a quick hours shooting. Just to remind myself what end to hold 🙂
  4. Just saw this in SD.. https://www.guns.com/news/2012/06/27/149mm-sop-elr-cartridge-prototype-rifle I wonder if Bisley will allow it?
  5. Hi, Im looking for something similar, but its for plinking with a rimfire, so I dont want to spend a fortune. Are there any cheaper alternatives about?
  6. Are defibrillators available on site or can i suggest Howdah's for the seniors? 🙂
  7. Ive joined Gardners this year for the first time, and by my reckoning to get there by 7:30AM I'll need to leave at Midnight! So a list of good Local B&B's would be wellcome. PS: If you think thats stupid, I also fish the Rivers Ness and Nairn in the Autumn for Salmon, so the Borders are almost local.
  8. martin_b

    300 PRC

    Im chasing a mile as well., but after seeing this, Im going to stick with my 6.5CM and spend the money i save on ammo. Mark is using 140Grain Berger if you dont want to wade through all the comments.
  9. Frotunately the most of any one calibre i've shot in a session is less than 50 so my allowance is large enough to keep 50 odd primed
  10. Ditto: I also find i make less mistakes if i load in stages.
  11. Thanks Guys. Anyone got any Barrel balnks for sale? 🙂
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