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  1. martin_b


    I always single feed and Im a bit particular about the stock, (In a big GRS fan) so just buying a barreled action appeals.
  2. martin_b


    New Lapau brass in 300PRC incoming.. https://www.lapua.com/new-lapua-brass-cartridge-cases-for-2021/ Seriously thinking of getting a Howa in 300PRC for my efforts to shoot steel at 1mile.
  3. Cheers, I think I might apply for membership anyway. The river Ettrick is just up the road and its a good Salmon river if the water is the right height. Drive up on the Friday, fish on the Saturday shoot on the Sunday. I can think of worse weekends.
  4. Is membership the only way us southern softies can shoot Eskdalemuir? (other than in a competition i suppose) Ops: Just read the 2018 bit of the posting date!
  5. martin_b

    7.5X55 Swiss headspace guage

    Sorry mate only just seen this. I think im Ok now thanks
  6. martin_b

    7.5X55 Swiss headspace guage

    Ive just found this article http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2019/06/cheap-tricks-how-to-measure-shoulder-bump-using-45-acp-case/ so while I wait for the proper tools to arrive has anyone got a .40S&W case they could send me? Please! (or maybe a .38special i relaod for 6.5CM the 7.5 Swiss)
  7. martin_b

    7.5X55 Swiss headspace guage

    Thanks Guy's and the "click no bang" is exactly my problem with a K31.
  8. martin_b

    7.5X55 Swiss headspace guage

    Ops have I called it the wrong thing maybe its called a case guage ? what I'm after is somthing like this https://www.reloadingsolutions.com/products/measuring-tools/headspace-gauges/ I allready have 2 x the Wilson ones in .223 and 6.5CM but getting one in a swiss version seems more difficult.
  9. martin_b

    7.5X55 Swiss headspace guage

    Has anybody got one to sell or would be prepared to rent me one for a few days, while I check out a new F/L sizing die. cheers martin
  10. martin_b

    Annealing Machine

    Can i ask how you connected the burner to the bottle? Are there adapters at each end? cheers Martin
  11. martin_b

    Wanted if they exist..

    The OP is a lazy old hamfisted git! My logic is you have to have a case to activate the powder messure, that leaves you will a part filled case, Now I could decant that into a weighing tray make it up to the exact weight and then refill the case, but my dispraxia and the elastic bounce properties of RS62 means some would escape. Hence why do leave it in the case and top it up direct. Also I should say i use an electronic scale with a set of calabration weights, and this powder messure https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/powder-handling/lee-auto-drum-powder-measure.html
  12. martin_b

    Wanted if they exist..

    Cheers the Henry doesnt look bad. The problem I have with decanting the powder is that at every stage when i do itthere is a fair risk of the odd grain escaping.
  13. martin_b

    Wanted if they exist..

    Does anyone have links to, or know even if they exist.. 1: A really small ( pen sized) vacuum that i can use to clean up the grains of powder that always seem to escape. 2: A Powder pipette. The way i load is that i use an electronic scale to weigh the case, zero the scale then use a Lee drum to fill the case to within say 1 grain of target, then manually make up the difference. What would be handy is if i could trickle the powder direct into the case mouth whilst its on the scale. I see extruded powders being the problem.
  14. martin_b

    Lee Enfield Fans.

    I wish you hadn't posted this.. Ive found several items I may have to place a bid on!

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