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  1. martin_b

    Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting

    Thanks for the responses guy, Ive managed to source a copy in the UK, and done a p/ex deal for some physics text books i no longer need.
  2. martin_b

    PRL 2020 - what would you change???

    I shoot the Olympic trap, comtetition costs vary but but I never paid more that £80 I think (100/125+clays.) A set of traps ( 15 for OT) will run around £50K
  3. martin_b

    Semi Custom 22lr

    What was the issue with the MTR? Ive had one for about a year now with no problems other than I wish it had an adjustable comb, hence I do fancy the stock on the LRP. I wonder if it will be avaialable without the action?
  4. Since i can't shoot i might as well read about the subject, so anyone got a copy of the above by Bryan Litz?
  5. martin_b

    Covid 19 Virus

    Bisley now closed. https://nra.org.uk/coronavirus-update-23rd-march-2020/
  6. martin_b

    Covid 19 Virus

    Shot at Bisley this Morning, (a bit of clay practice) I then popped into Fultons to buy some small rifle primers, all sold out. Thr gent serving reckons its been one of their busiest weeks ever for reloading supplies, Working from Home obviously means Loading at home?
  7. martin_b

    RFD question..

    Cheers, Thats fine, in that case I wont use the dealer down the road, but one of the clubs I shot at ( and pay subs!) the chairman is an RFD.
  8. martin_b

    RFD question..

    If I buy a gun and get it shipped to an RFD, and it costs say £35, should I expect the dealer i pick it up from to charge anything on top? ( infact just how does this shipping thing work, who do i pay for instance?) cheers Martin
  9. martin_b


    I had an email from him yesterday about a Howa i'm looking for.
  10. martin_b

    Howa1500 6.5CM

    Thanks for the offer, is this just the barrel & action? ( I need a fully adjustable stock due to neck issues)
  11. martin_b

    Howa1500 6.5CM

    Highly optimistic I know, but Im after a varmit barreled Howa 1500 in 6.5CM action with the intention to mount it in a Form stock.
  12. martin_b

    RS52 and 52gr .223 load data.

    Quick update Ive now found the following data for RS52 &.223 46gr start 24.4gr 895m/s max 27.3 1025/ms 55gr start 23.8gr 869m/s max 26.4 979 m/s What Velocities were you after?
  13. martin_b

    RS52 and 52gr .223 load data.

    Guys Ive got some RS52 that I was going to use exclusivly for 6.5CM, however I've been given some Matchking 52GR HPBT that should work well in my old Tkka M55 and Ive got plenty of old brass however Im not sure the RS52 is suitable with these light bullets, and I cant find any load data. So are they a Match made in Heaven or a complete non starter?
  14. martin_b

    100m to 1000m

    Thanks Guys, Definalty Mils, ( I'm a physicist 🙂 ) and I already have an FFP scope on one of my rimfires ( a falcon) which I like. What concerens me more is will most scope have enough "clicks" to get me from a zero at 100m out to maximum Bisley distances and maybe beyond?
  15. martin_b

    100m to 1000m

    Hi all, Im off to the NEC this weekend to pick out a new 6.5CM for myself. Ive got a fair idea of what i need in the rifle, but I dont have much idea about a scope to go with it Any suggestions on what i should be looking at in the <£1K range? TIA

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