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  1. martin_b


    My variation has come through 🙂. Ive put a tentative order in for a Bergara HMR Pro, (your rust story scared me!)
  2. Ive been a member of the OSMSC for a few years now, A few other points that are worth knowing, Dan ( the Chairman) often runs "Dans Days" in the week normally 100 Bench sessions on a Friday, theres a monthly? mid week evening session at Cheylesmore (Gallery rifle) thats just started back up, and the club has close links with a club in NI and try to visit yearly for a Pistol shooting weekend. They also run several courses First aid, reloading, etc.. and if its your thing a Target Shotgun course and run Target shotgun sessions.
  3. martin_b


    Thanks, Is that a Begara?
  4. martin_b


    Apologies if this has been covered elswhere but the forum seach function seems a bit sick. I've put in a variation for a 300prc for shooting out to one mile plus. it will probally have a minimum of a 26inch barrel. Im thinking of using berger hybrids but im unsure as the weight and powder combo. (I've a prefernece for either Viht or RS as they both seem available at Bisley) any advice or sugestions? (Oh and the reson Im asking now is I need to put in a large order for some other bits and Im trying to save on carraige!)
  5. Gents I need to talk to my FAO about a couple of things and while Im about it I'd like to sound out putting another rifle on my ticket, Ideally I want something that can shoot out to 2 miles (at eskdalemuir) but I feel it would be easier to justify if I'm also able to shoot it at Bisley, (im a local) so a .338Lapau is out. What calibre whould you suggest?
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