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  1. No, they will supply a tablet, But if you want to save data and there is some potentially usefull stuff, ( i.e speed of bullet at impact, group sizeetc .) then all you need is a browser on you electronic device of choice. then you can save all the info on your own device ( it gives you the option when you clear the data) I got given a bit of A4 explaining what to do, but of course I cant find it now. but its something along the lines of open up network seetup and connect to the "shotmarker network" then open a browser and go to then a page will open you tell it what lane you're in and away you go. PS: I was on Stickledown today and i swear the wind flags on either side of me were pointing exactly 180degrees different at the same time!
  2. Take a phone or a tablet with you if you can, its pretty simple to connect them to the Shotmarker system and then you can save all the data
  3. martin_b

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    IMHO if you worried about the cost you may as well buy S&B at somewhere around 85p each, and save reloading for the exotica.
  4. Hi all Before I spend most of tomorrow not doing the "working from home" stuff im supposed to be doing, does anyone have an excel template that they use to record range shooting trips? cheers Martin
  5. martin_b

    1-4-1 question.

    Many thanks, thats what i thought, but Im greatful for the confirmation.
  6. martin_b

    1-4-1 question.

    Guys I have 2 rimfire rifles on my FAC, I want to sell one, a 10/22 and replace it with a Anshutz target rifle. Im not sure if Im going to do it in one transaction at a RFD, or sell the 10/22 privatley then buy the target rifle at a later date. when in the process do i apply for a 1-4-1 or do I even need to? TIA.
  7. Gents. Is there a list of sites ( or any?) where you can go and ring steel as a guest out from say 300yards Im and NRA member and have my certification card, as wll as being a member of another Full bore club.
  8. Just got this from the NRA. We are delighted to confirm the following:- Ranges From 4th July, all NSC ranges will be open for affiliated club and member bookings, Wednesday to Sunday. Further details below. Competitions A busy programme of competitions, including the autumn NRA Imperial Meeting, runs from 26th August to 25th October. Further details below. Ammunition Sales and Rifle Hire From 4th July, the armoury is open for ammunition sales and rifle hire, Wednesday to Sunday. Contact the armoury armoury@nra.org.uk or 01483 797777 extn. 134 Training and Assessment Courses Commence from Saturday 1st August. Further details below. National Clay Shooting Centre From 4th July, open for English and Olympic Skeet, DTL, and OT, Wednesday to Sunday. Contact info@nsc-clays.co.uk or 01483 797666 Clays Café From Friday 17th July, serving a limited menu with hot and cold beverages, open Friday to Sunday. Accommodation and Camping From Thursday 16th July; online bookings open Monday 13th July via https://nra.campmanager.com/CheckAvailability.asp?URL=CheckAvailability.asp NRA Offices 0830 to 1700 Monday to Friday; telephone 01483 797777 Ranges The relaxation of some of the restrictions put in place by the Government to combat COVID-19 will allow us to edge a little closer to normality in our procedures, but more importantly we will be able to open additional ranges and practice other disciplines. This will, however, require some adjustment to the way in which we are manning the ranges: The NSC supervision on the ranges will be reduced from the 4th July 2020. Range Safety staff will be visiting each range regularly but there will not be anyone encamped on the range, as in recent weeks. In an attempt to protect staff and customers we will continue to minimise the footfall through the range office. Lane allocation will be displayed at key points around the complex and radios will be provided in each area. If you have a problem please call the range office on the radio provided or 01483 797777 Ext 152. The range staff will respond. - Rifle hire will resume but must be pre-booked and prepaid. - Firearms and ammunition can be collected at the range office window The additional facilities available are: Melville Range with restrictions on targets available at 25m. Cheylesmore Range using alternate targets Manual targets with markers on Century, Stickledown and Short Siberia McQueen Castles on Century only For the time being the Zero Range will continue to encompass Winans Bay B; this will be reviewed in a few weeks once the demand has become clear. Payment for and use of the Zero Range will revert to the normal procedure w/c 4th July. Zeroing Targets will be available at the range office window for £5.00 from the 4th July. The opening of additional facilities and the return of services such as firearm hire are very welcome milestones but we ask that you bear in mind that the Range Services Team is not at full strength at the moment, with many of the team helping out in unfamiliar areas. There are procedures for each range; please take the time to look at them prior to arriving at the National Shooting Centre. They do provide additional detail that you will need for an enjoyable visit to Bisley and can be found at https://nra.org.uk/coronavirus-update-4th-july-range-booking-procedures-and-risk-assessments/ Competitions In light of the opening of accommodation, caravan sites and hospitality in early July, and following positive responses to surveys, we will now press on with launching the revised programme of late summer and autumn competitions. We are working up COVID-secure protocols for each event and will publish details well in advance. The safety of all competitors, visitors, range officers and staff is uppermost in our minds. We are confident that if people follow the guidance, observe social distancing at all times and maintain good personal hygiene, these events will be safe and enjoyable for everyone. For Match Rifle, Civilian Service Rifle and Target Rifle, the respective Meetings will be designated ‘Imperial’ competitions; major prizes will be awarded including the Hopton (MR), individual and Methuen team match for CSR, and the Grand Aggregate, St George’s and HM Queen’s Prize for TR. The GB F Class Association (GBFCA) and NRA will stage a joint F-Class Meeting in early September – details to follow. For Gallery Rifle, the GR Nationals and Autumn Action will go ahead broadly as scheduled - some minor changes will be explained in forthcoming announcements. Target Shotgun shooters can look forward to their autumn festival in its regular position in early October, with the possible inclusion of the Cottesloe Heath Challenge. Classic & Historic shooters can look forward to the Trafalgar Meeting. A revised Handbook is nearing completion and will be published shortly. Details of each event will be released in the coming days and weeks, with entry forms to follow approximately 6 weeks before the start of each competition. The outline dates are: Match Rifle 26-31 August Civilian Service Rifle 3-6 September Gallery Rifle Nationals 5-6 September F Class 10-13 September Target Rifle 12-19 September Target Shotgun Festival 3-4 October Trafalgar 17-18 October Autumn Action Weekend 23-25 October Training We will resume training from 1 August, giving priority to those who had their training suspended in March. It will take a few days to work through the backlog so please be patient, but we will be in touch. We will add extra courses during the autumn to cater for pent-up demand for RSO, RCO and Club Instructor, both at Bisley and regionally, and re-schedule the Black Powder and Hand Loading courses where possible. We all share the responsibility for keeping safe and complying with COVID-19 guidance – please respect and maintain social distancing.
  9. martin_b

    How important is the Brass?

    I have thrown away my old mixed brass and ordered 100 new cases. Ill work with these. cheers Martin
  10. I'll have the dipper set please
  11. martin_b

    How important is the Brass?

    Thanks guy's, I have reloaded in the past not many about 50, but they all went bang and went in the general direction in which they were aimed. however this is part of the problem as Ive also been given some empty cases and Ive got no idea which have been fired X1 x2 x3... etc.. So after checking the price of new brass, I think I'll start off with 100 new PPU cases, bin all the old cases and then I have a known basline I can start from. c
  12. martin_b

    How important is the Brass?

    Ive been firing low end factory .223 Ammo from Magtech PPU GGG etc and Ive saved the cases. Im now ready to move DIY ammo but should I use the saved cases or buy some nice new shiny big name ones?
  13. martin_b

    300m Electronic @ Bisley

    yes I got the email from the NRA. Normality slowly returning, just open the bl**dy pubs!
  14. martin_b

    300m Electronic @ Bisley

    >I think you have had bad markers in the past. Have you only had NRA markers? Im afraid so, they have ranged from Ok to abismal. However the thing I really like about the electronics is the extra info you can get, speed and group size. Plus its simple to take a picture of the group. I understand you have vested interest in manual targets but they do seem a bit of an anachronism to me these days.

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