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  1. Nice to hear your daughter is showing interest and promise in this fantastic sport. I introduced my son (12) to my local club (Diggle) late last year, he was a little overwhelmed by it all at first and a bit apprehensive about taking part, especially as there's very few young shooters out there. But thankfully he now enters the F-class comps along with me, albeit in the F-MIL category at the moment which suits him down to the ground as we use a 6.5 Creedmore with a muzzle break so there's very little recoil. On his third comp he outshot me and that wasn't a fluke as he did it again at
  2. Hi Brillo, would you be interested in a px with my Vortex Viper HSLR 6-24 x 50 XLR, FFP? cash adjustment your way of course?
  3. I want to load up some 240gr GM hardcast RNFP for a 44 magnum underlever. It's got to reach out to 400yrd. Has anyone used H110 or viht N110 behind hard cast bullets, not jacketed? My normal load is 7.6-8gr viht n340 which is fantastic at shorter distances (<100yrd) but I don't think it would cut the mustard at 400yrd. Any thoughts on this one ? 🤔
  4. My .44Mag medium load: 7.6gr Viht N340 / GM Hardcast 240gr RN FP. Lovely in a Chiappa Alaskan Take-down
  5. I appreciate all of the above comments and most certainly will be trying the Berger 185 Juggernauts.........when they become available, but for the moment I'm going to stick with the 155gr Scenar-L which I've gathered some good results from so far. I achieve 3000fps+ from the 155's but this was at 46.8gr N140 and leaving noticeable ejector indents. A safe and accurate load for my Savage FTR seams to be somewhere around 44.5 - 45.0 of N140 with a speed of around 2910fps on the magneto speed so I'm going to stick with this for now and play around with it. However, even at this load wit
  6. I'm still pondering over the Lapua's as well, however the BC of the Scenar-L is not quite as good as the Nosler or Seirra, so my thoughts are on how efficient they are going to be over the distance. I could always wait until the Berger's are available 😀
  7. Seeing as there's no Berger 185gr Juggernaut's available in the UK at this moment in time, has anyone got any experience with either the Sierra Match King 175gr HPBT or, more interestingly, the Nosler 175gr Ultra High BC 'RDF' ? They're going to be used in a Savage model 12 FTR, 30" barrel, 1-12 twist.
  8. Hi, I can't quite make out with your pics; does the Dolphin stock have a rail underneath the fore-end ?
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