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If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

Aussie Foxer

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Hi guys,


after just gaining a few new permissions here in Victoria Australia, i am in the process of shopping for my first centrefire. What caiber rifle would you have if you were limited to one?


I have no experience of hand loading or shooting centrefires on a regular basis.


I want to move up as i'm sick of the crafty sods hanging out at 150 yards plus.


At the moment i'm using a .17HMR due to the size of my old permissions.


This caliber has served me well i might add.


Price isn't really an issue, buy once , cry once i say.


I would prefer to stick to factory ammo.


Any help would be much appreciated.




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Factory ammunition only? Not the exotics, then!

Depending on how far beyond 150yds the foxes are likely to be, then .223, .22-250 or .243 would seem sensible choices.

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.223 all day if only with factory ammo ,low recoil (so you see your hits) ,cheaper ammo than .22-250 very good barrel life if like to do some target work and also when you want to start to home load it's a easy caliber to load .

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.243 in the lamp, something smaller if using night vision (I use a .223 with 50gn bullet as I like to be able to take muntjac with that rifle should I need to)

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I have four different .223s and various bigger bangers incl 6x47L. I once owned a .22-250 but the extra bang just wasn't justified. The 6mms walk all over them at long range.


If I was starting out again, I'd get a .204 based on my experience with a mate's Tikka Varmint. Stonking accurate and you easily see hits through the scope. He knocked over three rabbits recently in five successive shots. Closest was 375yds and the two misses were so close, I don't know how the rabbits escaped. We were laughing away, very satisfying. Would have been five dead foxes for sure.

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Found it deadly accurate and very dependable. Has a wide range of loadings to take care of everything from long range corvid to foxes and munties. Barrels last a hell of a long time, looked after. Cheap to reload too which was the clincher for me.

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