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  1. SteveW

    Klinsky CZ452

    https://csw-online.co.uk/cz-stocks-21-c.asp Was just on the Hardy barrel site checking their UK distributors and found this.
  2. SteveW

    Klinsky CZ452

    Lol 😂 Anything you need Richy? Can you tell I’m bored 😀
  3. SteveW

    Klinsky CZ452

    Swillingtons certainly have at least been a stockist in the past, maybe worth a call. https://www.swillingtonshootingsupplies.co.uk/store/category/5/550/Klinsky-Stocks/ An Ebay ad also from Swillingtons. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Klinsky-Thumbhole-Stock-to-Fit-CZ-455-/133086473345 Mike at Brock and Norris as below in GM may have be able to help. https://www.gunmart.net/shooting-accessories/equipment/klinsky-tactical-stocks-for-cz-rimfire-rifles Mentioned “Livens” here, maybe worth a pm to DVS1 https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/cz455-queries.161522/ This one didn’t appear to sell on PW. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/387976-klinsky-tactical-thumbhole-stock/ Same stock here, not clear if it sold though. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/klinsky-stock-for-cz-452.3992373/ Advert from Ireland, it was withdrawn, maybe still available? https://www.adverts.ie/other-sports-fitness/cz-452-custom-rifle-stock/17423005 I’ll keep looking, could a 455 be modified?
  4. Plus two, Bradders used to be the go to guy for these, I miss him. Found these, HTH. https://bagnallandkirkwood.co.uk/product/grovtec-tactical-heavy-duty-push-button-rifle-sling-swivels
  5. Arrived today, pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
  6. Hi Re-Pete, Could I please relieve you of the 4 boxes of the 20. Cal. 39g BK bullets PM me with details of your preferred payment method. Let me know if you have any other .20 bullets coming up, similar weights? Cheers
  7. Hi Bob, Yes It's sold, good luck in your search.
  8. Great news, hope it serves you well . Thanks
  9. Hi Jay666d, Both still here, drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send over some photos to let you pick. Thanks
  10. Hi Barrelsniffer, Presently they are on hold, if that changes I will let you know. Thanks

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