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  1. David Hancock

    Bergara Premier Ridgeback

    Contact James Fowler on Facebook. He's at Ruag and wil advise
  2. David Hancock

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Del - I went to a Sauer Varmint 100 (from the Keeper package) in 20 inch barrel, 1 in 10 twist. Personally love it and the trust it has give back. I prefer the Sauer safety to the Howa.
  3. David Hancock

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    I invested in a Weihrauch HW 66 Jagd-Match. I rifle I absolutely love. Not cheap, but there again, I'm a brand tart / can afford certain things. I sold a "cheap crappy" Howa 1500 .223 for the 17H. My Howa shot bugholes. WHAT A MISTAKE. The .17H was quiet. Moderated very well. No recoil. No "feel". Shot into 1MOA with the ONLY available round out there pretty much - Hornady 17gn Vmax. I've never had a rifle that shot into 1 MOA. 0.3 to 0.7 perhaps but not 1MOA. I don't reload. I got suckered by the American bullshit. 50 rounds in, I sold it and went back to .223. Pissed me off as I like fast little pills. Cost me money but IMHO, it's not a 200 yard fox round through a windy valley perm. 17 Rem, 20 Tac, .204, .222 anything but .17H
  4. David Hancock

    Sako A11 Restoration

    For me, I do love a "classic" rifle. Lovely work. More !!
  5. David Hancock

    .223 mod questions

    PS - no marking on the barrel
  6. David Hancock

    .223 mod questions

    I love my Wildcat Evo on my Sauer .223 Varmint fluted barrel. The threading is perfect, Alison Green at Wildcat is a star, and the engineering quality is sublime and the suppression much better than a couple of other mods I've tried. Just a couple of thoughts
  7. David Hancock

    Sad news: Bradders.

    A man of character who always was true to his word. His passion and honesty will be missed.
  8. David Hancock

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    Soggy. Pleased I could help. I like Michael, Phil and David at The Country Store. Phil in particular, knows his rifles and reloading and I trust his for honest, pragmatic advice. They also have all the requisite cleaning rods, jags etc which the other shop I i use and like is Eastern Sporting in Great Baddow. Let me know how you like the S&B. Stalking at Hockwold on Friday with the 6.5cm. A rare day off !! All the best.
  9. David Hancock

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    Soggy. Give The Country Store a call. I recall seeing some the other day. Tel - 01223 837977
  10. David Hancock

    Cheap tactical scope

    As much as I love the team at Optics Warehouse for great advice and stunning service, IMHO, they blew from one scope to another in a short space of time. It was Vortex - which I find has a very finickity eye relief, then Athlon then Delta, now Rudolph. The lower price Athlons - great glass - have a very annoying habit of the windage turret moving - thus changing zero, which is why all my scopes now have locking turrets. A classic scope with great UK back up from Deben is the Hawke Sidewinder. Different mags, locking tactical turrets SFP and FFP and choice of rets. Worth checking out for your budget.
  11. David Hancock

    6.5 questions

    I have a Bergara B14HMR in 6.5cm which smoooooooooothly shoots Hornady 143 ELD-X into 0.4MOA. My Mike Norris datum load with 142smk's puts the pills through the same hole. £1045 rifle. Job done.
  12. David Hancock

    Advice wanted

    I have a CZ. It is stunning and honestly the bolt and action is better than my last Anschutz. If looking at new, then the new Tikka at £450 is one hell of a great rifle. Other than that look at Gun trader. .22's are ten a penny.
  13. David Hancock

    Minox ZP 5-25

    I seriously looked at buying this scope but could not get the reticle I liked so I bought a Tract Toric instead. Both the scope and the customer service from CEO Jon LaCorte in the US is stunning. Check out Tract Optics.
  14. David Hancock

    Howa Replacement Barrel??

    "For the price of a Howa barrelled action, throw it away and buy a new one" Yep !

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