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  1. Very hard to things like these in the air now, so many restrictions, i work a few friends in Germany and enjoy keeping my hand in with my rusty German bob. ps: the one on the right is my old antenna thats coming down as planning restrictions and the fact that it does not fit in with the local environment another hobby spoiled by tree huggers and nut eaters.
  2. Hi steve, GreenFields i have been told are not doing transfers at this time ?? Spoke to billy a while back, and only open for click and collect, I have found a rfd who will do it, but William (scallopdiver)may have changed his mind now, bob.
  3. 22 lr set up, £110 collected 6mmbr stays the same collected as does the powder, collected. cheers bob.
  4. Nice one lads, well done on the pass as well, welcome to a great hobby. gb2hcc at highclere castle, and my mobile set up a few years back.
  5. Hi Ian yet another nail in the coffin of the sport, it really is sad times when this is happening, I am not sure if wiltshire are looking at doing the same, so in one sense i am glad its all in the past for me sir. keep well and regards to the good lady. bob.
  6. William. if you are going to make comments then do so correctly, the only rfd open at the time was a rip off, he wanted £55 per item entered into his books for transfer to another rfd in Ireland.(almost as bad as buying a pup) £55 for the rifle £55 for the mod, and he was not into sending loose items like the dies etc, so you offered to have the other items collected by a courier, not a problem. at that time the rifle and bits where set at £750, collected, you offered me £800 for the lot, so apart from not being able to get to the rfd in question (covid 19 ) you exp
  7. bump. hoping that some one will collect it when we can re: civid 19. thank you bob.
  8. last and final price drops. plenty of time left on the ticket so it can stay a while before GT, thanks and keep safe bob.
  9. I will try and get it done some time this week as said I am unsure who done the bedding, it shoots better than I can anywho 👍
  10. Hi Gary All barrel work and bead blasting was done By Neil Mckillop (mckillop engineering) pacnor barrel, and his work is top notch. not sure if Neil done the bedding ( I think it may have been another smith, its been done very well) HTH. bob.
  11. Final price drops lads. still sat here looking for a new home. thanks and keep safe bob.
  12. here you go. i only had the rifle a few days when it just fell off, i drilled and pinned it with a 2mm drill and metal pins and a hard bonding compound, it has never moved since it was done, its the section below the safety. thank you regards and keep safe bob.
  13. sorry lads. if you want it shipping then there are extra costs this is silly money for a cracking 6mm br rifle that shoots like you know it will when built by Neil Mc.and i am NOT covering the RFD costs out of the asking price. there are enough extras to cover than 2 fold, the 22 lr set up is also cheap so the same applies. the prices shown have always been for collection ONLY when we are allowed too. i am also finding that some RFD’s are click and collect only so finding one that would ship them is not easy, and is it a MUST do job. thanks bob.
  14. LAST BITS, AND ONLY FOR SALE DUE TO I’LL HEALTH SO NO LONGER SHOOTING.Tikka 595 in 6mm br, LESS THAN 800 SHOTS,20” bead blasted barrel with invisible thread protector.1/9 twist with 1/2” UNF thread1 x 3 shot poly mag1 x steel 5 shot mag, feeds fine from both mags,Cleaning rodBore snakeRedding 3 die set almost new with light use,50 new lapua brass (boxed)Almost new Aimzonic moderatorSemi ridged Rifle slip (sako)6mm br CTS case trimmer.6mm br powder funnel.Fully bedded walnut stock, that has a little repair done to it but has no effect on the rifle or stocks performanceRifle shoots like you want
  15. Leaving shooting and up for collection, 6lb of benchmark all the same batch, £200 collection only, thanks bob.
  16. Almost all gone as leaving shooting due to health issues, 6LB Benchmark all the same batch, just £200 collected.no offers. A £100 SAVING ? used in my 20 tac as follows. 23 gr.under a 40/39 gr pill cci 400 primer==== dead fox well a dead anything i pointed at.500 x6mm/.243 70gr sierra blitzkings £150 posted.all the same batch and still unopened. Or £140 collected. Tikka 595 in 6mm br built by neil mckillop so you know it shoots, 20” bead blasted barrel with invisible thread protector. 1/9 twist with 1/2” UNF thread 1 x 3 shot poly mag 1 x 5 shot steel mag 6mm funnel.
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