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  1. Apologies, Thanks for asking BUT I am not splitting these its the lot in a one’r, £700 rifle and bits, with £100 for the 2 cabinets if sold to the same person, bob.
  2. Thank you, the 20 tac owner’s ( well all 3 who had one from me) are still happy, as you say its a buyers market, i do think this is a steel at this price, if you take off the prices for the extras the rifles is very very cheap. bob.
  3. Well we have to keep trying, really can’t understand why its not sold ? anyway i have plenty of time, bob.
  4. Everything for £750, there is also a cleaning kit, and a bore snake, i have found as well, and a 20 cal bore snake if you want it, bob.
  5. JUST £700 collected,the lot. or plus rfd costs, but unsure how soon that would be, for the person who collects it there is a Bratton sound 7 shotgun cabinet and a medium sized well use digital ammo safe as part of the deal for £100 extra, the cabinet is not off the wall yet as its still got the 6mm br in it but it will be ready thanks bob.
  6. I used 70 gr noslers for everything from black winged rats to munty roe and fox, the rifle never missed a beat, sadly i did on a couple of occasions but lets not go there, a sad day when you have to stop but....it comes to us all at some point. regards bob.
  7. Cheers bud, No worries, I have placed it for sale at £700 collection only now for everything related to the rifle and there is 3 years left on my ticket, so its got a fare bit of time left, and will not be let go for any less. and it can be paid for and left here until the buyer collect is. strange how its still here ? bob
  8. Thank You. It is a nice rifle and a great caliber I just wish i could move it on, i just need it and the cabinet gone now, as even her in doors is thinking it will be here until i have it chopped up. bob.
  9. Nothing i can say bud, i love the br its a truly cracking round and if i was to have the ability to keep shooting it would be staying, crack on and enjoy, and keep safe bob.
  10. Graham, above is all thats leftmost the br and its mod with the bits mentioned and a 7 gun shotgun cabinet and a ammo safe, all gone to new homes and not a tear has been shed ??, i used a Bleiker that i think is now on. GT. and it was ok, a bit of a lump but it shot well. sorry i dont have anything to help you with. PS: i have now found a RFD that will that will ship them at cost and he said £30 per item that needs to be on ticket. regards bob.
  11. Just a cracking 6mm br rifle and mod still looking for a new home, dies, 50 new Papua brass case trimmer and cleaning rod and rifle case. silly money for a lot of rifle never mind the extras, thanks bob.
  12. 22 lr sold pending payment etc. no worries Jimmy: i could be down at the UNI next week will drop you a pm so you know. thanks bob.
  13. Powder has been sold to Jimmy, and will be dropped of as and when we are allowed to. bob.
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