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  1. LAST BITS, AND ONLY FOR SALE DUE TO I’LL HEALTH SO NO LONGER SHOOTING.Tikka 595 in 6mm br, LESS THAN 800 SHOTS,20” bead blasted barrel with invisible thread protector.1/9 twist with 1/2” UNF thread1 x 3 shot poly mag1 x steel 5 shot mag, feeds fine from both mags,Cleaning rodBore snakeRedding 3 die set almost new with light use,50 new lapua brass (boxed)Almost new Aimzonic moderatorSemi ridged Rifle slip (sako)6mm br CTS case trimmer.6mm br powder funnel.Fully bedded walnut stock, that has a little repair done to it but has no effect on the rifle or stocks performanceRifle shoots like you want to and is a nice compact stalking calibre for small deer, fox and vermin controlI prefer collection and C19 rules apply. sold as a package. For £800 the lot, Little 452/2e cz 22lr16” barrel Parker hale mod2 x 10 shot magazinesComes in nice used condition Hawke scope 4/12x50 illuminated red and green mil-dot with mountsSemi ridged rifle slipcollection only.NOW JUST £150 FOR THE LOT. 6lb of benchmark. £200. the lot many thanks bob.
  2. Leaving shooting and up for collection, 6lb of benchmark all the same batch, £200 collection only, thanks bob.
  3. Almost all gone as leaving shooting due to health issues, 6LB Benchmark all the same batch, just £200 collected.no offers. A £100 SAVING ? used in my 20 tac as follows. 23 gr.under a 40/39 gr pill cci 400 primer==== dead fox well a dead anything i pointed at.500 x6mm/.243 70gr sierra blitzkings £150 posted.all the same batch and still unopened. Or £140 collected. Tikka 595 in 6mm br built by neil mckillop so you know it shoots, 20” bead blasted barrel with invisible thread protector. 1/9 twist with 1/2” UNF thread 1 x 3 shot poly mag 1 x 5 shot steel mag 6mm funnel. Almost new Aimzonic moderator Fully bedded walnut stock, that has a little repair done to it but has no effect on the rifles performance Rifle shoots like you want to and is a nice compact stalking calibre for small deer. And foxing. ADDED AS OF THE 18/12/20 50 NEW LAPUA BRASS. REDDING 3 DIE SET, NECK FULL AND SEATING DIES LEE CASE TRIMMER SAKO RIFLE SLIP. Cleaning road and bore snake. WITH ABOVE ADDITIONS THE PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED, ALL NEEDS TO GO. I would prefer collection and C19 rules apply. sold as a package. £800 the lot, Tikka 595 in 20 tactical. Medium Varmint barrel.again built by NeilMckillop.and is a stunningly accurate rifle. Built by Neil Mckillop. So you know how well it will shoot. Bead blasted action barrel and bolt with signs of use. Barrel is 22” long, 1/2 “ UNF thread with protector. 2 x 3 shot poly magazine Right handed walnut stock in nice used condition. Aimzonic moderator in used condition, Superbly accurate calibre and a joy to use, Tikka rifle slip. Bore guide 20 CAL SATURN FUNNEL. Cleaning road and bore snake. NEW AND ADDED AS OF 18/12/20, 200 SIZED AND PREPPED 20 TAC BRASS READY FOR FIRE FORMING ( MADE FROM 223 BRASS) REDDING 3 DIES SET IN 20 TACTICAL. FULL NECK AND SEATING, REDDING 20 TACTICAL BODY DIE REDDING 20 TACTICAL CASE FORMING DIE WITH THESE ADDITIONS THE PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED. collection only and C19 rules will be observed at all times. sold as a package. £900 the lot Last Of the rifles,, Cz 452/2e .22lr 16 barrel parker hale mod: 2 x 10 shot steel mags, hawke 4/12x50 ir scope and mounts rifleslip and ready to go for just £200. Collection only C 19 rules apply. thanks everybody for you’r good wishes bob.
  4. 201 NEW DAKOTA 20 TAC BRASS,101 in a 100 round mtm box, and 100 more in the bag they came in from reloading solutions.£210 POSTED. No offersBob. ps: uk mainland only.
  5. Bullets are now just 700 for £160 posted the Dakota brass is for sale with the 20 tac now to give the potential buyer a good starting point. bob.
  6. sadly bud it was bit of a smack in the gob for me too, wrong time to try and sell stuff, but thats life, i have 5 years to sell them ? all the scopes and nv/thermal gear has gone so just a cabinet full of naked rifles. keep safe bud. bob.
  7. Hi bob ill let you know, i have a chap who may be interested in the ammo with the rifle mod an dies, bob.
  8. I am looking at breaking down the above thanks bob.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their kind words in the pm, i have placed the rifles and mods on sale on GT as not much interest here and on other sites, keep safe all. regards and thanks bob.
  10. Hi Martin i cut the nozzle in half using the hose to connect both ends with jubilee clips. bob.

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