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  1. rsc1960

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    I have to agree, i have no problems with the people getting into the hobby, but i do have a problem with OFCOM, they could not run a bath never mind anything else, i too had to do the REA and the Morse test, but it does not mean i am better than anyone else on the bands, what i am unhappy about is the way its being run, i was on 20 mtrs the other and was listening to 3 radio users talking about one thing and another, then a M3 called in, he was at first ignored but he got in in the end, when he had his radio report and QSO with 2 of the ops he left the freq, and then they all moaned about the amount of call signs coming form The whole of the uk? Not just england.saying its getting beyond a joke with the call signs being issued in the UK as a whole, I wish a new controller would come along, reinstate a license fee and get it back under control and with some kind of similarity to weather it was, IMO: the internet and phones are NOT the cause of the death of radio MORE SO OFCOM and their lack of commitment to the hobby, bob. ,
  2. rsc1960

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    Yes to both: i have been here before, i have letters from both the old neighbours and the latest ones who have been here for 5 years, but it seems the council have no record of their last visit, when I complained about how close the new build street lights and trees they panted are to my house, i was told then that they will have to stay where they are as thats the positions they are on the planning documents from taylor wimpy ?? anyhow, its all over nothing as the tower comes down to just 12 feet and as said its been there for 9 years and has had bigger antennas on it than there is now.:) ill keep you posted, and ill still keep doing the hobby i love. 73 good dx and catch you further down the logbook bob.
  3. rsc1960

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    If that’s with regards to planning permission, its a miyth ? bob.
  4. rsc1960

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    Don’t worry to much about the tests and protocol, sadly if the radio / ofcom licensing keeps going the way it is, you will be able to pop to the local ALDI and just pick your amateur radio license up off the shelf. ofcom have no interest in it, no fee to be paid by the license holders why would they care, the UK has so many call signs and license levels for the UK we are becoming a laughing stock of the amateur radio world, And with planing restrictions that prevent you from having even a small mast in your garden or an antenna on the chimney without someone saying thats ok with us, to people not understanding what you do or even recognising what Amateurs radio research and development has brought to this world we live in. its a shame, i am about to have a visit from the council reference my antenna system that has been up for 9 years with no issues, but now there have been homes build behind my house where once there was non: its a problem to someone who has now placed in a complaint. bob. i still love the hobby and will keep going as long as i can, its fantastic fun, from chatting to a mate some 10/20 miles away to speaking to a contact all the way to Australia and even the international space station when you have permission, G0WYD
  5. Still needs a new home. bob.
  6. Still for sale : £100 collection with social distancing. or you can sort the fees for shipping it UK mainland only. thanks bob.
  7. Last try, £125 posted or £100 collected thank you bob.
  8. Ok lads needs to go. £130 Posted, or £110 collected. bob.
  9. This is the S model so longer than the standard for better noise reduction. Used on my now sold .243 and has had 150 to 200 shots max through it.really nice moderators and work very well, Thread is 1/2”/28 UNEF,and is in very nice used condition with no bad marks or dinks etc. Real bush is untouched as it was on a spotter barrel,No longer needed by me, and are on sale at around the £3++. Mark.Looking for £150 inc shipping from my rfd to yours. Or £130 collected.It’s on ticket as required by law so you will need a slot/ variation,Please: pm me with any questions.ThanksBob.
  10. rsc1960

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    Or just do it, i did a few years back, G0WYD, check out qrz.com bob
  11. Derek is a top chap.His kit is always spot on, and i too have a drone that has never had any zero holding issues. bob.
  12. If a bacs payment is ok sir. may i have the mag. thanks bob.

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