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  1. SWShooter

    The right choice

    The 17HMR cant shoot quietly ie subsonics .
  2. SWShooter

    New WT1 Thermal Rifle Scopes

    Are they made with ATN components ? they look very similar.
  3. SWShooter

    ATN mars gen 3

  4. SWShooter

    ATN mars gen 3

    I think the issue for some people would be the warranty , regardless of what you are told consumer law states the one you gave your cash to is the one who is responsible and that goods have to last a reasonable amount of time , there is no time limit , some and not many distributors allow warranty transfer and personally I`d want it in writing (email is sufficient) on such an item , ATN may say its got 12 months or what ever but I`d hate to have to post a G3 scope back and forth to the States due to ITAR regs - see long jail terms if you get it wrong. I don't know the quality of your G3 scope but from what Ive seen and read about ATN digital stuff its not as good as the Eastern European digital stuff , Russian tubes are also very good so you are up against that , also Russian /Pulsar G2+ scopes start around £1500 new with a 3 year warranty. Good Luck Anyway.
  5. SWShooter

    New Tikka T3X - !!!!

    It will have to be `kin amazing as I find my old model T3 SV faultless
  6. SWShooter

    Handing in a gun for destruction

    Your last paragraph confirms there's a big difference between an RFD and a gun/riflesmith.
  7. https://www.leupold.com/hunting-shooting/mounting-systems/qrw-mounting-systems/qrw-30mm-medium/
  8. SWShooter

    Holiday Cases

    You want tough ? not very stylish admittedly https://peliproducts.co.uk/products/cases.html?gclid=CP38m6SVvMwCFcsW0wodrr0FIg
  9. SWShooter

    Handing in a gun for destruction

    I do help out clients for free when it costs me next to nothing ...thats partly how I keep clients.
  10. SWShooter

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    The injured deer issue is being created buy criminals and if you know whos doing it you should help the Police address it ,trail cams can help, , with regards to your neighbouring shoot , it sounds like you either misunderstand how they are run or they have a very bad keeper , if the latter is correct then I doubt the shoot owner will keep him long , a good keeper hammers predators , its in his interest to do so , its also part of his job to minimise pheasants wandering off his estate through feeding in the right places and planting the right game crops. A well run shoot improves biodiversity be it through predator control or planting game crops/ increased field margins ,beetle banks etc, in general none shooting estates tend to offer less to biodiversity improvement. Theres a few big estate that run pheasant shoots not that far from you who do a lot for conservation http://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/10828773.Marlborough_landowner_wins_gold_award_for_conservation_work/
  11. SWShooter

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    Think your missing a trick there ,if your neighbour is releasing thousands of birds that wander onto your land you could sell the shooting on your land for a tidy sum , around £38 per pheasant is the going rate, its also wort noting that corvids are no friend of the Gamekeeper , he`ll keep their populations as low as he can.
  12. SWShooter

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    Its about keeping the balance , no right minded person wants to wipe out a species but as humans are constantly changing habitats and nature cant keep the balance without help , ie culling when areas get over populated and assisting in areas where species are underpopulated or even extinct, over population causes unhealthy species etc and under population causes a lack of genetic diversity. Also over population of a species can and does cause imbalance in other species , the badger and hedgehog are a good example. Without game and deer shooters conservation would suffer negatively as land would be farmed more intensively - see countryside stewardship schemes.
  13. SWShooter

    Handing in a gun for destruction

    I think it should be done as a good will gesture , particularly if youve done the chopping up for them.
  14. SWShooter

    Handing in a gun for destruction

    Makes sense to me. Thumbs up.

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