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  1. Finman

    Which boots ?

    It is a pity there isn't a good representation of Danner boots in the UK. Of all boots (other than the usual Meindl, Lundhags etc) they are the only ones that seem to fit the bill, yet no good if one can't get them...
  2. just a suggestion and apologies for being off-topic: might it be best if you added your shop's URL in your signature so it is easy to find? best wishes Finman
  3. Finman

    Which boots ?

    Penrith survival do lundhags and so did Tamarack, I haven't checked for a while, you get that with lundhags Best wishes Finman
  4. Finman

    Which boots ?

    I like lundhags...have two pairs (one for the summer and one for the winter) and they are superb. Had them 6 years and they still look new, despite S. Africa, N. Zealand, Scotland, wet, dry, snow, cold hot, you name it... I've even fished for trout wading with them. Waterproof, warm, comfortable and unparalleled service should anything go wrong. Not cheap, but cheap when you think how many other pairs I would have had to buy over that period of time... Best wishes Finman
  5. When one runs out of ammo, one wishes for a knife...hard to make shelter, light a fire, skin an animal, make a trap with a rifle BW Finman
  6. I have the svord peasant for the last 3 years living in my hunting trousers pocket, whether I'm beating, walking the dogs, hunting, shooting, used in any weather condition, for any task and not kept particularly well. It is still without a spot of rust, and sharper than I would like to admit (being an admirer of stainless steel knives...). True, carbon knives may patina and will need a good wipe after being used, but that's it...It will take a lot of neglect for any knive to rust, and, if I'm to be honest, if you are to neglect a knife that badly, then it is your fault . There's a lot of hype about carbon steel knives, but it has to be said that they are easy to sharpen, useful in the field and not as easy to rust as most people think. My next knife will be either the Anza Boddington or the Svord 1990NZ2 (or both ) best wishes, Finman
  7. In my opinion and limited experience a serrated edge is an anathema...useful only for a handful of tasks and impossible to maintain. Any knife should obey two principles in my book: fit for the task it's meant for and easy to maintain/restore. But, as the present discussion proves, we all have a different idea of what is the 'perfect' bushcraft knife. Forgetting perhaps that in a bushcrafter's pack, there's a saw and an axe. Do let us know how it behaves over time BD, it would be useful to know how it stood up to the tests. Were it me, I would have chosen the similar knife from Svord: as cheap, easy to maintain, rugged and with a similar blade. Best wishes Finman
  8. Heinnie Haynes is the most reputable Internet shop for knives. Great service and fair prices. Good luck!! Finmsn
  9. The best knife for reasonable money is the F1 or, if you want something bigger, go for the S1. Alternatively, the Svord DPH is an excellent knife with an easy to care for blade and can take serious abuse without you worrying that it would break or that you may scratch the surface (http://www.heinnie.com/Knives/Svord-Knives/Drop-Point-Hunter/p-92-695-6773/). I would thoroughly recommend you spend sometime looking through the Heinie Haynes website as they have every knife conceivable and at all prices. No, I am not working for them, but their range of knives and their service make it the natural choice when buying a knife (unless you can find something second hand...) good luck Finman
  10. No, you DEFINITELY need to get out of Cumbria more or I'll tell the 'one with the brains' to be more drastic in the central nervous system interventions next time :)
  11. You should get out of Cumbria more
  12. You lot are sick!! There me thinking that this would spark some genuine interest FOR THE RIGHT REASONS
  13. Hi there chaps, saw this today and was impressed! This boy has serious knife skills and some interesting approaches to boning a shoulder. enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xijmge8_NJw&feature=watch-vrec best wishes, Finman
  14. ok, here's mine: Sako 75 I Varmint in .204Ruger (A5 McMillan stock) Tikka M590, Border Barrel, 6mmBR Sako L691 LH, PacNor select match barrel, McMillan Sako Hunter stock (technically not a varmint rifle, but it took a lot of warthogs which are considered vermin in SA )
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