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  1. The flash hole looks enlarged as well, unless it’s an optical illusion. Have you reamed out the flash hole, or has that occurred during firing?
  2. Richard Utting did a comparison with the IOR offerings and felt it was a step down in some regards, (if I remember correctly) take a look.
  3. I think you could find one, without too much problem, finding one with the reticle you want might not be so easy. One of the best long range scopes, great optics and very, very reliable.
  4. I’ve got 2 MDT aluminium 2.5”, 5 slot rails. Both new, one in sealed packaging. £30 posted
  5. 87gr Vmax, £34/box .+ postage at cost. 5 boxes available NOW SOLD
  6. 105 Amax £37.50/box + postage at cost. 5 boxes available
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