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  1. and I hope you’ve filled your profile in.......
  2. What’s the chambering? I can’t make it out from the photos.
  3. Woodlander

    Remington clone

    Hi David, all good here. At the moment it’s a Remington with a Benchmark barrel, which shoots surprisingly well, but it’s not what I’d call smooth and I hate the bolt release plus a few other things about the action. I've heard good things about Bergara and their barrels, if it’s doing 1/4 at 300 yds, I wouldn’t change a thing.
  4. Woodlander

    Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud

    I have an original plastic one you can have to tide you over, til you find a metal replacement.
  5. Woodlander


    Only just seen this, best wishes to you, Pete and I hope it’s a good un.
  6. The EBR-7 reticle, with its centre dot is a big improvement over the EBR-2 with its open centre, couldn’t get on with that.
  7. Woodlander

    Changing my hunting load

    How many deer are you shooting a year? Surely it’s worth sticking with what you know works Would the cost in time and components not outweigh the cost of your present load?
  8. Could I also have the .22-30 Satern powder funnel.
  9. Could I have the Satern .20 cal .223 Lapua brass (if it’s 100 cases) and first dibs on the Bushnell XRS, would need more info and photos Thanks
  10. Are there any bushings included?
  11. Would swap for a lower mount, 34mm tube.
  12. Spuhr mount, 34mm tube dia, 38mm high, 6 mil/20.5 MOA cant. Excellent condition, no box, wedge etc. Too high for me. £250

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