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  1. Woodlander

    204 Ruger

    Shouldn’t be difficult to get 3700+ with 32gr bullets. Vhit n130 would be my choice for that weight, though a 1:10, shooting 39gr Blitzking is a better option IMO.
  2. Woodlander

    204 Ruger

    Sako 75, stainless/laminate. 24” 1:10, with 26.1 of N135, 39BKs and Fed 205s, it’s superbly accurate and sweet to shoot. I haven’t stretched it much past 300, but plan to do so soon.
  3. You said these, how many muscle cars do you have.....?!
  4. You have to state a price
  5. How much are you asking?
  6. I’ll take it please. pm me your payment details thanks
  7. £70 is a real bargain, don’t be so mean 😀
  8. Woodlander

    Canine companions

    This is Peaches, she was bought for the kids, but definitely mine now. Loves rabbits
  9. Woodlander

    new member

    Welcome aboard
  10. There’s some on SD, it’s a beauty
  11. Woodlander


    I have to agree with your last point, completely unnecessary and thoughtless.
  12. Woodlander

    Spuhr direct to receiver mount

    That looks good, Scotch, although I can see the issue with a one piece mount, on the Tikka. Mine’s a T3 in 6br, so maybe ok. one problem I can foresee is little room for adjusting the scope back and forward, I find S&B have minimal eye relief and, unlike using a rail, the mount can only be positioned as far forward as it will go. Maybe rail mounting is the way to go, after all. Cheers
  13. Has anyone any experience with the Spuhr unimount, direct to T3 dovetail? Seems like a good solution for mounting the scope as low as possible. I’ve read where milling of the ejection port is needed, to ensure 100% ejection, at least on larger calibres.

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