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  1. Woodlander

    Rekon Arca-Swiss to Picatinny adapter

    I bought the Rekon, looks good quality and won’t add too much weight to the rifle.
  2. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Previously, they were £50, I think. Best speak to Dave and confirm.
  3. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Baldie has made a new batch, so I’m swapping the HRD Gear kit for one of his. A 5 round was my preferred option, didn’t want too much sticking out the bottom. It’ll be a couple of weeks till I can try it out, rifle still needs to go to proof and then a paint job.
  4. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Now sorted
  5. Woodlander

    new member

  6. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Brilliant, I didn’t know they made them with metal feed lips, thought they only had plastic, which left no chance of adjustment if feed wasn’t perfect. cheers, Scotch.
  7. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Hi Lee. Got excited and bought one from Sporting Services, without reading the description properly:( received it yesterday. Thanks for that Scotch, I’ll email Steve now. Cheers all
  8. Woodlander

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Still looking.
  9. Woodlander

    Picatinny to tripod adapter

    Thanks Marine, I bought the Rekon adapter. The Bolthorn stock has a couple of rails up front, even the rearmost is a little farther forward than is ideal, but I have a very sturdy ball head that should hold it steady.
  10. Woodlander

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    I’ve only ever used HV ammo and 4 different types, but the problem seems to be getting worse, although since new, it’s rarely got through a magazine without a jam. I’ll try and check the ‘headspace’ and give it a clean and a spot of oil. Thanks again Andrew, don’t think binary triggers are available here, must be a hoot. Paul
  11. Woodlander

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    The biggest case I fl size is the 6br, so don’t need anything too heavy duty and really like the ability to quickly swap between seating and sizing and also calibres. I’d miss that if I changed.
  12. Woodlander

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    Hi Andrew. Mostly the ejected case is trapped on the way out, leaving a live round chambered, which then has to be ejected before continuing. I was barely getting through 3 shots without it happening. I’m not the most diligent cleaner of rifles. Thanks Paul
  13. Woodlander

    New member

    Look forward to your contributions, welcome
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