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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. gunner

    Action deep clean

    Does anyone lube the trigger mech after this method?
  2. gunner

    17 Remington Fireball

    Np dodder , nice rifle Kadu , an ace lil caliber
  3. gunner

    Which boots ?

    My old post , just thought id mention i did get some eventually but went for "Scarpa Khumbug gtx " so far very comfortable sturdy / heavy duty ill report back in a year or so see how they fairing then .. Atb
  4. Hi all , For sale as iv the Leupold on order from us . This was purchased off a member here. Iv not even used it as this particular Rifle aint built yet . Sightron S-Tac 2-10x32 SFP HRR2 Reticule, 30mm tube 1/4 MOA adjustment. Non ir , capped tactical turrets . I paid 375 from memory , they have come down in price new so would like £260 including insured post UK only pls . Original box with all contents including Sightron scope caps front & rear .
  5. gunner

    Redding micrometer seating dies

    If you dont use the vld seater bit u could end up crushing the tips of your bullets slightly as they more pointier / longer etc . Iv know some people just strip there std seater and machine a deeper hole to allow the extra space needed for vlds - think this what your refer too ?
  6. gunner

    17 Remington Fireball

    Older thread, but just read the previous post - you are mistaken as iv never owned a S&B but iv had that before ppl thinking iv sold them something when its someone else on a different forum but same / similar name? atb Tim
  7. gunner

    Leica Calculator

    Not sure if its available, some of the old free calculator have long gone , i cant even remember the name of the 1 i used. Hornady one is still available i used a month back. atb
  8. gunner

    Permission letter/cards

    A card with some details Wouldn't hurt , containing what species and type of control you cater for . Fully insured etc , email , mobile , eg: E.Fudd Wabbit season etc lol And knock on doors and ask . if its yes or maybe hand them a card. If they slam the door in your face, open letter box and say something like : Thanks for your time your a wonderful human being - then get yer coat - about turn n carry on to the next one. Don't wear cammo when visiting, a good appearance does help.
  9. gunner

    Best blank?

    Yup too much time
  10. gunner

    Best blank?

    Seriously?? I think your all missing the point- poi that is !
  11. gunner

    Hand / bench primer .

    Yeah i hear ya , its just i can't help thinking when i learnt to reload the most important thing was uniformity - and carefully with a dial you get them spot on . Use what you prefer and suits you - atb guys
  12. gunner

    Hand / bench primer .

    Here is picture , looks like in thousands , you won't break this its proper hard steel, not zink / alloy mixed type soft cheese. Once set up after a few minutes its feel and use is better by far than cheaper types
  13. lol idk why i just thought of this - - it is early and i can't sleep - - You know these antarctic workers / scientist etc ? There's a miniscule chance they may meet a polar bear, but they still prepare / carry
  14. Call me , or it silly , but wanting to have a carry if i was in that shop id definitely want one if you could wind back time . Not being funny just my opinion. I know it could never be needed in your lifetime, and no one would even know you had one , but that saying - Better to have it and not need it - than Better to need it - and not have it

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