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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. gunner

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    Nice wheels , i like them claas tractor the 950/960 are big buggers , i help out at harvest on a farm with a claas 740 lexion on terra-trax but dont drive that lol im grain carting in an old mercades mb-trac 1100 . Love it . Wish i could drive something newer . Id been in my mates new holland T8 .390 its on of the biggest tractor iv seen . Claas are the old Renault manufacturer i believe
  2. Brilliant what more could one ask
  3. gunner

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Thats a bad ass rifle . Running in on the barrel and load testing will almost definitely tighten up things - enjoy
  4. gunner

    New toy Kahles K series

    Luvley jubley , that sounds like your well chuffed . Jees i thought 750 was a long way with a 75 grainer . Have u a stash of them 75 s ? Thought most had switched to TMKs . What sortof size groups u getting with the setup ? Nice looking rifle
  5. gunner

    Spaniel stolen

    It shouldn't just be theft but kidnapping - the scummy b#stards
  6. gunner

    Advice please on my bolt

    Im assuming you use lube on your bolt lugs , and ideally in the race ways as well just in case the race ways are the rough part ? Obviously you don't want it dripping in lube but you know ..
  7. gunner


    First outing the other weekend for 2020 , took the 6br was pretty windy . I hadn't realized id taken the wrong drop card . Hence i missed 2 crow initially then i sussed it . And each miss was high . Id got my chart for an older Hotter load . Strelok was giving wrong soloutions too . I only had one more shot on a crow that late afternoon 505y cant remember the adjusts id made may of been 7-8 moa elevation 1/2 for wind at that moment . This was with a new NXS 8-32 hs turret and shot was spot on . I didn't even see 1 magpie on the ground that afternoon , but seen a few flitter around . Perhaps we meet again .. Iv seen a family of young crow already strutting there stuff locally , seen a beautiful collerd dove yesterday picking twigs for nest building / i don't shoot dove btw . But it seems crow at least may be nest almost all year round with the fairly mild winters now? Hopefully this 3rd storm has passed and we can get on and try to do our bit helping the more vunerable birds during this season atb
  8. gunner

    chamber reamers

    Perfect thanks dave . Yeah i did think i would have to go thru me rfd . Atb
  9. gunner

    chamber reamers

    Hi gents , thread resurrect . Does anyone know a UK based company that manufacturer of bespoke reamers ?
  10. gunner

    Strelok pro

    Ok i just looked again and it was the bc said 530.000 not .530 like it should grr i may of not missed that one crow today lol
  11. Hi folks - Something has changed on strelok , for instance my 6br has 12.5 moa needed @600 yards from memory and an old range card . But when i calculate now its saying 8.46 moa - bizzar . Not sure if its g1/g7 switched . I have a new iphone so that may of changed something . Any thought or pointers welcome
  12. Could you possibly meet at say abergavenny ? Id like all the H4895 ?? Pm sent. - would pay a little more if you could meet ..
  13. Did they do a wood or laminate version ? If not and you want it sorted properly its finding a smith or stock maker that may have the inlet or they can copy the std inlet ? - one way or another it can be done . If you changed your profile to say what area you are someone may offer help or advice
  14. gunner

    6mm bullet choice

    Here hopefully shows the difference between the two 95 grain bullets / nosler & TMK !
  15. gunner

    6mm bullet choice

    Iv just received some Nosler 95 grain Btips (purple) to try in my 6br , if they shoot well this could be my go-to new bullet . Iv put them side by side to 95 TMK and there somewhat shorter with a lesser boat tail . But this could be a advantage to seat the bullet out further / nearer the lands . I struggled to get the 95 TMK to shot so sold them . I try and post a picture of the nosler nx to TMK . Then again iv not tested the 108 eld-m iv had for some time now . My shooting has dropped off the last couple of year so its now time to re-ignite the hunting bug , spring is close and im hopefully going to eradicate many corvids.

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