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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. gunner

    Hornady 6mm Arc

    Probable safer to go 6br , theres countless people own this caliber because of soo many good features about it . Altho a 6ppc will outshoot it under 300, above its 6br territory . They both hold world records . The 6br firing a 105 can be very accurate out to 6-7 plus - ask the crows iv shot lol.
  2. gunner

    Rounded Shoulders

    That a fl type S? I use nk type S and seperate fl body die by forster , assumed he was using the same nk type
  3. gunner

    Rounded Shoulders

    Your type S wont have expanding ball as im sure your aware . As pops and the instruction say u want to hear the tiniest rattle of that bush When its locked off ! You should get really great cases sized with runout less than 3 thou from experience. When you prepped the 5 more had you changed anything? Or used UN-anneal cases? But good that they are perfect now . I do like fixing problems lol
  4. gunner

    Wooden AI AW stocks

    If its some form of soft wood itl only take so much before it could get damaged, a hardwood on the other hand? If its airsoft "noverich" a very good airsoft sniper btw its in the cheaper end of the market material wise, ok for a remmy700 airsoft clone that weighs naff all as there made of alu and softer grade hollow metal barrels etc . I regularly watch on UT an uk sniper airsoft called Kicking Mustang, you would be surprised in his ghillie how close he gets to the oblivious enemy and able to knife them sometimes. They have a range of about 100 mtrs . Take a look you be impressed
  5. gunner


    Copper & lead samples iv described them as , but one day i did explain they were bullets / Not loaded ammunition and i was very aware of the laws on sending expanding at the time before the laws changed. They were target non expanding etc. The lady was fine .
  6. gunner

    Inexpensive Bottled Water

    Hi , gluv mentioned a plastic bottle, on a side note i use lurpac spreadable, but new ads on tv have now shown there butter in card unfoldable box - for that reason im changing to that . Yes i recycle but if we can all contribute something towards less plastic on this planet its a good thing - albiet small step - atb
  7. gunner

    Rounded Shoulders

    Agree with pops n ronin , do you normally anneal your brass or was this a new step in your prep ? Try sizing an un anneal case and compare ? It could be either or both. Atb
  8. gunner

    Long range scope

    Id try to look for something similar to what i managed to get ( i prefer nightforce ) a chap on here was selling a new 8-32 x56 zero stop / high speed turret , it was a replacement under warranty but they no longer made the 42x which he wanted , i got it for 1500 but it retail at 2300 from shops . A great scope at really great price . I do own a 5.5-22x56 a 2008 nsx too . They used to be the go to extreme scope manufacturer years ago but today theres many top manufacturer to choose - its a nice decision to make no ? Learn / study - choose
  9. gunner


    Nice to be different, it looks good. the leupold looks like on of there newer models , it sits nicely in proportion , but stone me leupold prices have bloddy rocketed over the years
  10. gunner

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    Nice wheels , i like them claas tractor the 950/960 are big buggers , i help out at harvest on a farm with a claas 740 lexion on terra-trax but dont drive that lol im grain carting in an old mercades mb-trac 1100 . Love it . Wish i could drive something newer . Id been in my mates new holland T8 .390 its on of the biggest tractor iv seen . Claas are the old Renault manufacturer i believe
  11. Brilliant what more could one ask
  12. gunner

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Thats a bad ass rifle . Running in on the barrel and load testing will almost definitely tighten up things - enjoy
  13. gunner

    New toy Kahles K series

    Luvley jubley , that sounds like your well chuffed . Jees i thought 750 was a long way with a 75 grainer . Have u a stash of them 75 s ? Thought most had switched to TMKs . What sortof size groups u getting with the setup ? Nice looking rifle
  14. gunner

    Spaniel stolen

    It shouldn't just be theft but kidnapping - the scummy b#stards
  15. gunner

    Advice please on my bolt

    Im assuming you use lube on your bolt lugs , and ideally in the race ways as well just in case the race ways are the rough part ? Obviously you don't want it dripping in lube but you know ..

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