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  1. Thanks for the pics, I’ll take the 870. Will send you an email.
  2. Could you send me some details and pics of the 870 please?
  3. Just went for max magazine length - and checked that there is no contact with the rifling. After the weekend I'll have time for some fine tuning.
  4. That makes a lot of sense, Hornady factory ammo goes at 2710 and my rifle seems to really like it. The velocity of the scenarios with 42.5 gr is about what I'm looking for, so I'll load another 150 of them, but the grouping and sd were disappointing. The lower weights with the hornadys shot better groups and sd. Will 2680fps see me supersonic at 1100?
  5. Hi, firstly sorry for the long post! I'm just starting out in rifle reloading, and need to choose a load for the comp at roundhouse nr bodmin next weekend. Yesterday I shot the test rounds over a magnetospeed chrono, I'd be very grateful for any help in choosing which one to load!! Rifle Specs: Howa 1500 24" with mod. Reloading: Rs62 powder, new starline large primer brass, bevelled, primer demurred and chamfered by hand. Run through a lyman m neck expander, primed (fiche large rifle), individually weighed powder drop and seated and crimped in lee dies on my dillon xl 650. oal 2
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