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  1. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    That was initial load development with n160 but just couldn’t get the velocity I wanted with it
  2. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Hi mate tikka t3 action 26” bartlein barrel ,rem varmint profile built by Alan Maughan manners t4a stock Norma brass,40 gn of rs62 for 3000 ft/sec was easiest rifle to load for I’ve ever had , n160,rs60 and rs62 all shot brilliant
  3. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    My favourite rifle above 6xc ,105 amax
  4. bigyin

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Very sad news RIP bradders
  5. bigyin

    Tubb ATR

    Nice one a great looking set up , i see brownells have 6xc Peterson l/p brass in stock and the s/p is due in if it’s of any interest 👍
  6. 6xc with 105 gr bullet does everything for me to the point it’s only calibre I’ve used in last 6 months
  7. bigyin

    Cheapest place for 6xc brass?

    Callum Ferguson was £122 /100 inc postage last time I bought some 👍
  8. bigyin

    6xc powder choice

    I’ve not had mine that long but started with n160 and the groups were tiny but velocity was a bit lacking now use rs60 and reached 3150 but backed off to a milder 3050 ft/sec to hopefully save barrel life bullets were 105 amax
  9. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    Last reply from me , the lad asked for advice and I told him what I’ve used successfully in probably 15 different shotguns since 1999 since lead shot was banned for wildfowl . So il continue to “fanny” about as you put it ?
  10. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    For larger steel shot (above 4mm) yes briley extended chokes are excellent , the bottom line is use what you want to use but il guarantee you won’t do any damage to modern gun . A company will cover there back and play is very safe for obvious reasons , I’ve got emails from a few different company’s confirming what I’ve said about chokes and shot size . Not looking for an argument just use what your happy with but il use what I no works best after shooting and pattern testing 100s of different steel loads , different cases ,powders wads etc etc
  11. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    You can put steel 4mm and under through any choke you like through a modern shotgun ,I've fired thousands and I use steel for all my shotgun shooting ? for driven duck steel no4 or no3 (3.25mm ,3.5mm) would be my first choice .if felt wads are a must you are obviously restricted but gamebore do a steel shot load with a felt wad
  12. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    You’ll need to use non toxic cartridges , steel shot is cheap and very good , fiochhi ,gamebore ,rc steel will all do the job

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