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  1. No probs Marty, pmd you
  2. Post has been updated as per forum rules.
  3. PM me if you are interested.
  4. Hi like I say open to offers on both sets., Looked online and only found 1 ad for the jls and they had sold at £85 😳 . As for the Hilver ones 🤷‍♂️.
  5. D Johnson

    Tikka Mounts

    Well spotted that man 👍 they are indeed Hilver Australian made mounts. I was gonna update the post tomorrow after spending a bit of time online tonight but you beat me too it. Hopefully someone will have a use for either of the sets. It was around 94-95 when they were bought to go on a 223 595 deluxe so easy to forget the details.
  6. D Johnson

    Tikka Mounts

    Hi All Having a clear out and just curious as to what value to put on these old mounts. Both are 1 inch and came off a M55 and a 595. One set are Warne QD and the other as per pic JLS. The latter set could in reality do with new screws as they have obviously been chewed up a bit overtime, any clue as to what to price them at would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. D Johnson


    Wouldn’t of fancied the postage from Texas anyway. Total scum hopefully they read this not that they will give a damn.
  8. D Johnson


    Hi Curious if anyone knows Jasonxx as he has just referred me to an email address ref my wanted ad for an FAC rated BSA R10!!! that was a g mail account too.
  9. Hi All Wondering if anyone is aware of a Uk supplier for MOA precision parts. Looking to do some work on a Stoeger M3000. Any info would be appreciated. cheers Dave
  10. D Johnson

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Ok let me know how you get on, Ive often thought of getting the existing stock reworked and possibly coated but part of me wants to keep it as it is due to it being virtually unmarked.
  11. D Johnson

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Hi I’ve owned this old 1427 since 2000 I was lucky enough to get it off a guy in Fort William for basically peanuts, his mrs had only ever used it as a single shot target rifle so all the mags were present and unused. I’ve often thought of upgrading the stock to something akin to some of the rimfires on this post, but options seem to be limited so if anyone has any idea of what might fit I’d be open to suggestions. Cheers
  12. D Johnson

    SIG 522 SWAT Trigger issue

    Hi Andrew Unfortunately it’s not been out of the cabinet lately due to work and the current events. I may well go the route as described by the burpster at some point. I do regret with hindsight not punting it back to the dealer the first time it did it. Anyway if and when it gets sorted I’ll post it in here. Cheers Dave

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