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  1. 6.5 shooter

    308 hunting loads

    Hi all, wondering if you have any good loads for 308 win with hunting type bullets that you are willing to share? I would like to try various different bullet weights for different purposes. The rifle is a sako 75 varmint with original 600mm barrel. thankyou
  2. 6.5 shooter

    Shoulder bumping

    Thanks for the replies guys! I have been doing that for a few reloads with the FL resizing die but im just conscious of working the brass alot. an issue I cane across was I had a dud primer and the powder did not ignite and the case obviously moved forward enough to jam the bullet in the lands. When I opened the bolt it pulled the case out but the bullet stayed put and I had powder everywhere! Not ideal! I think it was bumped 2 thou but maybe 1 thou will be enough. The calibre that this happened with was a 223.
  3. 6.5 shooter

    Shoulder bumping

    Hi all, up until now I have been solely a neck sizer but I want to bump the shoulders back a little. I have all redding type s competition die sets and the only way possible with these die sets to bump the shoulder back is to use the FL sizer die and adjust it accordingly but I dont want to size the body. I dont want to have to buy forster shoulder bump dies for all my calibres so im thinking I will have to get a machinist to ream the walls of my FL dies out a little? unless im missing something does anyone else have a different idea or how does everyone else carryout this task without full length sizing? thanks
  4. 6.5 shooter

    Atlas bipod

    Bipod now sold thankyou
  5. 6.5 shooter

    Atlas bipod

    Try now Sean, just cleared a few msgs to make room
  6. 6.5 shooter

    Atlas bipod

    Hi there, yes its still for sale.
  7. 6.5 shooter

    Atlas bipod

    Hi sorry i havent been online in a while,
  8. 6.5 shooter

    Atlas bipod

    Hi I have just been asked the same question via pm and I didnt know so I looked it up, I think its a bt10 quick detach version. Its not the prs type.
  9. Genuine atlas bipod with quick detatch mechanism for sale. pics on request. £200

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