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  1. Carbon Fibre Modular Evolution Bipod for sale, used but in excellent condition. Included is Medium Prone 8"-11" cant lock bipod. Extra Long sitting legs 22"-30". Adaptor to fit onto a tripod for standing shots. Had an Atlas and numerous Harris over the years, this proved better than all. As name implies its a modular unit so everything clicks together (no ball detents like Atlas).Selling as I use Bait and Wait method out of a vehicle and still have other bipod's for prone shooting.£320 not including the postage.
  2. andybrock

    Waterproof ammo wallet

    Anyone found a decent, no rattle, waterproof ammo wallet? I want one just to keep a few spare rounds in my jacket pocket. I’ve tried the MTM plastic wallet but the hinges soon give up! I currently use a normal canvas wallet which I put in a zip lock bag, it works but a faff! Any thing better?
  3. andybrock

    Jacket reproofing

    Funny you should mention that, I was reading about it this morning on the SD forum, as you say very good reports. I’ll get a bottle to try. cheers
  4. andybrock

    Jacket reproofing

    Thats all I found, they don’t seem to sell it. thanks for looking anyway.
  5. andybrock

    Jacket reproofing

    I’ve got an old ex army field jacket which is brilliant for shooting in and it’s always turned water....until now! On the label it says reproof with a product called Mystolene Mk9, I can’t find this anywhere so what would be the next best thing to use? either a spray on or wash in product doesn’t matter really. I know it’s not going to be brilliant at waterproofing just want it to turn a light shower really. Cheers
  6. andybrock

    Rifle sock / slip over cover

    Thanks Terry looks just the job.
  7. I’m after a rifle sock or cover that will slip over a scoped rifle easily but still be able to use the sling and it needs to roll up for pocket carry. Its just to cover the rifle when crossing roads while moving from field to field. Ive seen plenty of rifle storage socks but they are all enclosed, I need something similar but open the full length so it slips on but the sling is still usable any ideas?
  8. andybrock


    Ended up buying a Olight warrior x, not tried it in anger yet but it seems to be a well made torch.
  9. andybrock

    Waterproof Trousers

    Anyone got any suggestions for good waterproof trousers? I don’t mean over trousers just a pair that can be worn for shooting, walking or working in and preferably uninsulated (I like to be overly warm) Cheers
  10. andybrock

    Dried food meals

    Thanks for the replies chaps.
  11. andybrock


    With such a vast array of torches out there I was wondering what everyone carries these days? Im looking for fairly light weight Powered by single 18650 battery good tight beam, throwing a decent amount of light. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. andybrock

    Dried food meals

    What’s a good quality freeze dried food for hiking, or to take on a nights shooting, the kind you just add boiling water to? I tried a couple of meals from Go Outdoors and they were pretty awful really! I’m not expecting top quality cuisine just something tasty that can be quickly cooked. Thanks
  13. andybrock

    Wildlife camera > Phone

    Getting robbed or vandalised would be my biggest problem. I use cheap £50 cameras at the moment, even though it’s annoying when they do go it’s not too much of a financial loss, I’d be mighty pi55ed off if a £200 cam went! I’ll have to work out good camera vs cheap cam, travelling, time, etc
  14. andybrock

    Wildlife camera > Phone

    Thinking of upgrading my wildlife cameras simply to save time driving here there and everywhere checking them. Cameras that send pictures to your phone, a couple of questions. 1 Do they work simply off a “pay as you go” sim card and are they expensive to run? 2 Is there a range limit that they’ll send pictures? 3 Are they actually worth the extra money over standard cameras? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
  15. andybrock

    Summer Boots

    I’m after a pair of waterproof boots that aren’t too warm for summer early autumn shooting/ walking, a pair thats capable of walking through wet grass without getting pi55 wet through feet! Any suggestions?

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