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  1. I lately bought a Labradar - after, like the OP, having a particularly infuriating afternoon failing to record, or blatently misrecording, velocities from a painstakingly made up series of loads. Grrr. The non-rifle-attached Magnetospeed is a very elegant solution to the problem, and excellent if your rifle/s will accept the hardware - but for me the Labradar plonked beside the point ready to chrono without further messing about any rifles I happen to have with me seems handier. I wish I'd bought one ages ago!
  2. Dalua

    Where to buy NRA type targets

    Perhaps the OP was hoping for a steer to a retailer, rather than the manufacturer?
  3. Dalua

    New Tikka rimfire

    Only, I think, from the perspective of one with a marked degree of pedantry! You were testing different loads - which most people would agree could reasonably be described as 'load testing'. I don't see that it matters that the loads were manufactured by large-scale commercial undertakings rather than by you. ?
  4. Dalua

    New Tikka rimfire

    Is the point here not that the different types of ammuntion are in fact different loads - and that these different loads are being tested?
  5. That's what I meant, really. I think centrefire rifles for target-shooting in the UK (perhaps I should limit this comment to the 20th century?), until the invention of what we know today as 'Target Rifle' in the late '60s, were overwhelmingly military - hence the availability of target-type sights for those rifles.
  6. I'm not an expert in this area, but I suspect that the overwhelming majority of centre-fire target-shooting done in this country before the death of SRa and SRb in ?the late '60s would have been done with military rifles. I suspect that, because the point of the exercise was to improve civilian marksmanship with military weapons - just in case... This link might be useful with repsect to sights http://www.rifleman.org.uk/PH_Service_sights_Main.htm# Looking at some old Parker-Hale catalogues, .303 military rifles and centre-fire target-shooting are pretty much the synonymous until 7.62 starts to appear, and with it transitonal target-rifles such as the No4-actioned 7.62 T4 around 1970
  7. Sounds like an interesting project. Are there different classes within this 'Historic' category? If it is indeed 'Historic', I'd imagine that your choice of sight would be governed to a great extent by your choice of rifle. One would expect appropriate contemporary sights to be allowed which would generally be iron, whether open or aperture. There might also be classes for optical sights, as these existed well before 1955.
  8. Dalua

    Amazing group!

    It was perhaps just sleeping? They are nocturnal, after all.
  9. Perhaps not so much as a ballistic need fulfilled as a commercial opportunity identified and taken?
  10. Dalua

    bes thermal handheld spotter

    That's the one I bought last year, and the place I bought it from. It's a remarkable bit of kit.
  11. Wise words: and from one who knows whereof he speaks. Indeed it is too late to respond to the official consultation. It is not however too late to respond, by dropping a line to your MP, to the apparently-imminent appearance of this Bill before Parliament.
  12. To Phaedra: Sorry - should have been clearer - I didn't get that idea. My post wasn't adressed to you: it was addressed to everyone. Hence the lack of quotation and the inclusion of the resumé. initially I didn't email my MP - I went to see him in person. That will probably make no difference at all - just like the emails. However, if another dozen or so Gorton constituents went to see him it might? They probably won't - but that will not be for my lack of trying. Turns to the audience: do it. Do it now!
  13. Have you emailed your MP about it yet? If not, why not? If you have already emailed your MP about it, have you just now emailed again to express surprise that it's being apparently brought forward before the consultation results have been made public. Quick resumé: Ban rifles of kinds not known to be used in crime in the UK, for no clear reason. Interfere with sales of knives in a way that is superficially a good PR response to the last week's-worth of press coverage of violence in London, but is in fact unlikely to have the slightest impact on such behaviour in the future. Email your MP. Write clearly, concisely, coherently and NOW. It will probably take you less time to do that than to post on here that it won't affect you anyway, .50-cal are too big, MARS just waste ammuntion, and how you haven't noticed that every time a bit of firearms legislation gets passed, it gets closer to taking away your stuff.
  14. Dalua

    Home Office to change Doctors Fee agreement

    I'm not sure what the government thinks about shooters. In many ways it doesn't matter, because the implacable enemies of the public ownership of firearms in this country are demonstrably the Police and the Home Office. GP practices are certainly keen on increasing their income - but I don't think that the amount by which this measure will increase any particular practices' income is likely to be much of a bargaining chip. Apart from anything else, they'll actually have to do a bit of work for it.
  15. Dalua

    Home Office to change Doctors Fee agreement

    As far as I'm aware, the GPs are not initially being asked for any kind of report, but rather a brief statement or checklist, based on facts in their medical notes, confirming the absence of certain illnesses, and perhaps also of other overt causes of concern with repsect to firearms ownership. I'm not aware that anyone has yet made a case as to why this should suddenly have become necessary to safeguard the public, as AFAIK GPs have always been under obligation to advise the police of medical concerns with respect to lawful firearms owners. BASC rather rashly agreed to a system where any further reports required after the initial questionnaire would be chargeable by the medico to the applicant. Not a good decision, I think, for it seems to me that applicants have already paid their share of this process as laid down by statute (which, let us not forget, is not for the applicants' benefit - but rather for the benefit of the public as a whole). If the police and the HO think medical reports of various kinds are a proportionate solution to some public safety problem related to FAC/SGC applications, they should have the courage of their convictions and make a case to justify the necessity of the reports, and so get them funded from the public purse.

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