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  1. lee w 118

    6mmbr conversion kit

    No worries πŸ‘
  2. lee w 118

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Sporting services do magazine conversions for AW mags, not Aics, if you want Aics 4+1 conversion, you will have to contact Baldie on here or import the coversion yourself, Aics and Aw are two different mag kits, hope this clarifys , regards Lee
  3. You could ask Alan rhone , i had some recknagle flush cups to picattiny adapters. Nice bloke aswell πŸ‘
  4. Now paid mark i will pm you my address cheers Lee
  5. Good Man πŸ‘i will get the better half to ping your money later cheers Lee
  6. Mark is this sold to me or to some one else , just need to clarify
  7. lee w 118

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Hi there Woodlander, i brought my primal rights mag kits from Reloading international in the states, they cost $170 dollars and i was stung for Β£42 import tax in GB so not cheap. If your set up can run AW mags you can get the mag and kit from sporting services πŸ‘ simples, hope this helps , and less sticking out with Aw mag
  8. Alright Mark, can you pm me your bank details please LEE
  9. Sporting services Accuracy international πŸ‘
  10. Hi there is this the 6mm Br spacer if it is i will take it thanks Lee
  11. lee w 118

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    Scotch, just take your time doing it and it will work fine . My thinking obout using a short mag is less sticking out, and a lot less to snag on when your out using your stick.πŸ‘
  12. lee w 118

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    Alright Scotch, had it from the states.Had a hour yesterday with some 800 grit, its as smooth as glass 😁 .Got stung for duty but never mind. I can use AW and Aics in new action so i will give these awhirl and try 10 shot Aw only thing will be is i will have to change mag release catch for AW mag. With the Aics mag there is not a lot of protrusion out of the magwell so pleased with the end result , 😁
  13. lee w 118

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    Just had mag conversions delivered, top lips on mag are scratching the brass. As any one done sanding on steel to smooth out feed lip imperfections πŸ‘
  14. lee w 118

    Leica rangemaster crf 2700B

    Or 2000B cash waiting cheers LeeπŸ‘
  15. lee w 118

    22 dasher

    Thanks vince πŸ‘

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