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  1. There was a very similar thread on our (NZ) forum recently. Like this one, there were all sorts of suggestions but the reality with your very basic needs is that damn near anything will work long as you're not shooting up or down significant slopes, eg more than say 25 degrees. One reply in our local thread I identify with- the guy suggested one of the Aliexpress models, eg Sndway, which would be about 45 quid for you guys delivered. I use Leica Geovids for hunting and my gunsmith buddy Swaro RF binos. Both of us are also into PCPs and we each got a clone of the Sndways at that price I ga
  2. I must be getting close to the top of the waiting list but doubt I'll have it before Xmas. Those videos F-Class John put up about assembling it, etc are very useful.
  3. So what max distance are we talking about here? Near anything will work at sub 300yds but a deer at 600+ yds with flat featureless ground behind them is a very different story.
  4. I don't know how UK deer are different to ones here but I -levelled- three sika on Wednesday with three successive shots. Just the boring old 120 TTSX out of the 7-08. Used by truckloads of hunters here.
  5. Exactly what I'm using til the V4 arrives
  6. The critical starting point is the scale and I'm afraid to tell you that if you're serious, you need to suck it up and get a mag restoration force scale like the AnD 120i. All the cheap scales are strain gauge based and will often have drift and other issues. The throwing/ trickling isn't that involved, eg you can get a basic thrower and trickler and still end up with a perfect result. If you want the other extreme, put your name down on the waiting list for the V4 Auto Trickler. https://autotrickler.com/pages/autotrickler
  7. Chris-NZ


    I actually gave him some for his 6 Dasher Gary but he likes the 95 TMKs as they shoot waaay better. Agree about the red mist factor with that combo. I actually went to 75 VMaxs in my 6BR as the 87s just weren't coming apart adequately but the vel of a 6-284 is on another planet.
  8. Chris-NZ


    When comparing bullets of different calibres, it's more useful to state BCs, not simply the weight. It's an apples to apples situation rather than unnecessary confusion and potential controversy. As for 20s, it seems the 39 Blitzkings are about optimal for most factory guns. I don't own a 20 but have seen my buddy's in action extensively and it's pretty damn impressive on bunnies. However, like a std twist .22-250, they get murdered in decent wind. That's why we use 6mms for the long range stuff. He's still to do the final loads for his 6-284 and that should be mighty impressive waay out
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