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  1. Montey

    Grouping issues

    All the above plus check Parallex adjustment on the scope Parallex isn't there just to make the target look clearer
  2. If your a BASC member you should have had an email with a link to the Defra web site asking you to support option four basically leave well alone. I'm not going to go over the arguments for or against just trying to inform any one who might want to make the case for keeping the stalking industry alive in the uk.
  3. Montey


    Correction it does for me
  4. Montey


    Bob the Fox whisperer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i know you shoot a lot of fox Bob so what load are you using in the 204 ? And what velocity are you getting? Please if it's working for you then when I've got time I'll revisit the 204 with a 39g or 40g load and see what it does or me.
  5. Montey


    On second thoughts just get a 22-250 or 243 win job done it's what I also use for the longer range over 200 yards permissions.
  6. Montey


    I was using 32g rounds not 39g or 40g still wont convert me though !!
  7. Montey


    I totally agree Ben Group shown for the 204 100 yards with 8 shots speaks for itself in my opinion for the size of the group that bad at a hundred yards I wouldn't think of trying to hit anything at 300 or 400 or 500 Both my 233 shoot a near-perfect group with factory Ammo five shots one ragged whole 100 yards both built buy Mick at Dolphins On my old bate site I was away shooting foxes 100 210 yards with a 204 and I had the same problem with the shoulder shot
  8. Montey

    RPA rifles

    I had an interceptor in 243 it had one of the last boreder barel I sold it on on here and can honestly say I wish I hadn't as it was just so accurate. I sold it as I had a lighter custom dolphin rifle built but despite the dolphin rifle being really good and just as accurate and shooting exactly the same load using the 95g nosler tip with Vit550 and lap brass i some how mis that RPA !!
  9. Montey

    What scope for a Pard 007

    I thought these pards were ment to be as good as a drone Pro sure don't sound like it!!
  10. Montey

    A bad nights Foxing

    No ideer your always welcome to come Foxing in Kent a long trip I know for you but I might convince you that NV is the way to go!!
  11. Montey

    A bad nights Foxing

    If there's a lamp there's got to be a shadow basic Physics I gues light cant travel through a fox πŸ™ƒ
  12. Montey

    A bad nights Foxing

    No I deer Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you don't shoot using nightvision ? Casting my mind back to the days of lamping I do understand what you mean you do then get a shadow and that shadow appears different. On stubble I've now come to the conclusion it's two different factors factor one factory ammo factor two the new lightweight walk and stalk 223 rifle sits on top of the yolk of my bog pod sticks i've just ordered a pig saddle set up from Scott country as the stock of the new rifle will sit well Using this set up I'm hoping .
  13. Montey


    I've got a custom 204 Howa action Roger barel and stock fitted by RPA I simply won't recommend it over my pair of 223 the 233 has more off the shelf Ammo available is dead easy to reload for and in my personal experience kills foxes a lot better than the 204 I know there's going to be people on here that's going to argue with this but I'm just putting forward my personal experience. I really like the 204 as a go to for the long-range rabbit rifle 32 g bullets easy for 300 yards Bunnys.
  14. Montey

    A bad nights Foxing

    A brief update after using another box of bullets I can confirm that rifle and scope hadn't lost zero and at 200 yards off sticks I was very happy with the performance of My set up been out tonight two shots two dead Charlie's both were just over 100 yards. Definitely put this one down to factory ammo when I've got time I'll have to come up with a load.
  15. Montey

    A bad nights Foxing

    First thanks for all the advice i got out at the end of the day the new light rifle in 223 I'm using is shooting high off sticks. I set it up using my bench then tweaked it using a heavy bag on the bonet of my Land Rover The first fox i used it on was just over 200 yards and it dropped on the spot I then missed one on another piece of ground later that night because I overestimated the range and shot over the top of it. All a bit of a beginners mistake really should know better should've shot off the sticks first on the target before missing two and educating them. Yes Bob I'm using the thermal scope on the new rifle I can honestly say I didn't miss a fox when I had it on the heavy 223 and shot from a vehicle. I'm used to shooting off sticks with my 22 rim fire through to my 308 stalker but I've not seen a change in zero like this before! Although i used the same box of bullets all 53g Hornaday I'm going to run the next box over the Mag Neto it's from the same batch. Also considering using a small bag in the V of the sticks to absorb recoil obviously going to be a learning experience this. I will let you know how I get on as it might help others in the future. Just need the rain to stop.

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