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  1. My experience of RS70 is in my 300wsm Fclass open rifle its a duel base powder very sensitive to a change in temperature
  2. That's it I will type by hand and double read my posts as the last one didn't make much sense either and it's not even late at night !!
  3. My apologies it wasn't on this form into my run I'll be most grateful to the moderators if they remove those two embarrassing posts Yes sometimes it is hard work being me especially after a long day followed by a long night
  4. You where nightvision store is on this site I've said before I'll say it again if push comes to shove I will sponsor a proper vomiting site for no profit that means no charge for all your sponsors
  5. Just got in tonight three foxes down using the nightvision store invisible lazer on my Armasite Drone I've also used it on my Ward Digi scope wow I'm impressed it blows everything other elomanter away in every way and it's invisible! sounds like an advert when I read this back but I believe in sharing when I find something that really works already had one known problem fox down using this lazer that our keeper and I was struggling to get on using a normal AI the only problem I can see is why would I now use my thermal scope?
  6. My Sako fin fire mk1 really does shoot Elly or Wins very well only cci open up a small amount
  7. The Satterlee method works for me I've gone back over existing loads that I developed the long way round by checking the Satterlee method against them in 243win 308 stalking rifle 308 FTR rifle. The point being I arrived at the same load. my 300wsm open rifle came new with a lot of expensive load development already done for it as there were four rifles made all exactly the same spec for four Fclas open shooters. Two rifles shot very well but two of us had pressure problems I had all ready tested my rifle at home using the Satterlee method so I went to the next node down the pressure sca
  8. Plus one for the above from Pete Not going out because some thing unexpected might happen is quite simply ridiculous if we all live our lives like that life wouldn't become worth living.My 85 years old father sum it up when I asked him if he was positive he wanted to still go Phesant shooting this season. If I can't go what's there to live for and if I die during a drive keep shooting. There's a man that lives to shoot and was absolutely in earnest and means it !
  9. It was so bad at the Three days of competition that with a decent spotting Scope with the targets at half mast you could easily see that they were patched and left on from the day before so got wet and soggy over night! No wonder the complaints were coming thick and fast. The NRA need to invest in maintaining the frames or better still replace them with new ones pay and train markers so markers are rewarded a bonus system would be easy to work out.
  10. I've had the experience of according to the target at 1000 I wasn't even on target this using my FTR rig with a proven load I then asked if I could shoot into the sand I then proved my point that I was spot on to the RCO whoe I've shot with many times so I was aloud to switch to the next target lane only to record the best score ever on the Fclass target I don't believe the score! Pete statement sums it up completely. Thats it for me it's paper only with a proper compertant marker and yes I know how bad some markers can be I had a terrible time at this years three day comp shooting my us
  11. In my f class open rifle RS62 works well I tried RS70 but it's a duel base powder using nitro can be unstable in high temperature.Im shooting 215 high breds and it works and I'm not the only one finding it's the best. Good luck in your load development. And niel welcome to the wsm dark side ring me any time bud for a chat if you go that way.
  12. I have multiple makes of scope allhigh end and I still really reckon the Sytron they are excellent value for money. I used mine in the early days at Bisley at 1000yards no problems and excellent after sales service.
  13. Talking to our keeper today and in his dairy he shot a cub this day last year so wondering after a blank night tonight if any one is seeing any cubs as yet? not specifically out after cubs just any fox would do
  14. Pleased to say I found a number for one less Charly today so all will be well!!
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