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  1. Would it make a difference that there are two licence holders at the address both license holders shot gun and FAC does then mean 30kg can be held?
  2. Thanks for the reply I did not consider shot gun cartridges in the equation.
  3. Am I rite in thinking there is a limit to the amount of powder a person can legally store at home? Not black powder obviously.
  4. I've had one for three years I think , I've got two Drones as well Build quality is far superior on the Digi but there's a slight wight penalty The claim that it can be taken off and refitted without losing zero using a torch driver is abustley true amazing! I did up grade too the black sun which also works well with the Drones. I use it on my 243 with no problem but I keep it for long range Foxing using the range finder i hope this helps
  5. Montey

    New Rifle.

    Qualified?? speak to any one in the GB team and its Eric and Fclass John we watch and learn from put Speedy into that mix I'm hoping to take delivery of a speedy built rifle in 300wsm for Fclass open some time in the new year and I won't be running the barel in barel run in cant hurt but seems like a waste of my time and I've only got to go to my own two hundred yard range to do it takes me 5minutes to cross the road and set up!But I don't shoot factory Ammo in Fclass rifles so it's the time and use of components that I'm saving. i won't shoot a rifle in a league shoot un
  6. Montey

    New Rifle.

    Just watch Eric Cortina on YouTube barrell break in hall of fame shooter and world record holder ect enough said
  7. Talking to our keeper today and in his dairy he shot a cub this day last year so wondering after a blank night tonight if any one is seeing any cubs as yet? not specifically out after cubs just any fox would do
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