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  1. Talking to our keeper today and in his dairy he shot a cub this day last year so wondering after a blank night tonight if any one is seeing any cubs as yet? not specifically out after cubs just any fox would do
  2. Pleased to say I found a number for one less Charly today so all will be well!!
  3. Thanks this looks different from mine from the time when I did strip it on regular basis! I seem to rember Looking back to other posts Dave aka Baldi seems to have a hand in the development of the mod so could be of some help.
  4. Well I put my hands up and come clean I haven't stripped my excellent one less Charly mod for a very long time! Now I can't even rember which end comes off, I have a set of 308 bafels to try on it I just found today ,so I gues its the plate on the end furthest from the barrel crown? Also every thing is slightly seized up totally my fault lack of maintenance, I seem to remember Colin posting that he was no longer making this superb moderator any advice would be greatly received.
  5. Montey

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    I was advised to contact Kent police by a friend who is a serving officer who I shoot with I think it was good advice as it seems every county has its own policy ( we see this a lot don't we ) kent were really helpful and used the fraze common sense a lot I'm very impressed with the answers I got from both the main office and my local enquiry officer. Common sense dictates I'm more at risk riding a horse or using a chain saw both of which I do a lot of as part of my work.
  6. Montey

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    I spoke to Kent firearms straight away when the lockdown started and was told as long as I'm by myself and I had my permission slips with me I'm fine. I have been told in other counties that is not the case anybody heard different ?
  7. Montey

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    I hope that no flies were harmed in the making of that video! And perhaps if I don't mention the name of a really well-known shooting journalist who appears in a really well-known rifle magazine as well as the shooting show TV programme this post might get to stay up to.
  8. Montey

    Nv scopes

    I have a couple of Night masters 800 Surplus to requirements would be happy to sell one or both both are in excellent condition PM me if interested they work very well with digital night vision
  9. Montey

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Vit550'works very well in my 243win Dolphin Neska using 95g heads shoots very flat and no pressure signs then what do I know !!
  10. Montey

    Pulsar digiex n450

    Happy with the two Drones and The Ward digital plus the Ward Thermal mk2 Both the Drones have killed out too 300 yards although I consider this as far out as I ever want to shoot at night it's a proper measured 300 yards not imagined at night that's more than enough the Ward digi has killed at just short at 296yards all my long range kills I mark and measure the next day The thermal scope is very good at 240 that's as far as I've shot and killed it's still down to The stability of the shooting platform all the longshots have been from a truck. I have no doubt that as things move on there are better NV platforms available
  11. Montey

    Not Shooting is expensive..

    Time to work up a load for two 223 a 204 and the 22-250 happy days I keep telling myself
  12. Montey

    Pulsar digiex n450

    No I haven't looked through a Pard 008lrf / dark engine
  13. Montey

    Pulsar digiex n450

    In my opinion the order of Digital dedicated nightvision is this The Ward Digital with rangefinder The mark two Drone with ten times mag ( Best day light scope performance) The mark one Drone with the doubler The mark three Drone with fifteen times mag ( just narrowed the field of view too much ) The Pulser 870 The Ward sun ranger illuminator greatly improves all the above Or you can make a massive jump in money and buy a really good quality thermal scope.
  14. Montey

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    I'm still at it but not having the same experience as a few years ago when two or three of us would team up and drive round in one truck. I love my long barrelled dolphin built 223 with a drone one then drone two on top. Then I had a 22-250 the same speck built for the bigger flat fields I never felt happy with the caliber but have just shot one fox with it last week with the ward Digital nightvision set up on it,then started to use my 243 RPA shooting 95 grain Noslers very flat at 200 yards and hard hitting out to 300 yards and a hit on the fox was a dead fox.I sold the 243 on here and after replacing it with another Dolphin creation yet to put nightvision on itjust looking forward to have the time to try it with the ward digital scope this week as that's fitted with a range finder. But my main fox in rifle is a lightweight carbon barrel 223 yet again built by Dolphins I've had the Ward thermal scope on it but after some unexplained missing caused by shooter error I've just fitted it with a mark two drone.Shot a barren vixen with that off sticks yesterday. I'm missing the long distance rabiting diseases has ravaged the rabbit population on our farm and neighbouring farms but I have just been asked to control a large field which is full of rabbits so looking forward to that with that in mind I've pulled out the 204 this week I bought a box of Foikey 40g some time ago it loves them so that gives me a great start to work up a load from. It won't see any use on foxs as it's another heavy rifle. i find I've had enough by 1pm these days but being forced to take time off work means I mite have an all nighter this week. I too have not been posting much I got fed up of the negative response so have kept to the odd post on Fclass and reloading. Perhaps it's time for us varminters to take back our section of the forum with tasteful posts of course!!
  15. Montey

    F-Class 1000 yrd face size

    I've seen you shoot your fare share of vbulls and bulls No i deer !! persanally I don't see the value in trying to plot an inch as it were when you're trying to hit that vbul at 600 o 1200 yards just read the wind and take the shot don't hang around getting the shot fired and give the wind a chance to change make your mind up and shoot and no I'm not saying don't plot but plotting is a part of it plotting tells you if your load is working etc

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