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  1. I sold my 008 once i saw a friends wraith 4k mainly because of how stunning the day use seemed which was in a different league to my Pard ..... I still feel that night use is better as well with the wraith but this maybe due to a better contrast , screen size or even just being able to increase the mag by 0.1x rather than having to jump from 6.5x to 13x I was interested in seeing what the wraith was like against the Drone 15x using the Dragonfly on both .... Out to 250 yards or so they both seemed similar in seeing clearly any target but stretching them out to a 440 yard hedgerow the wrai
  2. eBay has lots of Arca ' Style ' rails and I've seen 250mm options . OSOK
  3. Bob, I don't have this model but two 12-52's which are very good and yes the standard does seem to have come along way with IOR in recent years . Greg
  4. Are you happy with what they made ? Greg
  5. Thank you for that offer .... My OCD is going to want them to be in the same material colour etc 😬 But thank you Greg
  6. Does anyone know of an after market press cover maker ? I have a few........ Co-ax , Ultra mag and Rock chucker that I'd like to cover over etc OSOK
  7. Mine was 31.5g of N133 with a Fed 205m and at that time I was using a 52g Barts match bullet .... This gave me approx 3,750 ft/sec OSOK
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