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  1. I think you'll find that when you get real world data the BC's of these 40g lumps of lead are between 0.132 and 0.142 give or take ..... and not the 0.176 . Like I said I'm happy your sorted with the scope and I was only trying to help with something I'd done rather than just read on the side of a box . OSOK
  2. I had one for a short while ... I was drawn into the dark side of FFP by the G2's 150 moa travel . The scopes problem was that at 30x both the bottom 20 plus moa and top 20 plus moa had a distinct difference in optical quality compared to the middle section which was as good as it gets . Due to this issue there was no gain over my Atacr or Terminator in elevation and they didn't have any change optically at the top and bottom of their travel . If your not buying it for 150 moa you will not be disappointed in it . OSOK
  3. Well unless your local range is at 15,000 ft .. or you have a 140 yard zero give or take for conditions on a 22lr I can't see how you would get subs to 400 yards with 60 moa but glad your sorted with the scope now 👍 OSOK
  4. Your going to need 70 to 75 moa of elevation to get to 400 yards which I'm guessing the Vortex doesn't have . There's a world of difference in shooting 400 yards compared to 300 yards with subs even in mild conditions ! Try shooting 400 yards with your 6-24 before you spend your money ..... It's not the amount of wind that gives you the problem but the very tiny changes that can't be seen that will put you off target . At 446 yards the wind on my 22 was similar to one of my 7mm's at 2,600 yards to give you a guide . OSOK
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