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  1. OSOK

    Optics and mount for .338 Lapua Magnum

    First or Second Focal is just a preference and carries no bearing on shooting these distances ..... Pick a scope that suits you and has a good range in Elevation AND Windage as at extreme range you will eat up Windage and people just seem to focus on elevation . The other Item is how to get back the loss of elevation that you'll have in getting a hundred yard zero which is approx 40-45% so a 20 moa rail won't work alone without 20 moa mounts as well working on a 100 moa scope give or take . OSOK
  2. OSOK

    22 lr scope

    Lee , If you download the Hawke App you can get drops for any of their ret's while being able to change the velocities and conditions etc ..... This would be more accurate than going off fixed drops which can't be right all year round ! Greg
  3. OSOK

    22 lr scope

    Using Eley Match at 1,080 ish .... Lapua Midas works well but 30 ft/sec down on the Eley which again adds up . Greg
  4. OSOK

    22 lr scope

    No , I bought the 6-24x56 IR with the SR Pro reticle which was very nice but then I had the desire to shoot out past 400 yards plus with subs as a bit of fun and the 62 moa just didn't cut it .... Hence it being up for sale on UKV . I'm using approx 102 moa to get to 500 yards on a fixed power SWFA 10x42 Greg
  5. OSOK

    22 lr scope

    Hi Lee , Hawke are good for the money and boxed up better than my Atacr or IOR's were ! Only downside for me was not enough elevation for what i needed . Greg
  6. OSOK

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    I have two 12-52's on 7mm's and they tick all the boxes for me ..... I sold my Atacr after getting the first one ! If i was being picky .... The 12-52 has only one ret choice which I find busy and they called it a Terminator 🤢 OSOK
  7. OSOK

    22lr at Distance

    What sort of groups are you getting Ewen ? Greg
  8. OSOK

    22lr at Distance

    Another problem in shooting the 22's at these ranges is target board widths as a 30 inch wide target giving + or - 15 inches at 442 yards is a very small window ..... something like a 1.5 mph switch and your off the board. I've tried shooting in a full value 10mph and it's so hard , I think i worked it out that it's the same as shooting a 180g Berger hybrid at 3100 ft/sec at a target 2,860 yards away..... give or take conditions etc...... 15 moa ish Greg
  9. OSOK

    22lr at Distance

    Yes mine is a pre-fit for the 455's ....... I have thought about a tuner but Im not convinced it would have any effect on the 30 ft/sec spread variations at 400 plus yards ? Greg
  10. OSOK

    22lr at Distance

    Hi Terry , Mine is a 455 but with a match trigger and Lilja barrel which shoots very well with Eley Edge & Midas however i cant find any make that gives great spreads ....... on the very rare occasion i may get ES's of slightly under 20 ft/sec over ten shots but mostly its around the 30 ft/sec . Regards Greg

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