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  1. VarmLR

    Cleaning advice (TAC A1)

    I have the same rifle. Zero rust anywhere. I just don't understand how others have issues....I have seen other chassis rifles (no names) corrode and whose finish is appalling but the TAC A1, as with my other Tikka rifle, is as good as the day I bought it. I run KG1 through and leave in 20 minutes before patching out, followed by Wipeout Tactical Advantage, then wipe the rifle with an oily rag after doing the chamber cleaning and bolt cleaning/lube. It gets stored for weeks at a time and is still pristine.
  2. VarmLR

    How important is the Brass?

    Be VERY careful with smaller cases like 223 that if changing brass you start from scratch and work up new load data. There is quite a variation in BOTH brass alloy malleability and internal case volume in 223, at least from my own studies. I recently had to drop one load a full grain due to differences in internal H2O volume due to different brass thickness between my outgoing brass and new brass of a different make. I've tried all sorts from Hornady, PPU, SAKO, Lapua, and several others but by far the best in terms of consistency and max nr reloads was Lapua. WELL worth the extra.
  3. VarmLR

    .223 load

    Try N133 and work up to 23.2gr. YOU NEED to use magnum primers NOT 20 thou cup thickness standard primers with 223. N133 works, IMHO, better than N140 with this bullet. I get 3100fps from 23.2gr. My initial load was 23.6 for incredible low ES/SD but it started blowing magnum primers and a check on BBT's internal Ballistics simulator showed this to be over-pressure (60KPSI) despite various load manuals showing it to be within safe loads, so be careful. As a separate note, hats off to "borbal" of this parish as his revised BBT seems now to be bang on with most of my loads (usually within 100fps or far better and my load ladders would correlate with BBT's upper recommended pressures) so I use it with confidence rather than keep having to bother RS for their QL data!
  4. VarmLR

    N150, I’ve been told

    Same here. Bought 200 once fired SAKO brass (another forum), and once fired my backside! Loose primer pockets on 3rd firing. Most though on here are honest people so it's disappointing to hear some have had issues. RE the powder...good result.
  5. VarmLR

    223 Rem longer range load

    Outstanding groups at 600 with that bullet. I use the 69TMK with 24.6gr N140/25gr RS50 and cannot get anywhere near that. 77Gr TMKs shoot into very similar group sizes for me though. I haven't yet tried the 69SMK but most I speak to much prefer it over the TMK as I've yet to meet anyone who likes that bullet!
  6. VarmLR

    CZ 527 Varmint

    Pillar bedded mine and devcon bedded the front. Lovely little action and one of my favourite rifles. Shoots 55gr (1/8 L-W barrel) to match accuracy and has become my main munty rifle with most shots at 200yds plus. Great fun on wabbits or cwows (Elmer accent) at 500yds!
  7. Forget accuracy out past 600 using 60gr....just not enough bullet nor oomph. You'll get the odd hit but it'll be blown all over the place. 69gr at 700yds was marginal when I tried them and that, for accuracy, was the extreme extent of it's range if by accurate you mean 2moa! 77gr TMKs much better if driven hard at 2800fps and they were a good 850yd bullet. 60gr should be fine to 500yds but velocity is starting to drop off very rapidly from them by then. N133 works well with 60gr at 22.6 to 23.2gr in my rifle. RS50 is very good for the 77's but your 1/9 might struggle to stabilise anything much over 69.
  8. VarmLR

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm reading a lot about using the Hornady ELD-X/M choices and surprisingly few comments for thr less expensive 140SST. I wonder why...is iot perception or just that people have naturally progressed to the more expensive slightly higher BC option? Personally, the accuracy I've achieved using the SST matches that of the 139 Scenar match bullets I've also used and providing you're not shooting within 100yds, they are not too explosive in expansion. I hear what some are saying about the .308 and larger cals V's 6.5 but looking on historical use, the Swede has been in use for a century on Elk, and in softer Swede Military 46Kpsi loadings than current 6.5 loads. I don't really understand the arguments about bullet placing being less critical with larger cals because I don't really believe that's true based on personal experience, unless shooting close in at similar velocities. Providing wound channels and penetration are adequate, both should work well. Accuracy for a HILAR is really not much more onerous than for boiler room, so I get back to that point being quite relevant. Bullet calibre becomes less critical if confidence is there to achieve HILAR shots. Saying that, shooting European Boar is not like UK deer species...for a start they don't stand nice and still for accurate bullet placement, so when you have a 300+lb very agitated animal bearing down on you at speed, the bigger the cal the better imho!
  9. VarmLR

    Canine companions

    Sorry to hear that John....they get under the skin, dont they? Hard when you lose one. I've gone through that half a dozen times now but never regret the next one. Each one is a joy...a different character but at least you have happy memories of the one lost.
  10. I've a Sinclair F Class bipod which I find very good. Since I no longer shoot comp (have taken a break thanks to a trapped nerve), it will probably be in the classifieds as I've gone back to an Atlas type bipod for field work.
  11. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    It was a fair assumption since you said that all your rifles were "...for purely sporting usage...". If it's a truck rifle or from a hide then it doesn't matter what you use I guess.
  12. VarmLR

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I did try it but it left too thick a film. I ended up using it for the underneath of my car for the sub chassis and for the motorbike!
  13. VarmLR

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Never had an issue with mine and it's been out in rain, hail and snow! I always ensure after every outing that it's cleaned down and lightly oiled and have had zero issues with rust anywhere in the few years I've owned it. I use Wipeout patch out tactical for barrel cleaning and the bore's absolutely pristine. Whilst that does have a barrel conditioner (rust inhibitor) if storing mine for more than a few weelks I will put an oily patch down the barrel and ensure it's cleaned out and the chamber especially cleaned (de-greased using meths) and dried before use.
  14. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    I thought you wanted to avoid excess weight? I have a T3 varmint in 24 inch barrel and I can tell you it's far from a light tube! I do use mine for stalking but even with a nice light GRS stock, you know you've done some exercise lugging that rifle back to the car whilst also carrying a deer!
  15. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Edited response...just seen the other thread and some people clearly have been sold sub standard rifles which is very rare for anything with a Tikka badge.

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