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  1. VarmLR

    Canine companions

    Sorry to hear that John....they get under the skin, dont they? Hard when you lose one. I've gone through that half a dozen times now but never regret the next one. Each one is a joy...a different character but at least you have happy memories of the one lost.
  2. I've a Sinclair F Class bipod which I find very good. Since I no longer shoot comp (have taken a break thanks to a trapped nerve), it will probably be in the classifieds as I've gone back to an Atlas type bipod for field work.
  3. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    It was a fair assumption since you said that all your rifles were "...for purely sporting usage...". If it's a truck rifle or from a hide then it doesn't matter what you use I guess.
  4. VarmLR

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I did try it but it left too thick a film. I ended up using it for the underneath of my car for the sub chassis and for the motorbike!
  5. VarmLR

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Never had an issue with mine and it's been out in rain, hail and snow! I always ensure after every outing that it's cleaned down and lightly oiled and have had zero issues with rust anywhere in the few years I've owned it. I use Wipeout patch out tactical for barrel cleaning and the bore's absolutely pristine. Whilst that does have a barrel conditioner (rust inhibitor) if storing mine for more than a few weelks I will put an oily patch down the barrel and ensure it's cleaned out and the chamber especially cleaned (de-greased using meths) and dried before use.
  6. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    I thought you wanted to avoid excess weight? I have a T3 varmint in 24 inch barrel and I can tell you it's far from a light tube! I do use mine for stalking but even with a nice light GRS stock, you know you've done some exercise lugging that rifle back to the car whilst also carrying a deer!
  7. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Edited response...just seen the other thread and some people clearly have been sold sub standard rifles which is very rare for anything with a Tikka badge.
  8. VarmLR

    Cold bore shot

    Agreed. Someone relatively new to reloading once asked me what the best way to tighten his groups up. I responded that dry firing to get consistency of trigger break without gripping the stock or pistol grip tightly, cheek weld consistency and breathing control would half his groups. He didn't believe me. His 1.3inch 5 shot groups weren't too shabby for the load he had. Next meeting, after he'd practised dry firing at home, his group sizes more than halved. Once I have a 5 shot group of about half an inch from load development, it doesn't take much to tighten those into the 0.3's using disciplined technique. We all fall foul of slip-ups and none of us I'm sure concentrate 100% on technique 100% of the time.
  9. VarmLR

    Cold bore shot

    It can do just that with a slim barrel profile, but tbh I don't consider that a single round would, or could, warm the barrel or chak,ber enough to make such a difference in POI from cold. One of my rifles (heavy barrel) has the same POI cold or not....it doesn't seem, to matter but my other two shoot left and slightly low first shot. The left may well be me not getting correct cheek weld but as this tends to be consistent, it's more likely connected with fouling effects on subsequent firings.
  10. VarmLR

    Cold bore shot

    Yes, typo! Actually it wasn't so much a typo as the settings on my machine changing the damned word that I originally typed! I have since changed the settings (autofill is infuriating).
  11. VarmLR

    Cold bore shot

    Using Wipeout tactical patch out or similar eliminates the need for any oil in the bore as it conditions and protects the barrel. You can also use sheath cleaner which is a corrosion inhibitor following cleaning followed by a dry patch or M-Pro 7 followed by a dry patch. I never oil the barrels these days as applying it, dry patch or no, invariably results in residue seeping into the chamber and although I used to dry patch, any oil residues to some extent affect obturation allowing the cartridge to slam back into the bolt (I noticed this especially with my .308). Cold bore shots imho have a different POI due to powder or copper residues affecting barrel pressures on subsequent shots. That and perhaps a warming barrel/chamber. I can't see any other reason why a cold bore shot would differ (but they do!).
  12. VarmLR

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    AFAIK you can use a CTR in a TAC A1 Chassis which sort of suggests your stock might be reverse compatible with a TAC action and mag. TAC A1 is (black) blued. I don't know why you would want to ditch the TAC A1 chassis though if it's purely for range work as it's one of the finest factory aluminium chassis stocks on any factory rifle. These things are tack drivers. Mine has shot tiny 100yd groups, into the 0.1's. The Bifrost is a superb stock though and has other advantages such as lighter weight and better ergo imho. I have another Tikka in a GRS laminate and it's the most comfortable shooting rifle prone that I have owned. It's an expensive route to go though as TAC A1's are over priced here. I think that some places State side were advertising Tac A1's for $1400 and that they came with 3 mags compared here with £1700 for a rifle with one mag!
  13. VarmLR

    Long range scope

    Up to 400yds vermin control I used to like a nice lightweight scope so used a Leupold VX3 4.5-14 x 40. Mine had the BDC ret which was pretty good if not bob-on, you could rely on it to be close enough providing you did a BD test and matched the mag to your bullet drop or as near as it got. I only replaced that when I started shooting further out at paper and sat a Nightforce NSX on it. Sightron are ok but I once compared one with my own Bushnell DMR to see what all the fuss was about and was left very underwhelmed by the optics. It was ok if you just used the centre picture to punch paper but what target shooters like wont necessarily suit vermin shooters. I prefer something with lens coatings making browns stand out with greater contrast than a target scope typically uses. The VX3 uses such lens coatings as does the Nighforce I have. The DMR betters both the Leupold and sightrons for the glass imho but is quite heavy. A good used vortex viper Gen 2 4-16 x 50 would be a good choice or if feeling flush a S&B PMII 4-16 x 50.
  14. were you using G1 or G7 form factors in Strelock? Sounds like a G1 BC which won't be accurate over 3 to 400yds. It's the wrong form factor for the bullet. Swap to a G7 and tune the velocity to measured velocity to re-set actual BC and it should sort things out.
  15. VarmLR

    King of 2 Miles

    I think it may be difficult for many to get an ELR rig on ticket until there's a venue for shooting them. I know that some clubs allow HE up to and including 50 Cal, but having let my membership go on one of them due to disappointments in the lottery which was "will we get a shoot this month?" which went on for much of the year last year, and issues with it's manangement, it was a let down. If a dedicated ELR "club" were set up with a purpose made venue, reasonably accessible, I'd put in for a variation and have a rig built up, possibly in 375, 408 or 416. It's a bit chicken and egg at the minute though.

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