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best/most accurate sub sonic .22lr ammo?


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^^^^^ absolutely ^^^^^

my first .22 liked fiocci's and Winnie's but this one hates them 

I've always found cci inconsistent, about 1/10 would be louder and go where they want

i find rws waxy and if loading a 10 round mag you may need to take care after about no.7 not to mark the bullet on the mag sides cos of slippy fingers and rounds


all this may differ to other people's experiences, just saying it pays to try them all 



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Hi All

 spent time last night testing some new ammo at the club . anschutz 1416 on bipod at 25 m   10 shots each test

winchestersubs 42 gr new type     good group and tight sideways .5 inch but a spread of 1 inch up and down .   £6 per box

new type 38 gr eley subs                 .5 inch group ,  smaller head than before                                                                              £ 7 

RWS  subs                                              best group less than 10 mm ragged hole , very waxy all over                                        £ 8.50 

was previously using the old eley subs 40 gr and looks like you cant get these anymore so was looking for a replacement, RWS or Eley for the future depending on what the shops have .


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On 5/23/2018 at 1:26 PM, NSAC said:

Here’s four back to back groups, 40 yards off s bipod on a bench, Rimfire Magic VQ 12.5. Each group is ten shots, the ones on the orange stickies were Winchester SuperX, the two tighter groups on their own were CCI hp subs. I’m impressed with the CCI. Think we charge 5.90 a box for the Winnie’s, and about a tenner a hundred for the CCI. 55F9979C-D00B-4610-91C4-C3B37C5B885D.thumb.jpeg.03d18a49f1060b76a4183a216e142f3a.jpeg

What does your rimfire majgic group at 100 yards or longer ranges?. I am thinking of getting one 


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Not tried the Rimfiremagic Volquartsen models beyond standard .22LR sub range (15-65m). They only have the 12.5 inch barrels, and are ideally suited towards the sensible/shorter range for vermin etc.

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On 4/21/2015 at 10:43 PM, onehole said:

The quietest and most really subsonic/accurate round I have found is the RWS subsonic hollowpoint.It will generally hold an inch at 75 yards most of the time.If you want the best and most accurate 22lr ammo then all the match ammo is subsonic or rather should be so check out eley match/tenex or lapua midas offerings.If you want or think that .22lr hollow point ammo does hollow/soft/ point or ballistic tip centrefire type rapid expansion ,,,its way way short of anything like it.

I have retrieved shot hollowpoint heads from various materials out to 100 yards and they plainly do not reliably deform anymore than match type heads so I would and do use match ammo and head shoot all of the time,,,? regds,,,O

I have an Anschutz 1417 with an Atec - Wave Mod & find RWS HP Subs very quiet & accurate, in fact i only  ammo i now use.

I found Winchester Subs very noisy & the sound rattled off the trees near by, followed by CCI, Eley then RWS 

The 1417 with RWS HP is quieter than my Rapid 12/200 fac with a Huggett & that is far from noisy 

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Ive wandered down this path a few weeks ago when I picked up my Anschutz 1813 supermatch, did a bit of testing with different ammo, 5 shot groups zero'd at 50m tried the following..

Eley Club, Eley Match, RWS Club, RWS Target Match, R50, CCI standard, Lapua Centre X and one or two others, I happily settled with the RWS Club as out of the 5 shot group this was the result, from yesterday's cold and windy session,ignoring the 1 in number 4 which was first shot out of the barrel.

The rifle is still very new to me but I'm happy with the group as the RWS Club isn't expensive for a 1000.  It did shoot better with the R50 but I'm no pro shooter just a plinker.



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