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  1. Thanks for the info, my - had just bought his Meopta 8 x 56 round for me to look through. Its deffo brighter than my Bushnell 4.5 - 14 x 50 AO Scopechief i use at the moment on mt Annie 1517 hmr . The Bushy does offer the advantage of a bit of zoom to check the quarry. Im not convinced i really need to change it. What model is your scope pls I used to be indecisive, now im not so sure 😁
  2. Good morning which of these rets is it pls https://www.meoptasportsoptics.com/en/reticles/
  3. Hi All i have a 1415 .22 lr with the sweetest 2 stage trigger & a 1517 17 hmr with a single stage "heavy" trigger I ordered & paid for a light spring 5 weeks ago from https://ukgunworks.co.uk/product.php?s=anschutz-lightweight-trigger-spring well its like pushing chain uphill, the past 5 weeks, trying to get a simple spring from him & i have requested refund via PP. Does anybody know of a reliable supplier i might use ia Roger
  4. Popgun

    Pard 008lrf Plus

    Me too tomorrow, when our decorative postie turns up, laden with a package
  5. This Day / Night vision kit is really as newfull colour day & record to Micro SD tooThis X-Sight out performs the Pard 007 easier to use & for less £s tooI am only selling as i have a Pard 008 lrf Plus on pre - order Asking £330 delivered UK via rmsd It is advertised elsewhere for more £s
  6. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Best distance so far was last Monday evening, i had sold my Pard 008lrf &put the Whitetail Expedition 6-18 x 42 AO back on. just about to back up due to poor light, saw rabbit @ 155m & nailed it. I have had many @ 80>100. & 2 @ 138m 1 day one @ night both with the 008lrf. I have the Anschutz 1415 .22 lr & this 1517 17hmr both are lovely rifles to use.
  7. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Just an update i have swapped out triggers with my Anschutz 1415 .22lr, it had the 2 stage. I have also ordered ,eons ago, a light spring for the single stage from UK-Gunworks, getting it actually posted to me is proving to be a challenge for the dispatch dept of UK-Gunworks 😁
  8. Popgun

    Pard 008lrf Plus

    anybody else have one on pre-order I sold my 008lrf a week ago,as the prices were strong & would fall once the newer version was available
  9. IS AS NEW CONDITION REALLYCOMPLETE WITH LENS COVERS & MOUNTSThis is top of the Simmons range of scopesMulti X RetCame with a rifle i bought & only for sale as i prefer a Bushnell i haveNot boxed but will be very well packagedI shot a rabbit last night in 1/2 light with this @ 155mlast night This scope is still covered by the Simmons / Bushnell lifetime warranty ( i have checked with Edgar bros via email )Asking £175 delivered (via rmsd @ the asking price)Payment via transfer or PP f&fFirst to say yes here, followed by a PM gets it
  10. Popgun

    BASC latest info on CV

    BASC, Marford Mill, Wrexham LL12 0HL Coronavirus and shooting – an update After consulting the government, BASC has updated its advice for conducting essential pest control in the UK while the current Coronavirus restrictions remain in place. In line with the Prime Minister’s statement, when making a decision on whether or not to conduct essential wildlife management, you should consider: • Is the landowner, or person responsible for giving permission, happy for you to be on the land in the current crisis? • Can you maintain effective social distancing? • Is the management involved absolutely essential? • Is there a risk that your activities could result in the emergency services being called out? For example, someone reporting shots being fired. • Should you inform the local police in advance that you are going out? If you do, secure the reference number for the call. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so individual decisions will have to be made, although the onus will be on remaining off the land. So-called ‘recreational shooting’ or taking clients shooting are ruled out at present. Be aware that you should be able to justify your decision if you are challenged by the enforcement authorities, or you may risk a fine and may put your certificate at risk. BASC has published a number of FAQs around Coronavirus and shooting. These are on the dedicated Coronavirus page on our website.
  11. Defra has reissued all the general licences in England with no significant changes to the conditions. We are still analysing the detail and will continue to update the website. Natural Resources Wales has rejected a call from Wild Justice to revoke general licences in Wales. The latest updates can be found here. Wondering why and how general licences came into being? Read our latest blog by BASC head of biodiversity Ian Danby here. For anything else on UK general licences visit our dedicated web page.
  12. Popgun


    Ring Dove are not on the GL these daze

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