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  1. Popgun

    BASC latest info on CV

    BASC, Marford Mill, Wrexham LL12 0HL Coronavirus and shooting – an update After consulting the government, BASC has updated its advice for conducting essential pest control in the UK while the current Coronavirus restrictions remain in place. In line with the Prime Minister’s statement, when making a decision on whether or not to conduct essential wildlife management, you should consider: • Is the landowner, or person responsible for giving permission, happy for you to be on the land in the current crisis? • Can you maintain effective social distancing? • Is the management involved absolutely essential? • Is there a risk that your activities could result in the emergency services being called out? For example, someone reporting shots being fired. • Should you inform the local police in advance that you are going out? If you do, secure the reference number for the call. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so individual decisions will have to be made, although the onus will be on remaining off the land. So-called ‘recreational shooting’ or taking clients shooting are ruled out at present. Be aware that you should be able to justify your decision if you are challenged by the enforcement authorities, or you may risk a fine and may put your certificate at risk. BASC has published a number of FAQs around Coronavirus and shooting. These are on the dedicated Coronavirus page on our website.
  2. Defra has reissued all the general licences in England with no significant changes to the conditions. We are still analysing the detail and will continue to update the website. Natural Resources Wales has rejected a call from Wild Justice to revoke general licences in Wales. The latest updates can be found here. Wondering why and how general licences came into being? Read our latest blog by BASC head of biodiversity Ian Danby here. For anything else on UK general licences visit our dedicated web page.
  3. Popgun


    Ring Dove are not on the GL these daze
  4. UPDATE: Hunting & Sporting closed Sorry but due to a change in our advertising rules we no longer accept: Air guns, airsoft, BB guns, replicas, shotguns & paintball Collectable or antique weaponry Crossbows or archery Militaria Knives, swords or other bladed items Shooting services including pest control Any accessories & equipment relating to the above I have instructed them to close my a/c & remove all my data from their systems
  5. Popgun

    Schmidt & Bender 6 X 42 Klassic

    Thanks for the replies this scope is on an expensive Amchutz 1517 i was looking at, the thinking was possibly selling on the scope thus reducing the rifle cost. Since then i have bought a superb 1517 for no far less £s & have a Pard 008lrf
  6. Popgun

    GL extended to 31/07/20

    General Licence Extension Following extensive lobbying by BASC and our partner organisations, Defra has agreed to extend the interim general licences, which had been due to expire on 29 February, until 31 July. You can read the announcement here. This means that if you are operating under the general licences you can continue to do so. If you are operating under an individual licence or in or within 300m of an EU designated site, you should apply for an individual licence here. Boundaries of EU designated sites can be found here. If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland details of general licences issued by their governments can be found here: – Scotland – – Wales – – Northern Ireland – BASC continues to work with Defra to ensure that legally robust general licences are in place for the protection of human health, agriculture and biodiversity. For further information please contact: England: 01244 573 019 Scotland: 01350 723 226 Wales: 01244 573 029 Northern Ireland: 02892 605 050
  7. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Certificate came back today 17hmr + Mod + 600 rnds added.22 air + mod removedOh its also an "open ticket" now Collecting an Anshutz 1517 t/h on Saturday Anchutz 1517 17hmrIn really unused condition, not a mark on itSimmonds Expedition 6-18x42 ao scope - Wildcat Panther Mod - Garland Assult Rifle Slip 45180 roundswell pleased, would have preferred the 2 stage trigger, but hey hoIm very pleased with the rifle & cant wait to get out
  8. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    I shouldered a Quad last Saturday & it was well balanced, i already have the 1417 .22LR with deluxe stock & love it, the 1517 has the 18" barrel with t/h stock so the balance will be different.
  9. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Certificate came back today 17hmr + Mod + 600 rnds added.22 air + mod removedOh its also an "open ticket" now Collecting an Anshutz 1517 t/h on Saturday
  10. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

  11. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    any idea where /place its for sale
  12. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Ta could be a good option as scopes in stock, so no added items to buy above purchase price When i bought my 1417 ..LR although a high initial price tag , take off what came with it reduced it to below a new Tikka .22 LR
  13. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    I have just sent a message to the bbs Mods. see what happens
  14. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    Im not allowes in the sales section after i made comments about ramsbottoms " free postage" that promoting gambling via vouchers
  15. Popgun

    17HMR what to get

    You cant beat a Nice pair 😍

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