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  1. Andrew

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Can I get you a little cheese with that......? Frankly, I would use 140 Sierra Game Kings. I have killed a few deer with them and I cannot find fault. People waaay over think it~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    I don't think much is influenced by a decent press. Hornady's Precision Hunter line, and Match ammos are loaded very quickly on automated machines and frankly, some of the most accurate ammo I've shot.~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    Last-minute BRNO

    Excellent purchase.~Andrew
  4. Andrew

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    One magazine? Simple test is to swap magazines. If you were local to me we'd suss it out pretty quick. Binary triggers are a hoot. ~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    Hi velocity ammo is fine. I would make sure the extractor hook is free and clear to grasp the case. One item with the S&W is that a number of rifles came from the factory with bad headspace. Not headspace in the way we usually think of it, but the recess on the bolt face was cut too shallow. This is a known issue with S&W and they will send you the gauge you need to check it, free of charge. It's just a small tab of metal you insert into the recess of the bolt. I'm sure someone in the UK has one but as a quick check, remove the bolt and see if you can slip the rim of a unfired cartridge under the extractor and into the rim recess. If you can't get it past the extractor that's a problem. If the rim won't cleanly sit inside the recess on the bolt, you might have a out of speck bolt. Make sure that recess is spotlessly clean. I have an M&P with a binary trigger. My girlfriend has the same, and a buddy has one as well. Rock solid reliability. I did order the gauge from S&W and checked all three guns. ~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Why buy an Anshutz to rebarrel?? It's like buying a Ferrari to install a volkswagen engine. Get a Tikka T1X, drop it into a decent chassis, and spend the rest of your budget on glass.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    So 'jamming' is kind of an all encompassing term. What is it doing, exactly? My M&P got 600 rounds through it at it's last outing -much of this fired rapid fire with a binary trigger- and never once did it misfeed or fail to fire: and that after a previous 500 rounds with no cleaning. I shoot CCI Blazer, Mini Mag, Geco, Aguila.....SK..... the gun is a real trollop when it comes to ammunition. In binary I can loose 50 rounds from a Black Dog drum magazine in about 4 seconds. Never quits. Extractor replacement might be in order. Make sure the groove for the extractor in the rear of the barrel is clean. Don't over lubricate it. A drop of oil on each rail and one on the return spring should be good. I never clean the bore, proper. Did you buy the rifle new? or 2nd hand?~Andrew
  8. I have twelve 6.5x55's and four 6.5 Creedmoors. I love the x55 cartridge but the Creedmoor gets the nod these days.~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    Best reloading manual

    Buy the one that lists data for the powders you can get. Raw data is available from manufacturers on-line but I still like books. I once bought every loading manual, old and new, I could lay my hands on but that is slowing down as I settle into a pool of known resources. I do like to experiment (Lovex powders being the most recent group) so on-line data is my one option. Luckily, data on line can be very handy but the power eventually runs out. I printed all the Shooter's World/Lovex data and put it into a binder for that reason. My resentment towards on-line data is that many new reloaders start with data and no instruction. I wish new reloaders would read a book on the subject. Fifty years ago, my uncle, a good reloader and gunsmith, made me read a 900 page book on the principles and practices of handloading before I could touch his equipment. It paid dividends. Without the internet, where would the fellows experiencing 'sooty cases' or having they rounds not chamber go for help? ~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    A lot of generalization here. No one is talking what bullet is used. I use 140 Game Kings and 120 Pro hunters in my 6.5's (Creed, X55, Grendel) and large deer fold like camp chairs when hit in the boiler room. Hornady Interlocks work as well. ~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    Lovex SO70 change of powder colour

    Technically, you should reduce loads whenever you pop into a new LOT of powder but that said, I just looked at a relatively recent 8 pounder of S070 (last 6 months) and it also has some greenish the rest grey/black. I have been using Shooter's World Data.~Andrew
  12. That Aguila round, the SubSonic Sniper, was designed by a friend of mine and was specifically designed to be used in the Ruger Poseidon rifle with a 1-9" twist. It will function well enough in most 1-16" rifles to 25-30 yards, but to utilize it's true capability it needs 1:9 or faster. My old Brno #5 would shoot it very well to 75 yards if there was NO wind. This always surprised my friend. The Poseidon rifles came with a scope serial numbered to the rifle, with stadia set to zero at 25 yards, laddering up to 150 yards. They are very accurate rifles. Even at 950 fps the 60 grain bullet hits very hard.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    SIG 522 SWAT Trigger issue

    Dave, Did you get it sorted out??~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    308 hunting loads

    I use 165 grain Game King and 150 grain Pro Hunters from my Tikka T3. I seat to recommened OAL. IMR 4064 is my powder of choice but about anything will do, really. It's hard to make a 308 shoot badly.~Andrew (She just reminded me: My girlfriend is using D076.3 Lovex with 168 grain bullets. Great accuracy and good chrono numbers...)

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