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  1. I wasn't 100% certain but I checked. That CZ is a 1:7 as well. You can't go too far wrong with that twist. ~Andrew
  2. I have a few 300 AAC. (Ruger, CZ 527, AR 10" and a 20 " AR) I think they are all 1-7" and all shoot well. ~Andrew
  3. I don't know about 17 Hornet, but my two 22 Hornets feed well, as does my 204, 223, my two 6.5 Grendels , the 300 AAC and three 7.62sx39s. I have had a couple of bad magazines through the years but otherwise all was fine. If handloading, make sure you load them to fit the magazine with some clearance at the nose. Be forewarned that CZ has dropped the 527 so find a rifle and pick up a few extra magazines. I recently took delivery of seven for the Grendel/ 7.62x39 when I spied them, in stock. I think CZ will continue making mags for a while but it won't last. ~Andrew
  4. Like I said, my first runs with it were crap but I realized that I didn't follow the instructions completely. ~Andrew
  5. I have one but I don't use it much. Only for large batches of 308 and 223. It takes some practice but my cases some out dead on. For a while I was getting crap results but I didn't follow the instructions exactly. Once I did it right, all fell into line. Now I SBFL size a LOT of military 308 and have them trimmed up quickly. That said, I use it for cleaning primer pockets all the time. It's noisy but it's got a serious gear box inside. A lot of power. ~Andrew
  6. Eight grains of Unique has worked in all my 44 Magnums over the years. ~Andrew
  7. I also shoot the 70 grain in 223, the 130 in 6.5, and the 210 grain in 300WM, FWIW. ~Andrew
  8. I have heard the "Random Damned Fliers" thing for a while but I shoot quite a few RDF. I buy them by the thousand lot. From my 1-10" RPR I get no random fliers. Admittedly, I uise them on MOA plates out to 1100 yards. No misses I can't attribute to heavy winds over varying terrain, or (gulp) me. ~Andrew
  9. My 20 inch Tikka loves R-50. When the wind gods allow, it is no problem to put 10 shots on a 1" square at 100 yards. ~Andrew
  10. I shoot a 14.5", 1-8 twist AR-15 and I get half MOA with 50 and 55 grain Noslers. I have a 18" Ruger bolt gun that loves Fiocchi 50 grain factory ammo and it is also a 1-8 twist. The twist rate is probably not the issue. The OPs initial post was written as if to limit the information: What rifle? What barrel length? What factory ammo? And lastly, what is considered 'terrible' accuracy? Frankly, JCS' remark was not far away from what I was thinking. If you shoot a variety of factory 223 ammo and get terrible accuracy, the rifle might be suspect. Factory 223 is generally good in most rifles
  11. Do you mean a scabbard? ~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    New Rifle.

    Tikka/Sako say it isn't necessary with their rifles. ~Andrew
  13. My eyes are crap these days but I still like to shoot iron sights. My favorite irons sight target over the decades has been a white sheet of poster-board. Over the top of this I staple a black sheet with a 16" circle cut from it's middle. This makes a very good aiming point for irons and even with my sorry vision these days, I can manage good groups. I staple a sheet of common typing paper in the middle of the white circle to collect the groups. The target will last as long as the I want it to. I have one I've been using for three years. ~Andrew
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