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  1. Andrew


    Why over complicate things? I use a black permanent marker to mark the number of times fired on the top of the plastic case guard box. Wipes off with Hoppes 9 bore cleaner or glass cleaner. Makes me wonder how I ever survived reloading in the decades before computers. ~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    Hand / bench primer .

    Another vote for the Forster. I use one and keep extra primer tubes because, if there is a shortfall to them, it's the limited capacity. (50 ish) I use the priming unit on my forster press with great success for short runs -less than 100 cases. An oft overlooked item is the Lee Ram Prime unit. I had my Forster set for my 6.5 Grendel and wanted to run off 20 or 30 Creedmoors so I used the Ram Prime in my RCBS press. Very smooth. I recently bought five hundred NAMMO 7,62x51 UPB cases. The US web sites were complaining that Federal Match primers were "Darned near impossible" to seat into the tight primer pockets. With the ram prime they were a firm seat, but far from impossible. The leverage supplied by a bench mounted unit makes them worth owning.... at least this instance. ~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    Stuck Case Removal

  4. Andrew

    Stuck Case Removal

    I have a brass plaque in my reloading room which reads "NO SWEARING!" Underneath it says "...unless you stick a case" ~Andrew
  5. Switch those to dollar symbols and you are almost at US prices for that ammo. I was surprised to read some reviews of the Midas from my distributor and people were saying that the latest LOTs were not as accurate as those of a year or two back. Normally I take ammo reviews with a grain of salt but repeat customers for that grade of ammo usually have their marbles in one bag. One said that the latest LOT of SK Match he picked up shot with the last LOT of Midas -or visa versa, I guess.~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    Bulk buy..

    I always buy in bulk. Powder in 8 pound tubs. Bullets and primers by the thousands. I bought several hundred Peterson cases when they first became available here. The consistency in length and weight was impressive. (I posted the results here, someplace) The only problem I had was when I got lazy and rushed and loaded straight from the box. The resulting loads weren't that great. The next round of new brass I ran through the FL sizer first. All was well after that. I would at least neck size before using.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    I hope so! I loaded and shot some last week! I have always believed the detonation issue is really "plugging" where the bullet is forced into the rifling and no further, sealing the bore . ~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    THe HP White lab years ago did tests trying to cause the dreaded "detonation" that everyone fears. They has a hard time making it happen. Some powders, yes. The data will specifically tell you not to go below minimum. Most powders just give poor results. A buddy of mine accidentally loaded half charges of (I believe) H335 in his 17 Fireball and all he got was crap accuracy and sooty cases. Am I the only one old enough to remember when loading data came with the advice to start 5% below minimum? Sure enough.~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    Because I started shooting it before Lyman produced any data. In the Cast Bullet Association it was a well known load for cases from 303 to 30-06 and 7,62x54. I juggled the load a gain or so each way. In a 30-06 I was shooting 19.5 grains, a 30-40 Krag Jorgensen 18.5. Same for 308.~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    Tikka T1X

    I have a lot of CZ's and yes, it would be 'easier' but the triggers always need changing out. The Tikka's take a quick adjust and they are done. My KSG chassis doubled the weight of the TX1. Five and change to 10 and change. I'm not certain a heavy barrel is any advantage. That rifle squats on it's bipod and doesn't move.~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    Good to hear.~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Tikka T1X

    I have a pair of them, and recently bought one for my girlfriend because, once she shot mine, she HAD to have one. I have had ZERO issues with the three I have purchased, and my good friend and shooting partner has had no issues with his. I have no clue why the average shooter would buy one of these rifles and immediately toss the SAKO-made barrel. All of mine shoot well under MOA. My girlfriend shot hers last Saturday and put 10 shots into a .32" hole at 50 yards using SK Biathlon. I have fired groups as small as .28 at the same distance with Federal UltraMatch.(R-50) Somewhere on this site I posted some 10 shot, 100 yard groups that hover right around MOA., fired on an outdoor range with our typical Montana 'breezes'. I believe in that same thread, I posted the account of my hunting partner, another friend, and myself swapping rifles and ammo to see if the SAKO Finnfire heavy barrel was more accurate than the T1Xs. We swapped rifles back and forth and used ammunition (s) from the same box or LOT, and came to the conclusion that there was no difference in accuracy between the two T1X and the SAKO Finnfire. Look it up. BTW: I have a KRG chassis on the T1X I use for target work. Love it.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    Unique will also work. I've forgotten: Does LOVEX make Accurate Arms's 5744? If so that is a certain winner once the bullet diameter is sorted. About 17 - 18.5 grains, NEVER a filler. I won many military rifle BR comps with that load adjusted a grain one way or the other depending on the cartridge I was using. I shot mostly Finns and Brits (they were ridiculously inexpensive in those days) and 18.5 grains with a 200 ish grain bullet, well fit to the gun and seated to kiss the lands, would often shoot as well as my eyes and skill would allow. I hope you get as much enjoyment chucking Pb from your Lee as I do my mine.~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    303 cast bullets

    I'd like that info too.~Andrew
  15. You know very little about how 22LR is produced.~Andrew

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