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  1. Andrew

    Neck mandrel sizing

    Ah! I have quit competitive shooting. The most I do is shoot across canyons at 1MOA targets dotted along the landscape out to 1860 yards. In this kind of shooting, the best and most conscientiously assembled handloads will be taken off course by shifting prairie winds -often blowing onto the target from two directions simultaneously. My rifles are accurate and my handloads are good but on somedays the wind gods just have their way with them. ~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    Neck mandrel sizing

    While I like the idea of neck uniformity, I question whether any kind of mandrel can do the job as described above. Setting neck tension by micro increments means that the brass is exceptionally uniform in dimension and metallurgy to begin with, and that your bullet diameters are within a tolerance level that won't defeat your efforts. With care and sorting it is possible, but like most reloading endeavors, if you are not sorting out the components for uniformity, then the efforts are buried. Much like weighing powder to an exactitude, Unless you are assuring the case volume is identical, neck tension is identical, and bullet diameter and weights are identical, weighing to an extreme is a probably a wasted practice. Just random thinking out loud here....~Andrew.
  3. Andrew

    Has sizing wax increased my ES?

    Forster makes nifty neck reamers for handling these problems while sparing the thumbs. ~Andrew
  4. Andrew

    Wanted if they exist..

    Unless you weigh and sort all the other components, having powder weighed to an exactitude (at least to the degree that you're worried about a kernel or two) is meaningless. ~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    Wanted if they exist..

    Your loading method baffles me. Why weigh the case and then zero the scale to weigh the powder with the case? What is your goal? I'm curious. ~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    Lee Enfield Fans.

    Nice sporter.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    Taper crimps

    Thanks! I got back yesterday from the hunt. I did not shoot but let my girlfriend have her run at some river-bottom whitetails. We saw a few but moving too fast for a shot. My buddy shot a mule deer that dressed at 250 pounds. Spent the morning butchering it and enjoyed thick cut, pan-seared sirloin for dinner. All in all we saw about 1000 deer and a dozen or better elk. No worries. I will shoot one or two in the next few weeks. I also bought a new Tikka UPR in 6.5 Creedmoor. Zeroed it with Hornady MAtch and Precision hunter this afternoon. Bug holes....~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    Taper crimps

    Ran out again in final prep and during a stretch of cold (-10F) temps. The Grendel shot 1" at 200 for four, three shot groups with my hunting loads, off of a bipod, with numb digits. Ready for this weekend....~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    Taper crimps

    I was back out to the range in some very inclement weather last week (snow, wind) testing the 120 Sierra Pro Hunters in my Varmint 6.5 Grendel. All cases trimmed to same length, and loads finished with a Lee FCD. Off of a bipod resting resting on frozen slush, all rounds cut each other at 100 yards. Can't necessarily attribute that to the crimp, but it didn't hurt. ~Andrew
  10. Dropped straight in. I have it on the Tikka I use for long range target work. ~Andrew
  11. I bought the KRG for one of my T1X. Couldn't be happier.~Andrew
  12. I'd say it shoots very well. Good shooting on your part also. I just ordered some Lapua Center X. It was the only 22LR ammunition my main distributor had and I've been wanting to try it. I suspect it will shoot as well as I can hold. ~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    Lee autodrum and a tooth brush

    I understand. I'm just saying that you shouldn't' hang your hat on these numbers. Neck tension and (resulting) ignition have more influence: Intangibles that QL can't model which is why I'm suggesting that you won't see this in the open air of the range. Computer modeling too often considers things like component weight and case capacity as a constant which, unless you are sorting your identically prepped cases by weight, and bullets by weight and diameter, it isn't. ~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    Lee autodrum and a tooth brush

    I doubt if you'd see that in the real world of actual shooting.~Andrew
  15. Here, the BATF would consider the rod a shoulder stock, condemn the whole rig as a short barreled rifle and toss you in prison! It's all madness. I like my GSG and once used it for informal bowling pin shoots. I still shoot it whenb th efit takes me. ~Andrew

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