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    Berger made a 50 grain and 55 grain 20 cal but they dropped them. I shot some 50 grain 20's from my 204 and they were no faster than a 50 grain 223. I have never seen a 55 grain but I know they were offered briefly but were discontinued. Evidently the velocities from a 204 were around 2650 fps and people didn't seem to get much benefit from them. I shot Nosler 40 grain through my (well, now my girlfriend's) 204 CZ. I shoot 50 grain 223 through 1:8 223. We both shoot prairiedogs out to 400 yards. Her rifle shoots a little flatter but we both kill the dogs as wind allows. ~Andrew
  2. With the exception of my BSA Light Express rifle, I shoot only cast bullets in my 303's. I have several moulds that cast as large as .320" with a .307" nose riding surface. Due to the throat dimensions in most 303's the smallest diameter bullet I shoot is .314". My No4 MKII with a .310" groove diameter loves these. ~Andrew (PS: I have a lot of 303s)
  3. Lyman 314-299 hard cast at 215 grains and sized to .314". Loaded to nudge the leade. Silly accurate.~Andrew
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