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  1. I have an accurate load for the Sierra 65gr Gameking SBT but not tried it at long range yet. Was wondering if I could get something that would open up easier on foxes as think the 65gr SBT being a "deer bullet" might be a bit hard for foxes etc if you don't hit a major bone. Scrummy
  2. I was going to say for 69gr TMKs probably needs to be going fairly quickly to get them to stabilise, quite long bullets. How do you find RS40? I've had good luck with RS70 in other things and seems to be quality powder.
  3. I understand that, but with a 1:9 I think much longer won't stabilise. And I have other toys for shooting further than 600. Scrummy
  4. Cheers Richie. I'm looking at a few options for this. The choice of a 60gr tipped bullet is pretty much decided by using the Berger website calculator. Just if I can combine a varmint and an LR target bullet, so much the better (As I'm going to target a 3,100 fps muzzle velocity I should think will be flat enough shooting for my needs) ATB, Scrummy
  5. Cheers Stephen, I've had good luck with the 160gr TMK in my 7x64 so seems to be a good line of bullets. I'd consider the 69 or 77gr but with the 1:9 you get a slightly interesting reading out of the stability calcs. ATB, Scrummy
  6. Hi folks, In my quest to develop a "suite" of loads for my 1:9 twist 223 Rem bolt action, I am looking for a longer range target load and a varmint load. I was reading around the internet (always a dangerous idea) and I wondered if I could use the same bullet for both? So I have 2 questions: 1) Has anyone used the 60gr Sierra TMK for varmints and how's you find it? 2) Has anyone used the 60gr Nosler Varmint Ballistic tips for longer range shooting? Follow up question: Does anyone have any other suggestions? My rifle is a CZ527 and handles 5.56 NATO pressues f
  7. Ah, I can understand that. I'm still going to call you a big Jessie for a having tarty glove... thrill you like Mr Jackson does it
  8. Do it! Define good glove? I use a grippy work glove, personally. If you are at Bisley though, let me know if you fancy a brew Scrummy
  9. Used to live in Switzerland and would struggle to choose which I preferred between a S&W17 and a late production Colt Woodsman...
  10. I do like Forgotten Weapons Anyone fancy doing the Remote Brutality event even though we are too late for the official comp? Scrummy
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