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  1. That's good to know, you find they stabilise OK? I'm thinking of using the 60gr TMK over X-Terminator. Scrummy
  2. Hi folks, Had a small scare the other day whilst reloading that might be a helpful reminder to people to keep safe and follow your procedures not being sloppy. Primer popped when being seated and flashed over into try causing other primers to detonate. This happened using a Hornady Hand Primer My set-up post incident Close-up of hand primer – not sure where rest of pieces are. Close-up of “flashed” primers (Note empty but dented cups) And this is the resulting cuts to hand – fortunately they seem superficial. Blast also blew my glasses off my face a
  3. Hello folks, I am getting through my 55gr Hornady FMJBT stock for my .223 thinking of going for a low cost non us brand of 55gr 224 FMJ. any recommendations? PPU? S&B? Something else? Thanks in advance. scrummy
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