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  1. Can I buy the Tikka one please Terry, let me know how to pay.
  2. And a trigger and a tuner will cost considerably less than a match grade barrel.
  3. Have you considered improving the T1X trigger to help with accuracy and fitting a barrel tuner to the existing barrel? A Bix & Andy comp ball bearing trigger will give you release pressures as low as 3oz, a huge difference over a factory T1X trigger. I dont think I would be looking to spend the money replacing the barrel until I had upgraded the rest of the shooting system. Barrel tuners can also make a big difference to getting the best out of the barrel and ammo.
  4. Big Al


    The problem I found with the 55gr Bergers were they didnt expand on soft targets at range. After drilling holes through a few rabbits at 600yds with my 20BR it lost its appeal when you see them crawling away. My .223 with 77TMKs smashes them up properly even at 600yds.
  5. I think stuff like this matters to some people more than others and again its all relative to accuracy requirements. If a rifle is for killing stags to say 300yds then any good load that repeats sub 1" will last all year around considering the kill zone is 8" in diameter, same applies to a fox shooter who doesnt go further than 200yds in the dark etc but it isnt just for top level competition shooters. I build a lot of rifles that people use for long range vermin and the occasional informal target shooting and many have reported better success throughout the season when they take int
  6. Can I assume your accuracy requirements are not at the higher end of the spectrum then? When it comes to the sharp end of accuracy the top shooters and their guns will be way more consistent than their loads are over the typical temperatures they shoot in, thats why they will continually be monitoring their loads accuracy relative to the temp it was developed in and then monitoring how it drifts in either direction and adjusting charge weight for it, thats called temperature mapping. If I develop a highly accurate/repeatable load at say 12 deg centigrade I know it wont deliver the sa
  7. I hear lots of people say this, my question is always the same, how closely do you look? I speak to shooters most days and its a common theme for the to talk about highly accurate loads that have gone off. When I talk to them about powder inconsistency and also a powders intolerance to temperature changes you can often see their eyes start to glaze over.
  8. I dont think you can very expect very good consistency between different lots of any powder, its mass produced to a tolerance. Ive seen way too many examples of differences big enough to change a load or even become dangerous to ever expect anything better between different lots of the same powder. I tend to buy powder in the same batch numbers and even then I mix it before starting the load development to ensure consistency.
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