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  1. No i deer

    LEM case cleaner

    I had a look at that on the net last night and it is a big thing.
  2. No i deer

    Reloading 6.5x47 L RS52 or N150, N550, N160?

    I use 41grs of RS62 with 139gr scenars and 140gr amaxs on 41.5grs.. I tested the 139s N150 about a year ago and had a great group.. I can't recall the grainage of the top of my head but I think it was 36 to 37grs.. Now this has been.mentioned I will use up the last bit of the N150. My 6.5x47 didn't shoot so well the last 3 or 4 times out and it used to shoot stunningly accurate... I used it again Sunday morning and wasn't happy with it.. I checked it last night to find I was 10 thousanths in the rifling instead of jumping 10 thousanths FFS 😡. I must of added 10 thousanths on at the time of checking throat wear instead of taking it off.. they were 20 thousanths longer than they should of been 🙄. I like Armadillos 🤣😂
  3. No i deer

    axmc 338

    There's a nice one on guntrader.. There's a couple of wannabe's too
  4. No i deer

    Barrel wrench

    Try Dolphin Rifles or Fox Firearms. They will have a barrel vice too if needed 👍
  5. No i deer

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    Are they outstanding or just the same as the rest. I'm an avid 22lr fan and love my CZ452 varmint and subsonic ammo. As any of you compared the two..?? Anschults has always been recognised as one of the best.. I do really like the tikka and it's concept. Thoughts please 👍
  6. No i deer

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    I've got a KRG whiskey 3 stock my 7mm saum sits in.. I like the KRG stocks 👍
  7. Eye piece and objective lens protectors for MK4 with 50mm sunshade. Selling as a package won't separate. Eyepiece has a rubber eding Great condition £35 inc p&p
  8. Are you going over to the darkside Phil..😁
  9. Are you at Bisley this Sunday or next..?
  10. No i deer

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    Very nice
  11. Try cropping the pictures to reduce the pixel and mb thing
  12. I clean my mod and brake threads regularly with a round wire brush but I doubt it will affect it's accuracy but keeping the crown clean is a good idea.. Fire a couple of shots and the crown starts getting dirty with a mod on.
  13. Price drop £40 per box posted
  14. Hi all. I've 3 boxes of these 162gr amaxs for sell.. I think there all the same lot number.. £42 per box including p&p. N I D
  15. Hi all. I'm intrested in what ear defenders you using and which is best value for the money. I've always used the ex army passive type and the type I use on the construction industry as ive been too tight too spend my hard earned on some when the others mentioned have been free 😁. I find myself moving one cup away from my ear to be able to hear clearly what's being said.... The peltor sportac seem to be popular but pricey... Thoughts please... Atb No I deer
  16. I got some sportac ear defenders 👍
  17. No i deer

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    I understand that Dave but how can you prove the theory that the case moving backward 2 thousanths does this...
  18. No i deer

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    I'm not really sure how that works Mark if there's only 2 to 3 thousanths head space. I guess the ejector is pushing the case into the front of the chamber so there's that miniscule movement backwards that causes witness marks.?? How does this work with a non ejector bolt then.. You set your head spacing up and the cartridge is free to move back and forth in the chamber with the bolt closed as there's no ejector to push the cartridge forward...???
  19. No i deer

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Vorsprung deurch technique 😁
  20. No i deer

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    That's how little I know about target ammunition then... I thought it was HV but I guess shooting subs the bullet doesn't have to do the transonic zone at distance where it loses its stability... Is there any HV ammo that is any good.. I tried stingers and there a pile of poo.. I've been mainly a hunter over the last 20 odd years but over the last 8 or 9 I've got more into target shooting of various types as you actually get to fire quite a few shots unlike hunting.. I've Been out stalking 5 or 6 consecutive time loads of time before before I've fired a shot.. it becomes a bit of a nature watch rather than hunting waiting for that moment..
  21. No i deer

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    They send that same picture with every rifle doh 🤣😂. My CZ452 would do that off a benchrest no sweat 😁😅. Did I say no sweat 😁 In fact I could shot it from the hip 😉😋

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