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  1. Alex (senopex) and Ian (mini magnum), You are interacting in this thread as trade advertisers. Please PM me for details of how to sponsor the board.
  2. I find velocitor extremely accurate - as good as sk plus; and unlike most of the other HV options, it’s still got high-ish bullet mass; so a serious step up in energy to most other offerings - the increased ‘kick’ is tangible. I really rate it.
  3. The wanted section was prompting some scammers a while back, so a couple of measures were put in place to make that difficult for them - you should be able to see it under your old ID. I’d recommend trying new email new password again and triple checking for typos
  4. Damn - that’s about the same cost as catching a train to Birmingham 😳 That Sig carbine looks spot on.
  5. A little like the endless hunt for the perfect green coat, I'm forever hunting for the perfect field watch. Wondering who amongst us shares this affliction and what solutions have been found. (My definition of 'field watch' would be: Legible (uncluttered dial, clearly visible hands and hour markers). Absolutely must be waterproof to 100m. Easily readable at night. Definitely <40mm and preferably <38mm. And, at a price point where you can wear it without mollycoddling.) As a start point - CWC aren't waterproof, so they're out and I'm yet to see a GTLS watch of any brand that
  6. A bit of a test. I think everyone should now be able to post pics from their computer directly into posts using the 'attach files' and 'choose files' buttons below followed by 'add to post' Example:
  7. Been thinking and googling around storing sufficient calories; the answer to me is white rice and white flour. (eg, 1kg dry white rice will yield 3,500kcal; 1kg white flour = 3640kcal) The web is full of people tipping the products into mylar bags, adding O2 absorbers etc and all looks rather unnecessarily 'hassly'. My idea,: Bung an unopened 1.5kg bag of flour (or rice) into a vacuum sealing bag, bung in an 02 absorber, vacuum seal. Job done: 10 year shelf life. Thoughts? (Any pointers to decent vacuum sealers that'll take bags that are big enough?)
  8. Dear All, Thank you to those who've joined recently who've been making introductory posts; but there's really no need Introductions are sort of 'what other boards do'; and I just don't think there's a need to on a UKV. What sets UKV apart is the fact that we behave like intelligent adults; so, if you're new to UKV please don't feel any need to introduce yourself: Please just take it 'as read' that all you have to do is come here; behave in accordance with the UKV principles (see below) and you'll be welcome - no need for intros, just join the discussion UKV Princ
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