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  1. brown dog

    Warm barrels live longer?

    Just idle and thinking: At target bolt rifle (as opposed to machine gun) rates of fire and heating; I'm struggling to see how thermal expansion rates, or thermal coefficients are even in the game - for target, it's all over by the time the barrel warms through; wouldn't this have to be all about the properties of the surface itself? Other than lining the barrel, the only thing that pops into mind is pre-stressing the surface - a la autofrettage
  2. brown dog

    Warm barrels live longer?

    Sort of how what I got from what you wrote - stretch rather than crack to which the answer may or may not be hardness I've not read more widely though, are they claiming that 'firecracking' is the primary contributor to erosion In cold barrels and addressing that is how they've doubled barrel life?
  3. brown dog

    Sound Moderation

    I'm a bit odd (I could put a full stop there, I suppose) - I like a mod to be as compact as possible, but making as much use of intelligent gas flow to maximise noise reduction efficiency. When mods were first 'in' every man Jack with an rfd seemed to start knocking out mods that were just variations on washer stacks - and some were appallingly noisy. So my tip would be, understand what you're trying to do with the gas flow; then make the smallest mod you can to achieve a desired dB rating.
  4. brown dog

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Yeah, but that goes back to you can kill a moose with 22lr, but that doesn't make it the best choice ( unless you're a Newfie!). I think the self-preservation aspect of standing on the ground, face-to-face encounters with driven boar probably puts a different assessment of stopping power in mind too! (I do wonder on the helo boar vids, how many of the brassed-up boar get up a wander-off wounded after the camera has rapidly moved on. ) .
  5. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    thinking on again... Yup, if you treat the 3" offset as parallel and mantronically dial it out as a constant at all ranges: Taking it as 7.5 cm and 0.1mrad clicks 100 dial 7 right 200 dial 4 right 300 2 or 3 right 400 2 right 750 1 right Beyond that, ignore Yup, neater 👍 But I suppose that means, you must zero on the parallel line - ie say POI 3" left at 100m, or you'd start chasing your tail
  6. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    Thinking on; that only resolves the situation if you always use the app - the left to right crossover is happening - that's simple geometry - the app being used as you suggest is allowing a virtual 'infinity' far collimation. Without it, and just dialling elevation, the crossover will happen in relation to whatever distance the real collimation distance is
  7. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    Do they allow sight offset (as opposed to zero offset)?
  8. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    Yup, I'd think so. And with a 'collimation' picked at the right distance, depending on what you're doing you could do a sort of 'left and right point blank' range and just ignore it - the values can be tiny Thinking on, a 'virtual 1000m collimation' is possible at 100m: Zero 2.7" left A virtual 500m collimation at 100m : zero 2.3" left (Fagpacketing on 3" offset)
  9. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    I'm struggling to get my head around the idea that the error could be constant. I think it's more likely that tiny offsets aren't noticeable. But looking at geordie's scope it' -what? 3" offset. So, say collimate at 100m. At 50m the impact will be 1.5" left At 100 - zero At 150m 1.5" right 200m 3" right Etc Collimating further out would reduce the apparent effect Eg 300m collimate 100m 2" left 200m 1" left 400m 1" right 500m 2" right Collimate at 1000m 500m 1.5" left 600m 1.2" left 800m 0.6" left Etc ?
  10. brown dog

    What could go wrong?

    It'd be fairly easy to work out - obviously the offset is nil at the zero distance and 'grows' either closer or beyond - sketching in my mind, the offset will be repeated at the target at twice the zero distance.... if that makes sense
  11. brown dog


    Yup, although I'm a fan of titanium and sword hands.
  12. brown dog

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    Possible you were looking at a 12-50 PM2? Look at the pic - the bolt throw is a bit irrelevant, the bolt is 1.5 inches behind turret in question Thinking on, the scope can only positioned like that with a rail. Terrier, do you have your scope on two-piece mounts?
  13. brown dog

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    ?what?! Sure that wasn't a non-illum scope?! Look at my pic - they're nowhere near colliding.
  14. brown dog

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    You must have your scope set quite far back on the rifle for the bolt handle to be fouling the illum turret - are you not getting bumped on the brow by the scope during recoil?! Unless there's a reason for having the scope so far back; 'normal' scope position on the rifle would put the zoom ring above the bolt handle -ish. If you can; I'd recommend moving the scope forward.
  15. brown dog

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    Not had a prob on l/h T3 or l/h AW; what's the issue - bolt handle or hand?

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