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  1. brown dog

    Incompetent RFD

    😂 Tit!
  2. brown dog

    Incompetent RFD

    What a strange thread. I think you're all just debating your interpretations of the meaning of the word 'substance'. ...some seeing it as meaning strength, some see it as meaning material. I do think a couple of you have been quite rude to Simgre, who I don't see as being rude, just having a different opinion. Having sat on courts martial boards for endless weeks watching lawyers spend hours arguing about the meaning of legislative words and phrases, that's precisely the argument that would play out if this were tested in court. I have to say, without checking wording, if the act says 'substance or strength', to me, the 'or' indicates that substance is not being taken to mean strength, hence the use of differentiator 'or'. ...and that's what the courtroom argument would be about. Time to shake hands all round I think 😊
  3. brown dog

    Incompetent RFD

    Err, I've not posted in this thread?! 🤔 you OK Tel?
  4. brown dog

    Incompetent RFD

    I'm amused in this thread by the way the term 'RFD' keeps being used as though it implies qualifications, specialist knowledge or even a brain ... it implies none of the above
  5. I don't need this much scope! 😂.... the p/x offer remains open for anyone wanting to upgrade from a top-end Asian scope to a Schmidt!
  6. brown dog

    Introduction to- Active Self Protection

    Chock yaw spill cheque!
  7. brown dog

    Introduction to- Active Self Protection

    That must be NI? They were defending themselves against a very specific and targeted threat. Not sure that reads across at all to 'every tattooed fkwit, currently only with a screwdriver in their car to roadrage you, now having a snubby in their car' The fallacy in 'concealed carry' arguments here, is that most people mean 'concealed carry...but just for me though' 😂 Actually, I read the Guardian app, for no other reason than it's free. I have to say it's an intensely depressing read - it offers the gainsay negative view on everything and, without doubt, is the cultural home of uk-self-loathing and the perma-offended woke intolerant-tolerant. It took me a while to learn stop reading the articles telling me to hate myself because I'm a British, white, straight, male - or should I say 'person born with testes'? - but once I got past that, there's free news there. I still read it. Often shaking my head at the depressing lens through which the perma-offended view their - actually very comfy, safe and equal - UK existence.
  8. brown dog

    Booties ditch SA80 for C8

    I think you're wrong, it's regularly briefed out that we're well recruited. 😂 We'll all get Diemaco, once they suss the 'unlock' is to 'court' the right influence individual to include Diemaco in their portfolio-career resettlement options 🙊😂😭
  9. brown dog

    Booties ditch SA80 for C8

    Coordinate categories? 😂 yup, we've lost our way with the never ending chase for precision; somehow we've come to psychologically cope with 'fire mission Soviet Union' coming one way - all area effects munitions 'doing' sqkm- being matched by a few very very precise unitary warheads going the other way... our 12 precision bangs will carry the day! If my BAR article for the Granby issue doesn't get edited beyond recognition, you'll get to read me bang my drum on that theme in rather more detail!
  10. brown dog

    Booties ditch SA80 for C8

    How funny and bizarre, when I went through it was a predecessor in his post (an Irish bn from memory) who preached the exact same sort of anti-area-suppressive-fire pish as that USMC hick quoted by shuggy earlier; insane rabidly zealous support for LSW based on a line that was very similar to the quoted hick, the gist being: 'why spray bullets everywhere? What could be more suppressive than steady aimed shots at heads?' .... we all sat there, then a pre-ceasefire NI, Gulf 1 and Balkan audience, wondering how he'd reached his rank clearly without having even the slightest inkling that the other side might not be too happy about passively letting that happen - and that they get a roll of the dice too. 'You won't, err sir, you won't be able to just lie in the open and take steady aimed shots at an enemy who both doesn't want to be shot and is trying by every means to kill you too" "Nonsense!!!" It left us dissonantly wondering what experience he actually had. I had the same reaction to the USMC dit, he sounds unlike any member of that Corps I ever worked with; suppression by headshots sounds gung-ho cool in an office (if you step past the naivety/rank mismatch if delivered as a serious proposition without a hint of irony), but if you want to understand the real meaning of suppressive fire (don't!) be near any US callsign that thinks it's been contacted 😭😂😂 They must force-feed every Shriv inf weapons incumbent with same the kool-aid.😂
  11. brown dog

    The Thief

    The thief trawling wanted ads on this and other shooting forums, in order to con people, has clearly twigged one of the countermeasures we took on UKV. Collectively: Please flag anyone you spot making only inane posts: 'nice job' 'funny video' etc - in other words, please flag anyone who strikes you as posting meaningless pish with the aim of getting their post count up. or anyone whose syntax or 'story' just doesn't chime. But, clearly, please don't overplay this; should anyone unfortunate enough to have to pay a lawyer to release their fortune held in Nigeria join the board, do still cable them funds by Western Union. Remember; security is not a dirty word.
  12. brown dog


    Hello tello. You've twitched my antennae. Write a paragraph, right now, that'll make me think you're not the thief trawling sites for people to steal from please.
  13. Just finished the ec paint tidy-up. Bloomin impressed by the ec stuff. Performs exactly as claimed. Just bought a 34mm cantilever, so this is going on the BAR22 for a spot of precision plinking. Although the scope is going back in use, it's overkill for a 22 AR - even if it is a BAR ..... therefore, the p/x offer remains open for anyone wanting to upgrade from a top-end Asian scope to a Schmidt.

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