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  1. brown dog

    Klinsky CZ452

    Thanks Roy! 😊
  2. brown dog

    Klinsky CZ452

    My google-fu isn't working well: Who in UK stocks and sells Klinsky stocks? (Quite taken with the AW-style laminate for cz452)
  3. brown dog

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Great and balanced post. Thanks 😊 Always good to read technical and expert rifle/equipment focussed varminting chat, which I sense was the intent of the OP. The 'other stuff' always attracts trouble and trouble-types, which is why we don't have it on here. Simples.
  4. brown dog

    Barrrel life

    Blinkingly, re-read this paragraph a couple of times... can't get my head around a 'single base' powder with both NC and NG. I need more coffee.
  5. brown dog

    Wanted: Unwanted night vision scope

    Bump. (Looking for something legacy and unwanted at an interim-solution price - sub £250 😊)
  6. brown dog

    Last-minute BRNO

  7. brown dog

    Wanted: Unwanted night vision scope

    Whilst my IWS is being fixed, I need an interim option. Wondering if anyone has anything sitting on a shelf, possibly following an upgrade to something better?
  8. brown dog

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    My tuppence: A lot of the pro 6.5 commentary stresses shot placement. If we're discussing large-body deer, I personally believe that bigger bullets are more forgiving when shot placement is sub- optimal. It's rather akin to the argument about whether 243 is a beginner's deer calibre. Some say it is, but many have come to see 243 as an expert's calibre - beginners needing something with more knock down in the event of sub optimal placement. Will a 6.5 kill large deer? Undoubtedly, but with the right 'shot placement' 22lr will kill moose, but that doesn't make 22 a great choice. I think 'knock down is part of this conversation, and that part of the conversation includes momentum (rather than KE) and energy transfer rates. As we all know, it starts to wander into subjectivity as much as science, but the '308 for boar' comments probably reflect the truism of the knock down difference between 308 and 6.5. I forget who said it, someone like O'Connor, but when questioned on smaller calibres he said 'not if it's for something that wants to chew on my blue jeans'. So... I don't think it's correct to say there's no difference on the animal. There definitely is.
  9. brown dog

    CV-19 Lessons

    I've nothing to add to that publicly πŸ˜‚
  10. brown dog

    CV-19 Lessons

    πŸ˜‚ wish I hadn't been !!
  11. brown dog

    CV-19 Lessons

    In terms of planning, I think the critical thing missed nationally has been the timing of decision points. I'm lucky enough, a million years ago, to have done a biological sciences degree which included a wee bit of microbiology and study of disease, so our trajectory was obvious to me once Italy was 'breached'. I was horrified by the muppetry coming out of Boris and Witty at this point, laissez faire rubbish - to the point that I'd question Witty's judgement - and made my own calls. I was predicting April peak back when Witty et al were talking sh1te about herd immunity and July peaks. It led to some good-humoured lively discussions at work, most were stuck in 'it's just Johnny foreigner- those emotional eyties and dagoes- it won't be like that here, we're British' , even when I was showing them data (which I was tracking) that we were accelerating faster than Italy. (Sadly, all have since had to eat humble pie as my read-out came to pass). Other DPs were there to read, if looking. I gave pals a heads-up that panic buying was 'just around the corner' on 3 March. Some listened; others stuck with muttering about eyties and 'it's just flu'. Gosh, what a rant... bottom line: Planning isn't just about the plan, it's about anticipating required decisions, and making them at the right time.
  12. brown dog

    Last-minute BRNO

  13. brown dog

    Last-minute BRNO

    A couple of weeks ago, sensing the certainty of a lockdown; I decided to nip out to see if I could pick up a s/h BRNO for a spare slot on my chit. Unbelievably, I walked into my local shop and immediately spotted a BRNO for Β£120, complete with SAK and scope... a 30 second shufti at crown and bore, and I bought it with no further thought. The rifle's aesthetic is a delight Haven't had much chance to play with it yet, but it seems incredible so far (I swapped a better scope onto it than the 4x40 job it came with). First tgt pic is zeroing at 22m a couple of days ago (the tgt dot's fallen off) first 3 shots bottom right (including a first-round cracker), then bold adjustment and another 3, then another adjustment and another 3. The top two holes are 3 rds each! Then yesterday, off a footstool (!πŸ˜‚) at 40m. 2 x 3rd group (with a scope adjustment between the 2!) All groups with SK standard - the limiting factor is me! Best 120 quid I've spent in a long time!! and, as a fun distraction, it's making me smile😊😊
  14. brown dog


    Winchesterlord1 is their newest nom de plume. Still active, but now blocked on here.

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