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  1. These are some of Scurfield's design notes:
  2. Just turned up, pretty impressed. It's basically a titanium/quartz recreation of the Sea Dweller - but with hands I can actually see without reading glasses! 😂
  3. Min focus is 50m on the Kahles, and 10m on the Schmidt .. if that matters to you. As preceding post; you could knock a fence post in with the Schmidt. Not sure the same would be true of the Kahles... also depends whether that matters to you. 😊
  4. I think 'sensible' has left the building on Rolex 😂😊 I'm not convinced on 'run of the mill' as investments either... there's a big delta between theoretical value, and what's actually realisable in a private sale. I love titanium!
  5. Sold my dive watches... but now missing the functionality. Just taken a punt on a s/h Scurfa limited edition titanium (the preceding no-date edition of the one pictured below) to try for size... price and lightness are appealing, as is the backstory of 'Scurfa', Paul Scurfield, a professional diver who's taken his WISness a step further. He's designed these to be the thinking (working diver) man's alternative to the Sea Dweller. https://www.scurfawatches.com/product/m-s-21-diver-one-limited-edition/ Thought I'd try one, before maybe getting a CWC diver, if the Scurfa doe
  6. I've got a spare cz452 r/h .22lr Crazy accurate. Old and cheap. Where are you?
  7. Good iconic choices, David. I'm quite taken with the modern pistol-based carbines (forget the brand just now). They post-date me, never fired one, but they look perfectly pointable and controllable.
  8. Anyone want 1st dibs, before I try for a refund?
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