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  1. You would probably be better off shooting at a tin hat target; all it would require would be of those 5" or 6" inch targets which show a green ring around the strike cut in half and stuck on a plain white background.
  2. I'm shooting three different bullets in three different Lee Enfield's. 174gr (.311) Sierra Match Kings in No.4 Mk1/3 Long branch (SR"b") that Fultons put together for me about four years ago, it has a new American Criterion barrel. 174 gr PPU (.311)which due to their cheapness are ideal for SR"a" rapids & snaps at 200 yards. This is for my No.4 Mk2. BES 174gr (.311) probably the least known bullet of the lot; made by a chap called Malcolm Seller these have a flat base like the original MkVI & MkVII bullets. I originally bought some 220gr round nose from him for a supine
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