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  1. That's a P3 reticle; I've got one of the Spanish ex army scopes and rate the optics slightly higher than my 3~20 S&B.
  2. It does also carry on in small bore circles; a friend was telling me, (through tears of laughter) that his club secretary rushed onto the firing point and demanded to know what ammunition he was firing because it was too loud! For those of a curious nature the ammunition in question was Tenex.
  3. Thanks one and all; I've ordered a pair of Shooterking's as recommended by One on top of two and knowing the vagaries of the British weather have also found a pair of DPM salopettes as recommended by John MH. Just in time for summer! 🙄
  4. Range use mainly although I occasionally stalk the local Roe & Fallow; albeit without a rifle!
  5. My last pair of Arktis were never quite up to the job and I ended up using surplus Goretex over trousers. What's out there that you can recommend please?
  6. One from Belfast; he/she has a face you would never tire of slapping.
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