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  1. palo

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Great to hear the ctr floorplate worked for you Anthony. You have a great set up now.
  2. palo

    Cold bore shot

    I had a rifle that would would always place the first shot 1 inch low on the target. All other shots would be fine. If I let the rifle sit for 10 minutes and shot it again it would place the first shot low again. I have since had it rebarreled and it's fine now.
  3. Could you please tell me the model number and reticle type on the sightron SV ? The models with ED glass on the sightron website have 1/8 moa clicks and yours has the 1/4 moa clicks of the standard SV model which doesn't have ED glass.
  4. palo

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Yeah he will sell it. £50 plus postage. Not sure about postage charges as he is in ireland but dont think it would be that much.
  5. palo

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    the ctr has a slot cut in the bottom of the action for the magazine. I have read that all the tikka t3x rifles have this slot now and if so they will work with the ctr floorplate and mag but you would need to check this first. Maybe someone on here could confirm this. I have a mate with a spare ctr floor plate that he would probably sell as he put his rifle into a krg bravo chassis if you decide to go that route.
  6. palo

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    If you buy any other tikka you will need the ctr bottom metal for your bifrost stock. The tac a1 also has the 2 stage trigger which may cause fitting problems as well. I read on another forum where someone had to alter his krg chassis to make this trigger fit. I'm not keen on the chrome moly barrels and If I were you I'd wait on my stainless ctr.
  7. That's terrible. I hope they sort it out for you. Please let us know how things work out. Good luck.
  8. My mate bought a new tikka tactical 223 a couple of years ago and its pitted in places as well. The chrome moly barrels on sako and tikka rifles seem to be prone to this. He also has a trg with the chrome moly barrel that is pitted as well. I have an older trg that came with the stainless barrel and it's still perfect. Also the trg barrels are not chrome lined. It's only an internet rumour.
  9. palo

    Storing a 22lr with moderator on?

    I was always curious about this as well. Mine comes off as I always clean all my rifles before putting them back in the safe anyway. 22 mods do get very dirty and if you store your rifle muzzle up some of this stuff may go down the barrel.
  10. palo

    .243 PRL Tikka

    Thanks. My sako trg has the 2 stage trigger and I love it. Might get one for my tikka as well.
  11. palo

    .243 PRL Tikka

    What do you think of the timney 2 stage triggers Dave ?
  12. palo

    I don't even know what to say...

    This story reminds me of my mate who was going out with a woman for around six months. He was over in her place one day when she said to him , Do you not think it's time you got rid of those guns and settled down. He stood up and said, I think it's time i was out of here. He walked out the door and never went back.
  13. palo

    Upgrading to a chassis...

    If the rifle is shooting well in the sporter stock I dont think a chassis will make it shoot any better. I have a tikka ctr and I changed the stock for a krg bravo chassis. The rifle shot well in the factory stock and accuracy didn't change when I put it in the bravo. I love the bravo chassis though and the rifle is a lot more comfortable to use. The tikka sporter stock is a lovely stock and the shape looks very similar to my sako trg which I like as well. Some chassis do have slots to add on rails, bipods etc so if you plan on doing this it might be worth it, otherwise I wouldn't bother.
  14. palo

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    Another option would be to buy a tikka t3 doner action and have it rebarreled to whatever spec you wanted and stick it in a krg bravo chassis.

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