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  1. palo

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    If your going to be shooting boar stick with the 308
  2. palo

    Andrex or A max

    What about a yorkie video-ec86711a0a1cd2ad7b557b524696b42f-V.mp4
  3. palo

    308 hunting loads

    I also use 155 amax with 45.5 grains of n140. I also use 150sst with the same load. Both work great.
  4. palo

    GRS Bifrost

    I never used the bifrost but I did use the berserk and laminated stocks but didn't like them. What mag system are you going to use ? My choice would be a krg bravo chassis and one of the mdt 6mm br magazines.
  5. palo

    20BR / big 20

    That's good. My mate is using one of the new Mdt 6mmbr mags in his Remmy action 6mmbr rifle and it feeds well so they should be ok for the 20br as well
  6. palo

    20BR / big 20

    The 55 grain Berger bullet is discontinued.
  7. palo

    Krg bravo

    The cheekpiece is rock solid. I use mine with a bipod and a simple filled rear bag so I don't know how it would track with a proper front and rear rest.
  8. palo

    Krg bravo

    I'm sure you will like it. I'm seriously thinking of selling my sako quad so I can buy a tikka T1X and put another bravo stock on it.
  9. palo

    Krg bravo

    I have two of them. One on a Remington 700 varmint and another on my tikka t3x ctr. I really like them. Very comfortable stock to shoot with and they use aics mags which feed flawlessly.
  10. palo

    Neck bush size when using a Mandrel Expander

    I also think 337 is to little. I use a forster full length die with the neck honed to .335 and then I use a .307 mandrel. It works very well and the mandrel is working very little. A .336 bushing will probably be ok but it might be safer getting a .335 .
  11. Is there much price difference between the button and cut barrels Dave ? And do you think the cut rifled ones are better ?
  12. Well if there good enough for a FTR champion there definitely good enough for me 😊
  13. I am going to rebarrel one of my rifles soon and I was thinking of using a sassen cut rifled barrel. Just wondering if anyone is using one or if anyone has any info on them.
  14. palo

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    2650 with hornady 143eldx with book max load of R16 in lapua brass. 20 inch bartlein barrel
  15. palo

    New flexible borescope

    I emailed teslong yesterday asking them if they would produce a rod type Borecam and they replied saying they will be releasing one soon.

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