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  1. Gandy

    How important is the Brass?

    Good shout.
  2. Gandy

    How important is the Brass?

    Hard to answer depending on what you want to achieve when you shoot. I think you will get similar or slightly improved results from the brass from when it was factory loaded. If you want to improve results further brass prep will be involved. if you want to do less brass prep but want the best accuracy shiney new brass will be needed. I use shiney new brass in a accurate rifle used to compete and cheap brass in a hunting rifle where ranges are shorter and don’t need things to be perfect. Hope this helps.
  3. Gandy

    6mm Dasher

    Wow got to be pleased with that!!
  4. Brilliant place Texas. Loved it when we went there.
  5. BTT will accept offers this needs to go.
  6. For those who have asked the two rods joined are 20in long and i have placed an overall photos with a 30in tape against the setup. I've no idea why but the photos are also upside down?
  7. As above for sale and includes the powder baffle £65 + postage.
  8. For sale as per the title for £100.00 plus postage and in addition to the mount includes: V2 sporter adapter; V3 mount; Extension rod and coupler Picatinny mount for the the magneto mount. When new the kit was $200 plus shipping from the US.
  9. Gandy

    Why we do this

    I also don’t like reloading but, when I started it was about cost and accuracy. Now it’s about not having to make a trip to the gun shop so often as it’s a reasonable distance away. Can’t say I enjoy it to be honest; just another job.
  10. Gandy

    A4 Target Card Holder Design / Ideas

    I double a cardboard box up and hold it in the ground with stakes and staple the paper target on the cardboard.
  11. Gandy

    Case trimming?

    In reality it probably makes little difference but I trim to the shortest length so they are all the same.

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