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  1. Gandy

    New Tripod choice

    Through a divorce lawyer if it were me!
  2. Gandy

    Some High Speed Stills...

    That’s brilliant thanks for posting interesting. Were most groups of photos consistent with each other or were their variances?
  3. Gandy

    6.5x47 brass wanted

    I would speak with scotch egg.
  4. Has it closed?; it would be a shame to lose the range.
  5. There’s a hole in the side aluminium skin of the caravan body from a .50 cal muzzle break you can just about see the blackish carbon marking in the picture.
  6. Brilliant this looks like it could be a genuine do it all rifle. Whats it weigh in at?
  7. I had exactly the same issue and had bought a brick of 500 🤦🏻‍♂️ Great group at 80 yards.
  8. Let us know how you get on, it’s promising the data seems to match up with known inputs.
  9. Gandy

    Derryard - 13 Dec 1989

    RIP; brave people.
  10. Gandy

    Defiant Deviant 6.5 CM

    How do you find the game changers and do you use them on targets or for hunting?
  11. Ha ha ha ha. You know scotch then...
  12. Gandy

    Barometer app

    Use absolute pressure and it’s a guide if you have nothing else. I use the BBC weather app for what it’s worth.

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