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  1. Scotch_egg

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    I’m sure you sold that rifle or considered it. For me when my life is simpler and I have time to cast. Because by heck it’s amazing how such a simple firearm can be so accurate.
  2. Scotch_egg

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    8 years ago and a previous name. come on let’s see what you are sporting now days and how it has evolved.
  3. Scotch_egg

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    Where’s your contribution?
  4. Scotch_egg

    2021 Accuracy International

    @Ronin There is the accuracy obsession chassis that’s very similar. It is made by your favourite company The Vision Products.
  5. Scotch_egg

    2021 Accuracy International

    There is a launch video where they state this will replace the AT and the short action AX or whatever they are called depending on if you are U.K. or US based.
  6. Scotch_egg

    2021 Accuracy International

    I am shocked there hasn’t been a thread about the new Accuracy international ATX
  7. Scotch_egg

    ATEC PRS 2 Moderator

    Is it coming directly from Jackson’s? I know they don’t routinely deal direct before anyone jumps in. I am presuming it will be a special order item. I am currently on the fence about ordering a A-Tec H2 or the new Radian.
  8. Scotch_egg

    AMP DIY Alternatives - Induction Annealing

    Got any links to the unit?
  9. @kezselby It might help if you clarify if this was an upgrade you had to purchase.
  10. Scotch_egg

    Barrel fluting

    The best fluting to my eye is Blaser’s varmint style. can you replicate it? what are the cost implications? obviously barrel profile and custom programs Will have implications. But an idea will give give confidence to ask. especially when it looks good.
  11. Dave I’m pulling your leg my friend!!! it’s all speculative. what works for you
  12. How can you hit anything with that AI bipod 😂 time for a different thread sorry...
  13. Scotch_egg

    The new Sig Cross Rifle

    Sig have a reputation for recalls.
  14. Getting consistent cheek weld would be my concern.
  15. Scotch_egg

    The new Sig Cross Rifle

    T, That’s a fair idea. It gets used for stalking for now and I must say I love it. For now I will stick with the AX at the range.

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