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  1. It’s really good to know the rim thickness is so consistent now days.
  2. Factory certainly is a gamble. If I bought a 20” that didn’t shoot it could be shortened.
  3. I’m late to the party. Has there been mention of barrel length aiding accuracy? I am looking into a 16” or 20” Tikka T1X.
  4. As far as I’m aware these are going through.
  5. This is a competition series through Gardners Guns. Please email helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com
  6. A first for the U.K. by the looks of it. Have we any members entering?
  7. I ran a fortmeier over barrel bipod on a TRG. I used the NV bridge by KRG. https://kineticresearchgroup.com/product/invr/ Certainly not cheap. You could consider the Elite Iron bipod. The adapter is quick release. https://www.eliteiron.com/product/revolution-bipod/
  8. March F 3-24X52 FFP, FML-1 illuminated, .10 Turrets. Six position Illumination dial. £1800 plus post Please see the attached photographs
  9. As per the title I have a black Accuracy International AT/AW 10 round magazine. £65 posted.
  10. That was my rifle for sale. I can safely say the SSS stock for very expensive as it was a one off.
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