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  1. We had a great day Barry and my first experience of shooting steel targets. I was using a single shot 6mmbr. Really in the ethos of run what you have got. It wasnt the arms race it is now. The steel shooting we see now days has such specialised kit, you would never want to use the rifle for anything else. Much like you wouldn’t take an F class rifle out deer stalking or foxing, you wouldn’t with a rifle that would get you finishing a stage on a PRS stage.
  2. 2000 rounds isn’t too bad. The stuck cleaning rod is something I have to admit to also doing with my first centrefire. It also ended up in a re-barrel. as per the replies above. You might struggle with the brass if the chambers differ too much. Worth taking the firing pin out and checking the chamber. I would also do some pressure testing. Load up some rounds from 40gr in .5gr steps to make sure the rifle will be safe with the load you have in your 500 rounds fingers crossed for you, because pulling 500 rounds will be no fun at all.
  3. I have recently had a promotional email from Brownells promoting a red dot optic that is good for those with astigmatism. Some will recall I have suffered with red dots bursting in scopes. It sounds like a positive improvement. Once aginst the American name of the company doesn't really inspire but the design of the optic has to be credited. From the advert; ETCHED RETICLE The CDC notes around one in three individuals face astigmatism, affecting red dot use. The Raider offers a superior option as its reticle isn't projected onto glass, reducing starburst effects. Illuminated within the optic, it prevents washout by weapon lights, unlike red dots. When activated, the reticle remains visible as a black silhouette, ensuring consistent visibility. SWAMPFOX OPTICS RAIDER 1X RED BRC RETICLE MICRO PRISM SIGHT - Brownells UK
  4. Which masterclass video did you watch? I’ve just bought the kestrel and a quick start you be handy.
  5. Also known as hens teeth… 150 new sealed in packs of 50 Remington brass All 3 pack £210 posted.
  6. There is rumour the new AT-XC will have a magnum bolt face in the future. The enlarged pressure relief port may be a sign that this will come to market. Although a time frame for this will be tbc. a cheeky 6mm creedmoor would be nice or even 6mmGT seeing as lapua are making brass. No need for brass forming IMHO with any 6mmbr basses wildcat.
  7. As with anything why people do what is that never ending question 🤣
  8. Might have been from the stalking directory. There is a chap from the Peak District who makes some nice leather gear at the right price. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/bridle-leather-belt.248064/
  9. Thank you for your thoughts both of you. Quite interesting what you say about de-priming in front of the TV. I am currently loading from a temporary location and being able to load anywhere is necessary. Be that in front of the TV or on the kitchen table. The idea of finger fatigue has put me right off, to be honest. I load batches at a time and only doing 20-30 before feeling discomfort doesn't sound like it will work for me.
  10. Euro Optic won't deliver to the UK and Sterk has gone quiet on SnipersHIde and also Facebook by all accounts. Brownells UK has them listed at a quite frankly ridiculous price but not in stock. I managed to get one secondhand last year. Although I must admit the Tikka factory large extension is preferable to me on an all-around rifle. It adds the extra leverage yet doesn't stick out too far and is aesthetically pleasing.
  11. I have been using a generic lyman die for depriming on my press, has anyone got experience of one of these Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Handheld Depriming Tool - Brownells UK
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