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  1. I can’t believe the site owner has allowed you to breach every rule in the book. don’t flog the horse.
  2. It’s not even been 5 days. if you want a guaranteed sale pay the fee and use eBay.
  3. Pete this is clearly a sales thread. I won’t enforce a price due to circumstances. But you are offering items for sale...
  4. How much is postage from Australia?
  5. Scotch_egg

    Rabbit shooting offered - Bristol/ Bath area

    @LR Chrishasn’t visited for a couple of years and this post is 6 years old. As such I’m closing it.
  6. What’s early? Myself and @MJR stayed last year and had a cracking breakfast at 0700hrs.
  7. Scotch_egg

    M995 project.

    Consider a trigger guard from KRG. I used one on my TRG stock that I used for a Tikka T3.
  8. U.K. or American built?
  9. Scotch_egg

    RPA Robertson stock

    The magazine’s are around £125 each second hand. As for the stock and bottom metal you would have to find some one who needed it for another RPA so a small market. It will have a value though.
  10. That isn’t a a game warden. looks more like the McHale
  11. Scotch_egg

    Murom primers required Derby

    Sorry for the delay I missed your reply having been at Eskdalemuir at the weekend. I was very lucky that a local chap had some he was willing to part with. The primers continued to perform.
  12. Scotch_egg

    Murom primers required Derby

    Update after securing some Murom KVB223M primers. They work a charm. I have increased muzzle velocity by 12fps and reduced SD. Groups are identical. A 10 shot group on a shoot and see. I wanted to get some heat into the rifle. Everything else has stayed the same 37.5gr N150 and a 130gr Hornady ELD-M.
  13. Scotch_egg

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    The 5-25X56 was never offered without illumination. It all depends on the rifle model a remmy 700 has 90 degrees of bolt throw compared to the 70 degrees of a Tikka T3.
  14. Scotch_egg

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    I have seen Schmidt fit a blanking plate due to in interference on left hand bolt rifles. To be honest with the rise is competitive scope manufacturers I wouldn’t even consider that as an option now days.

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