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  1. Scotch_egg

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I will be changing primers this week. Once I have data I will post.
  2. This is the reply @No i deer was replying to. I am sure Ian has sold the rifle as he hasn’t re advertised.
  3. Scotch_egg

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I think N150 will perform better.
  4. Scotch_egg

    Problems with Vertabrae

    I know there were reports of insolvency earlier this year.
  5. Scotch_egg

    Murom primers required Derby

    Very kind offer Dave. I have sourced some 223M’s locally. It near £500 for a bolt which I just can’t justify yet. I had a handful of BR4’s that I ran on a hot day with my standard load in a hot rifle and they stood up. So for now if the Murom don’t work I will source some.
  6. Scotch_egg

    Murom primers required Derby

  7. Scotch_egg

    Murom primers required Derby

    That would be excellent if you have a couple of hundred spare. I don’t seem to have your number.
  8. I need some primers for my 6.5X47 on an early Accuracy International AT CCI400’s pop like corn at the cinema. The BR4’s work but murom are half the price. As Derby is the centre of the country (world) can any one identify a dealer???
  9. Scotch_egg

    Bullet Jump

    Great bear hunting in Maine, so I have heard.
  10. Scotch_egg

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    I am running 130gr ELD-M’s through my AI AT with 24” Krieger barrel. 37.5gr N150 BR400 primer 2820fps
  11. Scotch_egg

    McMillan Ambush pattern

    I haven’t had a McMillan for several years. The Ambush carbon weave is new to me. Please show off your stocks.
  12. Scotch_egg

    subsonic 308

    NC32C also known as Tin Star. 10.5gr worked under a 175gr matchking out of an 18” barrel.
  13. Scotch_egg

    A mates tikka T3 6.5x55 varmint

    If I’m right Neil is questioning why the velocity is low, when comparing to 6.5 creedmoor and 6.5X47.
  14. Scotch_egg

    Sellers sending bought items

    Take the refund. I am closing this.
  15. Scotch_egg

    ELDX bullets.

    Just pulling your leg mate. my 7mm is a 7X64 with very long throat so my data won’t be of any use.

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