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  1. Those are Welsh badgers!
  2. Not a .338LM but I do shoot a .338 Norma Magnum. Only 6% less case capacity. I shoot HbN coated 300gn Scenars to good effect with my 27” barrel. Ive used RAMSHOT Mag a fair bit as that’s what the .338NM was originally designed to use with 300gn Sierra match kings. But I found RAMSHOT Mag quite dirty, had poor ES/SD and wasn’t as tight group wise as I wanted. I did find RS80 to be an amazing powder for the heavy 300gn bullets. Very clean, nice recoil impulse, tight groups and low ES/SD. I think my load of 94.5gn RS80 and 300gn Scenar (note...it’s HbN treated) now runs around 2800
  3. Clearly it was 2x to the chest, whereas it should really have been 2x to the head at point blank.
  4. This thread might be a blast from the past, but thought it might be worth adding some data for anyone who’s interested. Gun is a 2017 AW AWM .300wm, 26” barrel 1-11” twist. Case: PRIVI (cheap but surprisingly good) Primer: CCI200 & Murom KVB-7 LR Bullets: 190gn & 200gn MME ‘Wimbledon’ custom bullets and 208gn ELD-M Powders: VV N165, Lovex SO70 & RAMSHOT Magnum Everything shot at Minsterly, weather good, little wind. Gun was on bipod with rear bag. Sadly my Magneto speed is bust, so I don’t have any velocity data. Overall, I think the 200gn Wi
  5. I don’t have a permanent loading room/space so have to setup and pack down each time. When I setup, I always make sure I leave the A&D scale on for at least 1hr or more before I start loading, just to let the internals warm up.
  6. What a brilliant setup, facility and competition. Looks really well thought out and run. Im impressed with her muzzle control and footwork. The course looks brutal - well done her.
  7. You’ve got to openly state your prices, it’s not a bidding or ‘enquiry’ sales forum. Love the Cole Tac moddy cover - I’ve got two and they’re great. Good luck with your sale 👍
  8. Perfect - just the trick. I ran my finger up in the die hoping to catch a sharp edge but found none. I took some sandpaper wrapped round a chop stick and did some gentle polishing around the bevelled lip of the die. 2 mins later, sized another case and no issues - no brass being shaved off. Seems there must have been a minute sharp lip the bevel of the die. All good 👍
  9. Can anyone help advise please? I’m trying to F/L size my .300wm brass but the die (Lee F/L die without sizer button as I like to use expander mandrels) is taking a slither of brass off the case, just in front of the belt. See photo. The die is setup correctly per Lee’s instructions (touching shell holder, then further screwed in 1/4 turn to prevent over caming). Case is sized properly. I think as it’s sizing the expansion web ahead of the belt, the side of die is shaving some brass away?!? Ive checked the sized brass with the Innovative Tech (Larry Willis) die. The sized di
  10. Tbh, they had me at “Get a GBPRA hook and loop patch and vinyl sticker” 💪
  11. 😂
  12. Couldn’t agree more. If you want a ‘true’ low bore axis and ‘true’ straight back recoil impulse, buy a tube gun chassis. My AWSM (.300wm) is surprisingly soft shooting with a moddy. But my Defiance/Eliseo tube gun (.338NM) is not far off due to the very efficient brake and straight line recoil. Feels more like a ‘push’ then a thump.
  13. I use a MAE Super Compact BL all stainless steel on my .300wm AI AWSM. Lovely moddy. Mine attaches to the muzzle brake but you can get them to attach direct to the end of the barrel. https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/collections/rifle-suppressors/products/mae-super-compact-sound-moderator-up-to-30cal
  14. I have both the cheap as chips Lee Auto Prime and the Rolls Royce of hand primers, the 21st Century Handprimer tool. I favour a hand primer as sadly I don’t have the space for a permanent reloading bench 😭 The 21st Century is stunning. It is so easy to use and I can use the thing all day long, even for priming large 338 cases. It is silky smooth, induces no fatigue and the tight tolerances prevents any hiccups. The Lee on the other hand is just a pile of crap. I got it for batch priming pistol cases and thought i’d give it a go, as it was the same cost (but more obtainable) as the .
  15. Not tried with fluorescent lights but the A&D scales are very sensitive. They come with wind guards, worth using. I also use a line conditioner on the power supply. But the main thing to be aware of (I think it applies to all scales, not just the A&D) is being near a window or in a space that will warm up with the sun. I find if reloading during the middle of a warm day I notice the scales wander just a bit, I assume as everything warms up and the air in the room warms. It doesn’t wander much, perhaps about +0.02gn to +0.04gn (which is around 1 to 2 kernels of N140) not much, but somet
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