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  1. Yeah the MME bullets are very good. And I like the fact that you’re supporting a local, independent chap, not some massive organisation based in the US. Im not sure what twist your .300wm will be, but mine being an AI with a fairly slow 1-11” likes the 200gn a lot. Personally I think the 208gn ELDM was just too long to stabilise properly. However that could have been the shape, rather than weight. I might ask Peter if he could do a 220gn Wimbledon bullet. However, the 200gn has shot nicely and will still do well at distance. I liked VN165, nice and clean burning. Didn’t really g
  2. I think if you’re selling something, you need to advertise in the For Sale section, otherwise the mods might shut your thread down. 👍
  3. 174gn PPU. worked best with my No4 Longbranch 2 groove. I did try the 180gn S&B bullets but found the 174gn grouped better when I did the OCW test at 100m and also seemed to stabilised better and were more consistent at distance (300m). Using Murom LR primers, PPU brass and Vhit N140.
  4. Webley Tracker now gone, awaiting handover. Diana 52 still here. It’s a great gun and I’m sure something a gunsmith could fix very quickly. It is free after all 😎
  5. Thanks 👍 Excellent for getting youngsters into shooting & learning safety.
  6. That’s right…both lovely air rifles are free if you want them. Collection Newport or Monmouth Tunnel club only pls! Webley Tracker, 22cal, right handed, nice walnut stock with slight scratch/chip on forend. Comes with Webley sound moderator and 30mm (I think!?!) rings. This was my first hunting rifle, which I got for my 11th birthday. Taken plenty of rabbit and grey squirrel. My late father’s Diana 52, 22cal, right handed. Bog standard stock, some use marks. Also comes with sound moderator (unknown make). Comes with 30mm (I think?!?) rings. There is an issue with this gun - gun
  7. Randomly came across a brilliant 70s Swiss infantry promotional video. Brilliantly put together. Even the music is top draw!
  8. If you’re referring to the more expensive ‘Full Auto’ version, then you won’t need it - as you’re not firing full auto. Their regular moddy cover will melt if using on something like an M4 doing full mag dumps. Which you’re not, so don’t need to worry about it. 👍
  9. Yeah pretty good. Significantly better than without one. But I’d say most of these covers are pretty similar to each other. Most use 1000D Cordura for the outside material and the same heat/flame resistant inner liner. I think the key difference between the various makers is the fitting system. Some are fully stitched so you slide it over the mod and use those strickta/bungee chords. Some have Velcro straps but the buckles are plastic with various degrees of strength. I like the Cole Tac, partly because you can customise your mod cover & straps, but mainly because the cover
  10. https://coletac.eu I have several and they’re excellent - you can really ratchet down the straps so the cover is tight on the mod so it won’t budge. With the ‘Metal Python Cover’, the clips are steel, so no fear of bending or snapping. Again, made to measure in a variety of colour combinations.
  11. I’m S Wales based. I don’t know of any FClass or FTR clubs down this way, but then I don’t shoot those disciplines and might be out of the loop. Sennybridge isn’t a FClass/FTR setup, they’re field firing ranges or specific ranges mostly with SARTS or reactive targetry. You could practice for FClass/FTR but I’d say less than ideal. The clubs that use Sennybridge, Rogiet and others around here are mostly simple target shooting. There is Barry Island Tunnel shooting club, some of those members do load development for FClass/FTR sometimes, but really go on to Bisley to shoot p
  12. New, unused and unaltered x10 round metal Accurate Mag for .223/.204 etc. Some minor surface marks from rattling around with other Mags in my bag. Never used in the gun though. £60 posted to U.K. mainland address
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