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  1. Catch-22


    No bother, didn’t take offence. You are right, it would indeed not be suitable for the hills. But it is perfect for reaching out to 2000m 😎
  2. Catch-22


    Agreed, I wasn’t suggesting its use it for stalking! That would be daft. My point was you can have rifles setup to feed short and long action without issue. Personally I wouldn’t consider adapting stocks etc to make it work. You’ll end up spending loads of time and money with a gunsmith to make it work. Use a chassis system that’s proven and designed for that very purpose. The AI’s are configured for hard Mil use, so should fit the bill nicely. But I agree with Ronin’s point that the weight will make it very tough to drag around.
  3. Catch-22

    RCBS Summit Press

    Why not build a portable base for your press to sit on? Link to the PRB blog has the plans. I followed these steps to make my RCBS Rockchucker Supreme press portable. Its great. I can store the press away when not needed, then pop it on the dining table for reloading. It’s rock solid and I make very concentric rounds with it. The plans were very easy to follow. I am in no way a DIY person, at all, but found it easy to make and only took an hour or two. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2012/11/12/portable-reloading-press-plans/
  4. Catch-22


    My Defiance Mutant XL action in an Eliseo RTM chassis is butter smooth in both long and short action config. The long (XL) action has two bolts, whilst the chassis has two lowers to support long and short action mags. Think of the upper and lowers like that on an AR15. Change the lower, bolt and barrel and I can shoot anything. I currently have barrels in 6.5x47, .30-06 and .338 Norma Magnum. Totally butter smooth and never had any feeding issues. Though it is a target gun, not a culling gun (it does weigh in at 24lbs with scope, bipod and a full mag of .338NM).
  5. Catch-22


    The above describes a very common email ‘Phishing’ (pronounced FISHING) scam. A hacker creates an email that looks to be from a reputable company and sends them out to a whole bunch of email addresses, looking for someone to ‘bite’. The email ‘From’ name can be customised to anything you like, so people look at the ‘from’ name (eg Amazon or online banking) and look at the Amazon branding of the email and think it’s genuine. Often scammers simply take a copy of a real email (like a screenshot or scrape the email code), but change the links inside to point to their ‘scammer’ email inbox or website. It works by the person receiving this ‘Phishing’ email, thinks it’s genuine and clicks a link in the email (usually instructing them to login to their account or such like) then get directed to the scammers web page where they harvest login details from people who think they’re logging into the real site. My number one golden rule is NEVER to click links in an email that I didn’t specifically request to be sent to me. So if Amazon or my online banking send me an email out of the blue, I will always visit the website directly (via my Google Search) and login directly. I will never click through from an email...even if it is completely genuine. Its the only effective way to bypass Phishing scams. Having security software doesn’t mean they pick up on these bogus emails...many of the hackers are very clever and will often find ways to bypass the security. The security only fixes known problems or loopholes. They will fix one things when ones are found and exploited. Scammers are always a step ahead of the security firms.
  6. Catch-22

    Lenzi rear bag

    Back to the top!
  7. Catch-22

    After barrel cleaning groups

    Round robin also evens out variables such as wind when shooting groups. By evenly distributing shots across the group, you minimise the potential of misreading group size which may or may not have been negatively affected by wind changes.
  8. Catch-22

    After barrel cleaning groups

    No, round robin is the correct way to OCW. Also, my comment about 0.1gn to 0.2gn was in reference to tuning a suitable load once you find the right group node. I’m well aware that testing in 0.5gn increments is suitable for initial testing, but going finer with your increments is a good way to tune it. And RS80 is an outstanding powder. I’ve had stunning results in my .338 Norma Magnum with the 300gn Scenar at around 93.0gn and 94.5gn. 5 shot groups...round robin style...during load testing.
  9. Catch-22

    After barrel cleaning groups

    It could be that you need to build the copper up again as gruntus states. If you’ve never tested RS80 before, It could be that your barrel doesn’t like it. As stated before, you should shoot OCW groups in a round-robin style to even out potential issues fatigue, position etc. What you need to look for is the central node of a few groups, not chase small SD/ES. Find the three consecutive groups that all appear similar in size, are the smallest and display lowest vertical. So if you shoot 6 groups in total and find groups 4, 5 and 6 are all very similar and you’re happy with the size of groups, somewhere around the middle (group 5) will be the one to choose. This displays stability and predictability. Then tune the load and tighten the group size by adjusting seating depth. You could experiment with 0.1gn or 0.2gn charges either side of your optimum charge to fine tune it further. Up to you.
  10. Apologies, was replying in ref to the saddle blankets
  11. I cut a mouse mat and superglued it to my cheek riser. Took 10mins to do and is super comfy, hasn’t budged an inch and was cheap as chips. Looks good too...no fraying.
  12. Catch-22

    Exporting from UK to USA

    Sell what you have here and buy it all over again Stateside for about 1/3 the cost. Avoids the hassles and you’ll be better off!
  13. Catch-22

    Neck size, or full length: has the jury decided?

    Yeah, definitely anneal and then size. Annealing replaces plasticity back to your brass necessary for proper sizing.
  14. Before the mods jump in, you’ll need to provide a price per the forum rules.

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