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  1. Hi Jim, Interesting - I’ve just started using CBS5 in a .44 Rossi, also with a Shellhouse 240gn RNFP. Im using 6.4gn CBS5, which was a recommendation from another user on this forum. I’ve not chrono’d yet, but seems a nice powder puff load and is more accurate than me at 25m. I started at 6.0gn and worked up in 0.1gn increments, finding the 6.3gn and 6.4gn producing tighter groups with little / no recoil increase. Cases don’t appear sooty, so they are getting enough brass to chamber ‘seal’.
  2. That’s the tactical because the front portion is threaded to accept a moddy. The thread protector on the front, are you unscrewing it the correct way? Remember AI is left hand tightening (anti clockwise), not right hand tightening (clockwise) like most normal threads. If you’re doing it the wrong way, you’ll be tightening it on ever more, but thinking you’re trying to unscrew it.
  3. I’ll take this please! Please PM me your payment details. thanks
  4. Yeah, that looks like a nice job. And great results on paper too! Those mono pods are just a complete pile of $hite - I have zero idea why anyone buys them?!? 🤨
  5. It’s not possible to send pics / attachments via PM. You’ll have to send via email/Whatsaap etc or upload to this sales thread.
  6. If you’re referring to Optics Trade EU…then they’re good. I bought my 34mm Era Tac QD mount from them a while back and a massive saving from using the U.K. distributor (that was even after paying shipping, import and vat). Shipping was prompt and problem free. However they won’t ship everything to the U.K. I was after another S&B PMII and they had a great deal on, but said they won’t send rifle scopes here. Their service is good. Depending on the item you want, best you double check they can ship it to the U.K. before ordering.
  7. Seemingly made of substandard materials that don’t last long…so I’ve heard/read. I think you’d be better off with an all steel unit from MAE, ASE or Jet Z or the like. My MAE compact dampens things very well on my AI AWM .300wm.
  8. Currently using 10.6gn of Viht V340, 240gn shellhouse cast bullet, starline brass in a Rossi 92. Shoots well, not too much oompf. This I’d say is a Viht equivalent of a Unique load, given N340 is in a similar burn rate to Unique. However, I asked around for an even lighter load was was recommended around 6.2gn of either Vectan GM3 or Maxam CBS-5. I couldn’t find Vectan locally but bought a few tubs of CBS-5 to try. Haven’t tried it yet though.
  9. SKB iSeries 6018-8. Fully waterproof/airline approved mil spec case (alternative to Peli). I used it to bring over my IMPACT/MPA gun, clutch of barrels and various other goodies last year. Has 3 layers of foam and nothing’s been cut. The impressions in the foam are from the gun and stuff being transported. Should fade over time. Case has only been used for transportation from the US, never been on the range or elsewhere. Unfortunately there’s the plastic wrap from customs papers on the lid which isn’t coming off without being scraped off...which I didn’t want to do. Otherwise ca
  10. SKB iSeries 5014. Fully waterproof/airline approved mil spec case (alternative to Peli). I used it for my Defiance/Eliseo tube gun with spare barrel, scope, moderator, bipod and mags. Only the middle 50mm foam has been cut, but the 50mm foam below hasn’t been touched. Case has only had light use, in and out of the car too and from the range. Dimensions approx; L = 128cm W = 38cm D = 15cm ONLY £100! Collection or can hand over at Monmouth Tunnel Club shoot by arrangement.
  11. No doubt the ‘skateboard tape’ will be marketed as a design feature for when “you’re rolling around in a muddy battlefield with bloody hands”. That feature alone probably justified an extra £100 to the RRP. 😂 Thanks for the review.
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