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  1. I disagree I had a pard 008, and the SIGHTMARK WRAITH 4K, was much better at night, and day, hence sold the Pard and kept the wraith
  2. I have had mine for 4 days, but only been out twice so far I am very pleased with it, shot 1 fox 180 yards,I also have a sightmark wraith 4k, and when I get time I am going to have them side by side, same ir and same distance, but lacking time at the moment, to do it
  3. Bit of a long shot, I am looking for a 10.25 inch arca rail, or similar
  4. I got a pair of Tier one high 30mm mounts,with an accessory rail 6 screw ,as new if you are interested
  5. Like to thank you all for your input
  6. Anyone got a couple of Berger 185 Juggernauts to spare as the gunsmith wants a couple, but Can't get any at the mo, that's 1 of the things holding the build back
  7. This is one of the reasons for asking the questions as getting a semi custom built soon, was hoping to get it done before Christmas, but will be in the new year now. Thanks
  8. What is your opinions of the best 1000 yard bullet for the above, Berger 155.5, Berger 185 juggernauts,or any other suggestions.
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