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  1. I bought an A & D scales and the V3 auto trickler, a few months ago, wish I had done it a long time ago, sd and ES came down, really recommend it
  2. Bit of washing up liquid and some cheap car polish
  3. I boiled the pins as John MH advised, and scrubbed the drum, took a bit of elbow grease, tryed it and it's all good back to nice clean brass, also going to try, RCBS Case lube 2, as suggested, thanks again
  4. But I never had this before it has only just started and its getting worse, thinking about I did change my lube, as my mate give, me some he had left over, cant remember what it was as finished it, and threw the container
  5. Thanks for that will do it tonight
  6. Been doing the above for a good while but I am noticed recently my brass are coming out tarnished, like a smokey grey, so I am guessing my pins need to be degreased, any suggestions thanks in advance
  7. Like to thank you all for your input
  8. Really like the look of the helical barrel fluting
  9. But isn't Hoppes 009,and Corrosion X,a solvent,so is that good, mixing 2 solvents together,
  10. i have CLR here but i have never used it for cleaning a barrel,as was told it could do damage,might give it a try, I currently use BoreTech
  11. Anybody use the above, wondering is it any good for carbon removal
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