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  1. The Burpster

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Yes absolutely done this. Sako P94 varmint action and trigger. Lilja 20” Sundberg taper barrel in a Dolphin modular stock with a Hogue grip. DIP pic rail with Nightforce Unimount holding a Sightron STAC 2.5-17x56. Sits on a Sinclair BR foot. it’s immensely satisfying and rewarding building your own rifle and I cannot recommend it enough!
  2. The Burpster

    SIG 522 SWAT Trigger issue

    Never had an issue in 5 years of owning mine. Very early on I bent up a new trigger spring from piano wire. Tried several different grades until I found one that gave nice even 3lb pull but still allowed the hammer to work. Eased a bend into the hammer spring to lighten it up a bit and polished the sears with grinding paste. Performed faultlessly and still is with its new owner. It’s a very similar trigger unit to the AR layout but not the same components... ☺️ IIRC there was a YouTube vid on modifying the trigger components as I did.
  3. Not got a standard SEB rear rest have you?
  4. That’s also a TRG 22 brake (I have one), might get more interest if you list it as both? 👍
  5. I did not know that! Top tip! 👍
  6. There is a HFT version of the Sightron S111 10x50-60. It’s not cheap but focuses from 10-300yds. iMHO one of the best VFM scopes there is .
  7. Arrrrggggh George, I wish you had contacted me prior to advertising it! 🙄
  8. The Burpster

    17HMR what to get

    I’m not really a fan of the Quad although it is a very capable rifle in HMR my mate has one with NV permanently mounted on it... the Finnfire is another step up though, the stock is much slicker for not being so ‘ambidextrous’ and isn’t trying to be all things to all men.... It’s a different rifle to the Quad and IMHO better for it.... try and find one to play with...
  9. The Burpster

    17HMR what to get

    Have you tried a Sako FinnFire II ? VERY nice rifles.
  10. The Burpster

    Advice for a .22 LR scope , informal BR and bunny bashing

    These are a bit more than your budget and rear focus not side but these are really class act. I have competed LSR wth mine and excellent point and shoot scope.... https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/sightron-siii-10x42-rear-focus-mmd/
  11. The Burpster

    Sako finnfire varmint - stock req

    I’ll happily swap my standard Varmint hunter stock for your range stock? 😀
  13. Can I have the 5rd .300WM pleas.... PMd you.

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