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  1. This thread seems to be heavily weighted by those who don’t use them. I can state in 25 years of using proper moulded anatomical ear plugs I have never had any issues. That is professionally using covert headsets, for shooting and for motor bikes. Get them properly made and they do not deform and are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. In my experience Your cheek weld doesn’t effect them at all, that’s using shotguns for game, rough and vermin, PSG, rifle target and practical. Never had an issue. Simple. I currently own three sets, 1 sguidgy blockers, 2, a set of reactear V1 and 3, a set of Bluetooth sound ear (for the bike) I have had no need for the electronic shooting ones as the react ear (active valve) work perfectly well for all my applications. https://www.ultimateear.com The only bad press I have heard from anyone about these systems are from those who don’t use them..... funny old thing eh?
  2. If you find one of these they are worth their weight in gold. I have lost count of how many scopes I have set up for folks with it. Shame they don’t make them anymore...😠 https://www.leupold.com/gear-and-accessories/tools/zero-point-magnetic-illuminated-boresighter
  3. The Burpster

    Best QD mounts

    ADM , Teir one or Dolphin. Don’t compromise on quality of mounts if you want reliability.
  4. The Burpster

    .22lr semi advice

    Most semi rf rifles are inertia actions and most if not all will struggle to cycle subsonic unless you tune them specifically. once you are aware of that then there is a whole host of semis that will give you fun. Just keep looking til you find one that is the right money and floats your boat.
  5. The Burpster

    Seb Mini rest

    Are they SEB big feet or another make ? That’s what I need for Mine!
  6. The Burpster

    .22LR Semi Auto Ammo

    Been through this process twice, first with SIg 522 and more recently with GP Taranis. match and target ammo seems to have softer bullets and these can deform in a SA especially one designed to cycle as quickly as you can pull the trigger. the SA specific rounds seem to be better lubed and harder bullets to allow better transition from mag to chamber. I tried loads inc. Tennex and R50 in my SIG (as I had these fir my target BA rifle) single loaded by hand they were ok but not astounding, by far the most accurate and best for cycling was RWS Semi auto which is what I currently use in both GPs (K22 and Taranis). They are cleaner than Eley Action and don’t have a Cu wash like the CCI AR. the new kid on the block which I have yet to try B2B with the RWS is the SK semi auto which is new this year but not easy to get hold of unless you live near Bisley......
  7. The Burpster

    SEB Mini Rest Narrow Front Bag

    If that forend has an Anschutz rail have you looked at the full width Sinclair foot? I have two for my rifles and they work Really well with the Mini if you take a bit of filling out the front bag and angle the tops of the ears in.....
  8. Yes please I’ll have the other two.... PM you for payment details Bob
  9. The Burpster

    New Defender

    I might be so bold to suggest this is the only Defender worth spending money on. Although it would not be very comfortable in Chelsea.......😀 https://www.bowlermotorsport.com/bowler-cars/bowler-bulldog/
  10. The Burpster

    Sako ''A' Series

    I wouldn’t have thought there are any bad Sako actions the 75 series were very good and some of the earlier ones are still around enjoying new barrels....
  11. The Burpster

    New Defender

    We fall into the have nots as well, on our 3rd L200 in 12 years and second Ifor trailer. So wanted a Discovery but they just don’t carry enough stuff and too many reliability horror stories that the “die-hard” brand loyal folks just waft over or out down to character. Even our yard owner who admits he is stupid for being LR loyal has had me go and pick up his trailer 3 times (Whilst out hunting) in the last 3 years while he waits for recovery......
  12. The Burpster

    New Defender

    The way I see it is that LR were caught completely with their pants down By the popUlarity/ reliability/ and sheer utility of Jap pick ups. They are now only appealing to posh horsey/farmers wives types and townies who want to appear to be in touch with nature (all beit through tinted glass and aircon). Or those with remarkable brand loyalty. They just have too many reliability issues to be a credible workhorse. The grenadier on the other hand even with a BM engine could well be the only way to buy a 4x4 van in the forthcoming years. 😏
  13. The Burpster

    SEB Mini Rest Narrow Front Bag

    would one of these fit? As actually not sure if you are using a flat bottomed stock or a round profile? (I too have a mini but only using the 3” wide bag at the mo, so any findings would be helpful!) https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/protektor-2-medium-owl-rifle-shooting-rest-front-bag-pt2 OR https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/protektor-3-wide-owl-front-bag
  14. The Burpster


    To any prospective purchasers, this seller is as straight and honest as they come. It will be in excellent condition. 👍
  15. The Burpster

    practical shotgun choice

    The few bits I have bought (charging handle, loading ramp, mag follower and springs) came from Taran Tactical when they could sell parts to the UK (I have had it around 8 years).

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